Why we must bring media and creative together
A view from Paul Frampton

Why we must bring media and creative together

Have you noticed that suddenly every group is talking about collaboration and multidisciplinary teams? But within all of this storytelling, where are the genuinely new integrated models emerging?

Few would agree that a return to full service as we know it is the answer, but most do concur that multidisciplinary teams working in harmony strikes a chord. Let’s be honest, the notes from different agencies on the same brief are frequently played in a completely different key, with the client left to orchestrate. 

Many media agencies have set up content production teams in-house in spite of credible talent in their sister agencies. Dismissing family creative talent is counterintuitive. There’s lots of discussion about the ascendancy of the media agency versus the need for the ad agency model to pivot, but this adversarial talk merely exacerbates friction when bridges are needed. 

Now is the time to radically reimagine the agency model, not just tip a hat to collaboration. Today’s mobile-first, tech-underpinned landscape demands cohesion (not conflict) between medium and message. 

At Havas, our strategy is to create an environment where our talent and capabilities can more seamlessly mobilise around client problems. All agency groups boast buildings of people, but the differentiator is culture and behaviour. Uniting all our talent in one location is an accelerator, hence Havas Village in King’s Cross. The strategy is part of the "how" we get there but the "why" we are doing it remains the critical piece. 

Havas is reimagining its model to support advertisers in building more meaningful relationships with people. At a time when advertising is arguably viewed less positively than ever before, it’s essential people are put back at the heart. 

We are on the journey towards a single culture that all our talent connect with. Each of our agency brands will retain their individual cultures and identities but, rather than "either/or", we believe in "and" – everyone also belongs to Havas. 

The most effective commitment we have made has been a human one: "generosity". Removing barriers to collaboration has been essential in encouraging this. Media presentations are enriched with better storytelling and idea articulation from creatives. Creative presentations are enriched with data-driven insight and optimal context from media planners. 

Ultimately, this all revolves around the belief that we are better together and can provide superior solutions to brands by working closer together. We very much believe that it takes a Village to build a brand.