We'll Call You - Marks & Spencer

Every good Mole loves their mum. So when we heard that M&S, Ma Mole's favourite emporium, plans to make its store layouts simpler, we had to find out more.

Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer

Mktg Hi, can you put me through to a customer service person please?

M&S Hi, my name is (gives name). How can I help?

Mktg I want to get some details about the changes you are making to the layout of your stores. I believe you are making some changes?

M&S Yes. (Chief executive) Marc Bolland said during the company results that feedback from customers meant that the company would be putting a lot of work into making it easier to find things in the stores.

Mktg OK. That is interesting, because I am always getting lost in M&S. What is he actually doing?

M&S Well, he hasn't gone into detail at the moment.

Mktg I think this will help, because my mum complains that she can never find individual departments.

M&S I don't think it is about finding departments. We have never had complaints about people not finding departments, but people have told us they can't find individual items, such as jams.

Mktg When will the changes be completed by?

M&S He hasn't gone into a specific time. It is ongoing.

Mktg OK. I am sure my mum will be pleased.

M&S Which store is it that your mum can't find individual departments in?

Mktg Stockport.

M&S I will pass on your comments. Thanks for your query.


The call-handler was pleasant, affable and interested in Mole's mother's complaint, taking a note of her gripe and the store location. She was hazy on the details of Bolland's plan, but, to be fair, little information was given in the company results.

SCORE 8/10