We'll Call You - Caffe Nero

Mole is both a coffee and an internet addict, so news that the coffee shop chain is to offer free wi-fi services sent us scrambling for the phone to find out more.

Caffe Nero
Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero: Good morning, customer service speaking.

Mktg: Hi, I come into your shop a couple of times a week for coffee and I want to find out a bit more about the free wi-fi services now being offered. Is it going to be available in all your coffee shops?

CN: Erm, well, not all of them, that would depend on the building itself. For example, sometimes, due to landlord issues, it wouldn't be available, but in airports or railway stations, it is already available.

Mktg: So if I want to use the internet in a coffee shop that hasn't got the free wi-fi service, will I have to pay for it?

CN: No, the service is currently offered for free.

Mktg: Are you going to put signs up outside the coffee shops that offer the service?

CN: Erm, I'll have to check with our marketing team on that, I can't confirm whether that is the case.

Mktg: Then how are people to know which shops are going to offer free internet?

CN: Could you please hold and I'll check with my colleagues. Bear with me one moment. (Marketing is put on hold for three minutes.)

CN: Just bear with me and I'll try and contact the marketing staff.

(Marketing is put on hold for a further three minutes.)

CN: Hello, sorry to keep you waiting, I'm just checking with our team and they said we have sent stickers out to our stores, we just recently launched the free wi-fi service. We are planning to monitor the stores so we sort out all the technical issues. Once we make sure it is performing well, we will be launching the marketing.

Mktg: And do you know how quick the broadband connection is going to be? It will have to be pretty quick if a lot of people are going to need it.

CN: Well absolutely, many people go to coffee houses to use wi-fi, so obviously we will be making sure we are fast.

Mktg: OK, thank you very much.

CN: Thank you, bye bye.


The call-handler was polite, but did not seem confident in her knowledge of some aspects of the new service. She did her best to contact other people in order to answer the questions; however, being put on hold more than once was annoying.

Score: 6/10