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Having been thrown onto the singles market, Marketing's Mysetery Caller decided to try their luck with cyber-flirting by calling up, one of the UK's leading dating websites Thank you for calling Match UK, this is Margaret. How may I assist you today?

Mktg Hi, I've just got a few questions. I haven't got a profile yet, but I'm looking to set one up. I'm just a bit nervous about putting my details on there and embarrassed in case my friends see. You'd be surprised who's on there. You'll probably end up finding some of your own friends.

Mktg Being a bloke, I think it's just a bit eI you can use in my profile. OK, firstly I would say that when writing your profile, you should be honest. A lot of people sugar coat things. They say who they want to be and not who they are. So, that would be my opinion, tell them what you're looking for. I wouldn't come across as a hard guy or anything like that.

Mktg OK, what kind of age ranges are there? We have anything from 18 all the way to, I think 110.

Mktg Really? [laughs] I'm a lot younger than that. [laughs] That's the widest range that we have [laughs].

Mktg Right, so what's the success rate, then, if that's the correct word to use? We do have a lot of members that find someone, whether it be in a relationship, a marriage, or simply finding friends. The website is really good for all of those things. You just put what you're looking for and then take one day at a time. You can't really rush things of this nature, that's why we have the email communication for you to go through.

Mktg How much does it cost, then? According to the term you are willing to subscribe to, we carry a one-month subscription for £22.80, a three-month subscription for £45.65 and a six-month subscription for £65.25. Please be aware that all of these terms will automatically renew at the end of the term, depending on what you originally selected.

Mktg I might need the longest term, to be honest. Well, if you go for the longest one, you'll get six months free if it didn't work out the first time.

Mktg Probably won't work out for me, to be honest. But I'll give it a go. Is it instant, then, when you set the profile up? Well, you set the profile up, get it to look the way you want it. You have the option to preview it before anyone can see it.

Mktg OK, that's great. I'll gear myself up and get on with it. Don't rush it. The more you rush into it, the more nervous you'll get. So simply take your time, decide what you want to do and take it from there.

Mktg Thanks for your time. Thank you, and thanks for calling Match UK today, bye.

Verdict The call handler was very helpful and offered good tips into how I should approach building my profile. Although we both found some aspects of the call funny, she was well briefed on the questions callers might ask and came across very personably. Although she gave me exact information, such as how much it would cost, she also seemed to take a genuine interest.

Score 9/10