We'll Call You - EDF Energy
A view from staff

We'll Call You - EDF Energy

The 'Green Britain Day' TV ads caught our eye, so we called up to find out whether Olympian Victoria Pendleton would be at a street party near us.

EDF Energy - Hello, this is EDF Energy, how can I help you?

Mktg - I'm calling up about a few ads I've seen for a 'Green Britain Day'. I just wanted to get some more information. I've looked on the website, and I think this is the most relevant number to call.

EDF Energy - Right, OK, what would you like to know?

Mktg - I just wanted to know what it was. I've seen a few celebrities, like that Olympic cycling champion, and I wanted to know what it was about.

EDF Energy - Oh, OK. We're just promoting 'Green Britain Day', which is this Friday [10 July], by getting people to recycle more, and people in the community to have swaps and street parties. There's also a TV ad for it.

Mktg - And it's an EDF thing?

EDF Energy - It is, yes. We're trying to encourage people to do things like walk to work rather than taking the car.

Mktg - Is there a concert as well?

EDF Energy - Yes, it's at the Eden Project.

Mktg - How do you get tickets for that?

EDF Energy - You'll have to contact the Eden Project for tickets.

Mktg - OK, so the street parties and swaps - how would you find out where one was?

EDF Energy- It's up to the community where you are. We're not in control of it, as such.

Mktg - Do you know if there's a social network group, or something like that, where you can find out where your nearest one is?

EDF Energy - Let me check the website.

Mktg - There's a website for it as well, is there?

EDF Energy- Yes, if you go there, you'll be able to get more information there like green tips. [Gives details.]

Mktg - So its tips on how to be greener? What are those, then?

EDF Energy - It things like encouraging people to walk to work and recycle. At our offices we're brining in things to swap, so a way of recycling things you don't want. It's trying to encourage people to do the same.

Mktg - Is it a weekly thing, then?

EDF Energy - It's a one-off event, and we'll look how people pick it up.

Mktg - OK, thanks.

EDF Energy - Thanks for taking an interest. Bye.

Verdict - The call-handler was friendly. Although I had not called a number specific to 'Green Britain Day', she was able to give me information on the event, even if she had to refer to the website. It was good to hear that the call centre was taking part in the activity, and she even thanked me for my interest.

Score 7/10