Campaign is changing
Campaign is changing

The new breed is coming

Why - and how - Campaign, Marketing, Media Week and Brand Republic are changing

Change, as JFK said, is the law of life. Campaign, launched just five years after his death, has always flourished by re-inventing itself to stay ahead of the perpetual shifts in the advertising and marketing industries. And reinvention has never been more necessary than now. The new Campaign will present an holistic view of the wider marketing world as it joins forces with Marketing and Media Week.

As anyone working in advertising and marketing is keenly aware, reinvention has become the new normal. Google’s Go-playing supercomputer has just marked a new frontier in algorithm-led data intelligence, while virtual reality is now open for business for brands. Zero-based budgeting is becoming a marketing norm, while agencies are matching the rise of the marketer-as-customer-services-director by broadening their offer into the heart of their client’s business development. Meanwhile, the proportion of UK adults using adblockers has doubled in the last two years to more than one in five, according to the IAB. And anyone dissatisfied with their ‘brand experience’ can instantly vent their ire on a myriad of social platforms, fair or not.

Thriving amid these constantly shifting complexities requires a clearer focus and a bolder vision than ever before, with smart agencies and marketers working together as true partners to invest in creative ideas that drive measurable business growth. The old partitions between marketers, creatives and media are increasingly unsustainable. Marketers now appoint their own production companies and are taking programmatic media trading in-house; creative agencies are offering media thinking; media agencies are producing creative work; and digital agencies that were traditionally once about back-end website builds are now often leading the creative conversations. Success today comes through better, fluid integrated thinking that sits at the core of how brands interact with consumers.

‘No excuse now for being neither interesting nor relevant’

CleverBuoy400Which is why Campaign is joining forces with its specialist sister brands Marketing and Media Week and Brand Republic. Silos are increasingly untenable in our business, as they are in yours. So from May we’re bringing together our specialist journalists and commentators from across the advertising, marketing and media industries to track, analyse and inspire creativity that builds brands and businesses.

Together we will take a stand against the slew of cheap, mediocre advertising that is turning off consumers and damaging the industry’s reputation. As Chris Clarke, chief creative officer of DigitasLBi, wrote in an impassioned and widely-shared article in Campaign earlier this month: ‘There’s really no excuse now for being neither interesting nor relevant. We have incredible data resources at our fingertips’.

Together we will showcase the creative firepower - from the new data-led intelligence tools that unlock fresh customer relationships, to brave creativity that works across broadcast and personal platforms, all of which is transforming the way we sell products and services. And together we will celebrate this new breed of creative marketer. These are the smart, bold and flexible people who defy job titles, departmental disciplines and out-dated industry silos to create brilliant and sustainable brand-building ideas that ignite new relationships with consumers. These are the people who are reinventing our industry.

The destination for the new breed of creative marketer

In the UK, we’re bringing all our editorial teams together under the leadership of award-winning global editor in chief Claire Beale and UK editor Rachel Barnes, recently named PPA New Editor of the Year. By uniting our teams and our brands together under the Campaign power brand, we are creating a new online audience of more than six million users a year. will be the destination for the new breed of creative marketer , bringing together readers from agencies, marketing departments and the media in a new integrated online community. The content will be organised to allow anyone to quickly find what they want, whether it's general trends or specialist information.Volvo Lifepaint

At the same time our weekly magazine is increasing its pagination to better reflect our bigger canvas and doubling its circulation to reach even more marketers. And the iconic weekly Campaign magazine will be complemented by a new quarterly, which will take a deeper look at the consumer and industry trends that are shaping and inspiring the best new thinking.

Meanwhile we’ll be physically bringing the community together at fresh, original events like the New Thinking Awards, only in its second year, which we unveiled on Monday, with Airbnb’s Jonathan Mildenhall and Procter & Gamble’s Roisin Donnelly as co-chairs of the judges. Meanwhile, in New York, we stage the industry’s first Branded Film Festival in May, in partnership with our sister brand, PRWeek.

We’d like your feedback

And of course Campaign UK is part of an integrated global network of seven local Campaign hubs, covering the advertising, marketing and media industries from San Francisco to Shanghai, ensuring that the most exciting innovations are shared around the world in real time.
All our activities, on whatever platform, are designed to keep you informed, inspire you to do your job better, further your career, meet interesting new people, and hopefully keep you entertained along the way. More announcements to follow.Owlet440

As we’ve been shaping our thoughts on the new direction that Campaign needs to take, we’ve tried to follow the mantra for marketing that we espouse. We’ve conducted extensive research, analysed the historic behaviour of the users of our sites, consulted some of the smartest minds in the business, and tested specific ideas with individual professionals of all ages and backgrounds. We’ve got a distinct voice of our own, but it’s really important to us that we talk with the community, not at it. So, we’d like your feedback. Now, on our overall plans; then later on the specifics, as we share illustrations of the new kinds of stories we’re planning to write and the way we intend to present them.

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