We'll Call You: Subway

We'll Call You: Subway

In Mole's day, school dinners were an unappetising affair with no options, so we were intrigued by the idea of the sandwich chain setting up shop in schools.

Mktg Hi, is this the Subway helpline?

Subway Yes, it is. How can I help you?

Mktg I have heard details that Subway is soon going to be available in schools, and I just wanted to get some more details about that.

Subway I hadn't heard about this. It is not something that has come across my radar.

Mktg Well, I think it was quite a big story, so am surprised about that. It was basically saying that a school in Manchester is to trial selling Subway food at a counter in its sixth-form canteen.

Subway And what is it that you actually want to know?

Mktg Well, first, whether this is going to be rolled out to the rest of the country or is just a one-off. Also, what type of food will be sold? Will it be all Subway products, for instance, or just a selection?

Subway I'm not in a position to say. The responsibility for these things is carried out on a regional basis, so someone will be heading this up in the North West.

Mktg OK, so there is no central responsibility for this?

Subway No. We have about 20 regional heads across the country, so it will be decided on a region-by-region basis.

Mktg OK. Can you put me in touch with the regional head for Manchester please?

Subway Well, I can give you the number if that helps. (Gives phone number.) Is there anything else you want to know?

Mktg No, that is fine. Oh, you couldn't give me his name, could you?

Subway No, I don't know that, sorry.

Verdict 3/10

The call-handler was rather short in her manner. She was unforthcoming about, or simply ignorant of, the fact that Subway had struck a deal with a school. Her answers were generally blunt and she gave the impression that she wanted to end the call sooner rather than later.