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A view from staff

We'll Call You - Woolworths.co.uk

Mole is babysitting for the extended family this weekend and hoping to take the pups to the cinema. Will Woolie's junior film offer help take the edge off?

Woolies - Welcome to Woolworths.co.uk. My name is [name], how can I help you?

Mktg - Hi, I heard that you guys have recently re-launched.

Woolies - That's right.

Mktg - I was just looking to get some more information on this movie promotion that my friend told me about, like Orange Wednesdays, where you can get free tickets. I just wanted some info.

Woolies - [Pauses.] Um... can I just ask you if you've spoken to anyone else about this, this morning?

Mktg - No, this is the first time I've called.

Woolies - So the call came straight through? You haven't spoke to one of the advisors?

Mktg - No.

Woolies - OK, one moment.

Mktg - Sorry.

Woolies - No, it's not your fault, I'm just wondering why the call has come through to me. When you say Orange Wednesday-

Mktg - I just meant a similar movie thing you did.

Woolies - Yes, but that's through Orange, not us.

Mktg - I know, I just meant it was a similar promotion. I think yours runs on the weekend?

Woolies - It runs on a Saturday morning. It's pictures for children.

Mktg - I've got a niece and nephew. Do they have to be your own children?

Woolies - Oh, no. If you register your details on the site, any further details will be emailed to you. It'll be confirmed in the email register and you'll get more information from there.

Mktg - So it isn't points-based?

Woolies - To be honest, I can't explain exactly what it is. You need to register your details.

Mktg - OK. Sorry, did I come through to the wrong number?

Woolies - No, you've come through to Woolworths, but this line is for technical support. It's for people who can't register or can problems online. It's not your fault, I think there's a problem with the phones.

Mktg - It said to press one to order, and press two for anything else.

Woolies - Oh, right. If you register your details online, you'll get more information.

Mktg - OK. Is the company is under new ownership as well? I know I worry about buying stuff online and then it not turning up, because the company is bust.

Woolies - What's happened is that Woolworths is now an online business owned by Shop Direct. We're a large company, with Littlewoods Direct. It's a huge company. I can guarantee your goods will arrive. We've found it, launched it, and hope it is something which will be successful.

Mktg - OK, thanks for your time.

Woolies - No problem. Bye.

Verdict - The call handler was very hard to engage. At first she seemed annoyed that I could have been a repeat caller, although it was the first time I had called customer services. She later came across as more friendly, but could not give me the details I needed and told me I would need to register online.

Score - 3/10