Why honesty is my secret work weapon
A view from Amy Holdsworth

Why honesty is my secret work weapon

Amy Holdsworth, marketing director at Tetley, on why honesty really is the best policy, on a personal level and for the business as a whole.

In marketing, the job is never done. We are constantly evolving and developing our strategies to get the best results for our brands.

I can sometimes find this very intense, as I like to see things through to completion and find it hard to switch off from the job. Thankfully, having a young family, an insatiable curiosity to try new things and a full social life means I have plenty of distractions. But it also means my life is fit to burst. So my secret work weapon has developed as a coping strategy to enable me to handle it all and stay sane.

Being honest sounds simple, but it is amazing how often people aren’t and end up juggling different agendas, politics and personas.

I try to be honest with everyone: the team, agencies, colleagues, the executive board – and myself. Honest, even if it isn’t what people want to hear; when the creative idea isn’t right – or when it is right, but excites and scares you in equal measure; about what the brand can achieve in 12 months, but also what it can’t. Honest when someone’s not pulling their weight and when they seriously impress you; when you have a different point of view from everyone else; and, especially, when you simply don’t know the answer.

I also find that being honest with myself about how I’m feeling means I am more aware of where my instinctive responses come from, and can hold off making a decision if necessary.