We'll Call You - T-Mobile

By calling on the very day when a T-Mobile store was closing and preparing to move in with Orange, Mole might have expected the conversation to be tense ...

T-Mobile: store disappearing for Everything Everywhere store
T-Mobile: store disappearing for Everything Everywhere store

Mktg: Hi, I heard that you were closing today. I wanted to come and upgrade my phone.

T-Mobile: We are closing in one hour, but will open tomorrow five doors down the street as an Everything Everywhere store.

Mktg: Sorry, what does that mean? Can I come in to upgrade my phone tomorrow?

T-Mobile: Yes, that's no problem. We are opening a shop with Orange tomorrow, and we'll be called Everything Everywhere.

Mktg: How will that work exactly? How will I know which are the T-Mobile people?

T-Mobile: All the T-Mobile staff have been retrained about Orange products, and all the Orange staff about T-Mobile's. If you give them your details they will be able to find out which network you're on.

Mktg: What is it called again?

T-Mobile: Everything Everywhere.

Mktg: Not as easy as T-Mobile.

T-Mobile (Laughs.): It will still be T-Mobile and Orange, and we will compete, but we are now owned by the same company.

Mktg: What if all the T-Mobile customers go to Orange? Won't that be a problem?

T-Mobile: Well, they will have access to offers from both. The person you speak to can let you know which is best for you.

Mktg: So they can tell me which one is cheapest?

T-Mobile: Yes, that's right.

Mktg: So you open tomorrow. Is it a bigger building?

T-Mobile: It's about the same size, but totally different inside.

Mktg: Has the Orange shop closed too?

T-Mobile: We're moving into it. The shop has been refurbished.

Mktg: OK, see you tomorrow.

T-Mobile: OK. We are literally just boxing everything up now.


Mole couldn't fault this call-handler. He was helpful and well-briefed, took on-board my legitimate concerns and addressed them patiently, and with good humour. This all took place on what must have been a hectic day, bearing in mind that he was in the midst of arranging the closure of one store and the opening of another.

Score: 10/10