Whole Earth hosts dining experience for nut butter fans

Peanut butter brand Whole Earth, owned by Wessanen, is hosting a nut butter-themed fondue bar in Shoreditch this weekend.

Visitors to the pop-up, dubbed 'Nut-ting compares to Fondue', can take part in a two-hour dining experience, trying both sweet and savoury peanut butter fondues which fuse together interesting taste combinations. 

Whole Earth's brand controller, Kirstie Hawkins, spoke about how the brand is aiming to showcase the versatility of the product. "It's one thing to show people a recipe for a new way to try peanut butter, but it's completely different to create a brand experience [around it]", she said.

Wessanen's marketing director, Gill Green, added that allowing people to enjoy Whole Earth peanut butter in different ways is helping more people to "engage with the brand".

The bar is open today (24 November) and Saturday and it should be made aware that all dishes (nut surprisingly) contain nuts.