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Why Happy Socks and Facebook made the perfect pair this holiday season

Happy Socks mixes a bold brand vision, celebrity-fuelled mobile-first creative and a sprinkle of festive cheer - making it Campaign and Facebook's pick of the month

Why Happy Socks and Facebook made the perfect pair this holiday season

Swedish label Happy Socks is known for its very quirky socks. The founders of the brand wanted to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design piece with high quality, top craftsmanship and bold creativity. 

The socks are sold in more than 90 countries and on every continent. They feature a broad spectrum of colours and jazzy original patterns. Happy Socks believes it has a pair of high-quality socks and underwear for every occasion, mindset and style. And it wanted everyone to know about it. 

That’s why Happy Socks partnered with Facebook and Instagram. Happy Socks wanted people globally to be aware of its brand in the lead-up to the holiday season. And it wanted to drive purchase intent through inspiring and engaging content. It targeted people aged 18-65 in the UK, US, Australia, The Netherlands, and Germany. 

So how did it achieve this goal? 
Great creative and execution. Happy Socks collaborated with renowned music video director Tim Erem, choreographer Michael Rooney and Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal to create a lively and entertaining video ad, titled "Happy Holidays". Shot against a 1950s cartoon American backdrop, the video combines festive tap dancing, slapstick comedy and nostalgic music. 

It’s all-consuming and eventually brings the focus on Pascal – who is wearing a pair of Happy Socks decorated with Christmas lights. He spreads joy through the scene with dancing – and then humour as the team lose their pants as they head into a snowy winter’s night to dance in the streets. The Happy Socks creative team optimised the video for mobile – making short, thumb-stopping edits with clear messaging from the outset. It used both square format and vertical video to take advantage of both news feeds and Instagram Stories. 

And how did it get seen?
Happy Socks used Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Video solution. It was able to deliver the most efficient combinations to its target audience based on ongoing performance. 

Standout results

Results for the US (measured by Facebook Brand Lift and Facebook Conversion Lift): 
• 28.2-point lift in ad recall
• 22.6-point lift in brand awareness 
• 11.8-point lift in purchase intent 
• $100k in incremental sales 

Results for the UK (measured by Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Conversion Lift): 
• Reach: 1.2m
• Three-second view rate: 39% 
• More than 750k people in the UK watched the videos for at least two seconds 
• 67% lift in purchases 

Ludvig Hedlund, client partner, global marketing solutions, Facebook

"This campaign proves the impact of inspiring a very broad audience when you invest in videos that are optimised for feed and stories. Happy Socks was able to influence more than four million people in the US to consider Happy Socks the next time they shop for socks, which is a huge success."

Jeremy Lee, contributing editor, Campaign

"Well, this is what happens when distinctive creative execution meets up with smart platform planning. By using multiple combinations of a piece of brilliant film to deliver the best and most efficient formats to its target audience, this campaign not only delivered a piece of joyful commercial entertainment, it also resulted in brilliant results. With a 28-point uplift in ad recall and a 12-point uplift in purchase intent, Happy Socks should be flying off the shelves and filling up the sock drawers."

Karl Nordahl, online advertising manager, Happy Socks

"We used Facebook as the main channel for spreading our holiday campaign collaboration with Pedro Pascal and the results have exceeded our expectations. The brand lift results, in combination with the amount of traffic to site, show that you can run brand-building campaigns while also driving traffic."

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