We'll call you: Asda

We'll call you: Asda

Mole took a quick break from our festive preparations to make a complaint about the Asda Christmas ad, which has a mum-who-does-everything as its heroine

Asda Hello, can I help you?

Mktg Yes, I'd like to speak to someone about your Christmas ad. I found it quite offensive.

Is there someone I can speak to about this?

Asda Yes, I can put you through to the customer care line.

Mktg OK, thanks for that (Mktg is transferred to another call-handler).

Asda Hi, can I help you? I believe you want to talk to us about the Asda Christmas ad.

Mktg Yes, it seems to portray men in a bad light, which I think is unrepresentative.

The ad shows the woman doing all the work and I don't think this is the case. It isn't in my house, where I do a lot of the work.

Asda I know the ad you mean. I take your comments on board, and of course you are entitled to your opinion.

Mktg Just out of interest, have you had many complaints about the ad?

Asda Not that I am aware of, but I am one of several people working in the call centre, so they could have gone to one of my colleagues.

Mktg Is there any way I would be able to check whether there have been more complaints?

Asda Well, it doesn't work like that, really, but I can certainly ask around to see if there have been more complaints, if that would ease your mind?

Mktg Yes, it would.

Asda OK, I'll see what I can do. Is there anything else ?

Mktg The only other thing I was interested in finding out is how long this particular ad was running for. Will it be running throughout Christmas?

Asda No, from my understanding it will only be running for a period and then it will be replaced by another ad.

Mktg OK, thanks.

VERDICT: 7 out of 10

The call-handler did his best to address the complaint. However, he did seem a little unsure about his subject matter at times; he was vague about when the ad would be replaced.