We'll Call You: Transport for London

The Olympics will have a big impact on London's roads, not least due to dedicated Games Lanes and other restrictions. What will it mean for Mole's commute?


TfL Hello, can I help you?

Mktg Yes, I have concerns about the road network during the Olympics. I hear some of the roads will be shut down and am worried about getting to work. Should I be concerned?

TfL Can I stop you there? I need to refer you to someone else. Yes, you need to speak to another department within Transport for London. You need to speak to London Street, they are overseeing all the road closures. (Call-handler gives the number, but then, on request, transfers the call to the department in question.)

Mktg Oh, hi there. I have been told that specific road lanes are to be closed to the public during the Olympics. Is that true?

TfL Yes, that is true. There will be specific lanes for the Olympic 'family', which will include the Olympic athletes, media and VIP guests. But this has all been well-documented.

Mktg I can't understand the reason for this. Why do the athletes need special lanes? Surely all the athletes are located in the Athletes' Village?

TfL Well, you are right, most of them are. But some of the events are outside of the Village, so obviously the athletes need to get around.

Mktg I am particularly worried about getting to work. I live in London Bridge and work in Hammersmith. I've been told that around London Bridge is going to be one of the worst areas for traffic congestion. Is that true?

TfL Well, all central London is likely to be very busy, including London Bridge.

Mktg Will I be better off getting the Tube to work instead of car?

TfL Yes, if you live in central London, I would advise getting the Tube as it is likely to be easier. One other thing worth mentioning is that on our website there will be estimated times it will take between destinations during the Olympics, so that is worth a look.

Mktg Are there likely to be further restrictions announced by TfL before and during the Olympics?

TfL No. The two main changes, as mentioned before, are the dedicated lanes for the Olympic athletes and the restrictions on some right turns.


Both call-handlers were excellent, very informative, knowledgable and able to answer all my questions. They were up to speed on all the latest announcements, and offered suggestions for a variety of transport options during the Games.