We'll Call You: Sony Ericsson

We'll Call You: Sony Ericsson

Mole isn't too keen on change when it comes to brands and services. Can the handset manufacturer assure us that its takeover by Sony won't mess things up for us?

Mktg I've got a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S handset and I've heard that Sony Ericsson is being taken over by Sony. What does this mean for me?

Sony Ericsson Nothing. Services will not change on the handset. It is not going to change any of the services we provide. Instead of two companies being joined, [the business] has become the one company.

Mktg Will this affect me upgrading my phone?

SE No. If you want to upgrade, you go through your network. The new handset coming out is a Sony handset rather than a Sony Ericsson one, but that is something you need to take up with who you upgrade your phone with.

Mktg What are the new handsets?

SE The only one we have coming out is the Sony Xperia S. We don't have a release date for that yet, but all the specifications are shown on our website. Keep an eye on our product blog there and, when it is going to be released, it will be announced on there first.

Mktg Will the new company now benefit more from the Sony group's technology?

SE There will not be any changes, it will be exactly the same. The Xperia Neo, Ray, Arc S and Pro handsets already have Sony Bravia screens in them and the Xperia Play is basically a PSP where you download your apps on the phone.

Mktg What new features does the Sony Xperia S have?

SE There are no massive changes. It is an Android phone still, it has a better camera on the handset, it has a bigger screen, I think it is about the same size as the Arc. It has buttons on it like the Xperia Ray, and also has a Bravia screen. It has a front-facing camera, unlike the Arc.

Mktg In the future, do I come to you with problems?

SE Yes, because nothing is going to change with the service.

Verdict 8/10

The call-handler remained professional throughout and repeatedly sought to reassure me that the company's change of ownership would have no adverse effect on the service. He had obviously been well drilled on the fact that it was business as usual. However, he could perhaps have done a better job of expounding on the possible benefits of Sony's buyout of the brand.