Why relocating to Dublin could boost your career

Could Ireland wear the crown after Brexit? Lorraine Fretwell, managing director, TalentHub, lays out the career opportunities hotting up in Dublin.

Lorraine Fretwell, managing director, TalentHub
Lorraine Fretwell, managing director, TalentHub

Brexit is now such a mainstream term that it seems nearly impossible to remember a time when it wasn’t. Since the vote in 2016, when the UK decided to leave the EU, increasing uncertainty has become the norm as both the EU and UK struggle to negotiate terms for the parting of ways. In the meantime, you have a career that you’ve worked hard to establish, and goals and ambitions that you still want to realise. And the uncertainty isn’t helping you do that. What should you do?

Come to Dublin - you’ll be in great company

Many Irish UK residents may be feeling the pull back to Ireland. It’s worthwhile pointing out that many nationalities are too!

Dublin has established itself as the Silicon Valley of Europe. The city’s proximity to the eastern coast of the USA is also close enough that many companies, large or small, have regular exposure to the States. As such, Dublin’s location is the stuff of geographical fairytales and provides unbelievable opportunities for employers and employees alike.

Check out career opportunities in Dublin 

While the city’s tech credentials are well-known, it’s worth pointing out that the city is a hotbed of other industries too.

Various media, digital and creative agencies are already operating from Dublin, and have been for some years. But, as the country punches above its weight for creative talent and Brexit uncertainty permeates business, global media and digital agencies are looking to set up shop in Dublin. And why wouldn’t they? This island is famed for the creative talents it produces, whilst always having its arms opened for international talent who wish to reside here.

As Dublin flourishes, the demand for these talents, especially digital strategists, business development consultants, media account managers and account directors, media insight specialists, display and search advertising executives, is huge. And only getting bigger!

One of the largest digital communications firms in the world, Dentsu Aegis Network, is currently embarking on a large recruitment drive.

As Keith Lacy, managing director at iProspect - part of the global Dentsu Aegis Network - elaborates: "We have noticed a large surge in both diaspora and other UK-based agency professionals applying for our roles since the Brexit vote. We have hired some of the most fantastic talent from UK agencies and brands, and whilst Brexit may have been the catalyst for their decision to move, their feedback has been they’ve been pleasantly surprised at how beneficial for their careers the move has been.

"What many UK agency professionals don’t realise is that Ireland more than holds its own in regards to running global client accounts out of Dublin. Many global accounts are managed from our offices here. We anticipate hiring plenty more great talent from the UK in 2019 as part of our growth plans."

What opportunities await you?

Dublin is a bustling hub: Not only does it home tech giants like Google and Facebook but the streets are full of multiple success stories of Irish startups that have gone on to become huge employers, such as CarTrawler,, Intercom, CurrencyFair, Stripe, Ding and Datahug. Many of these companies pride themselves on their customer-first business approach, but in recent years we’ve seen companies go that one step further by developing a proactive strategy around digital transformation, data-first and design centric thinking.

These companies are now running highly complex marketing campaigns to service both B2B and B2C customers, and advertising professionals are on their most wanted lists!

As a highly qualified advertising professional returning to Dublin, you have multiple avenues to explore too. The strategic skill-set an advertising career develops is much desired by companies and industries outside of established agencies.

You’ll have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from. Whether your interests lie in working for an agency, Fortune 500 company, or rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in at the ground level of an Irish startup, you’ll find you can in Dublin.

Plus, relocating to Dublin is a strong move to power your career to the next level.

Salary-wise, is Dublin competitive? Yes, we are!

It’s not unusual to be recruited into a role at a higher level than the one you’re leaving in London as you take on more responsibility and have less hierarchical structures to navigate. Career growth in Dublin is very much a meritocracy.

Gone are the days where beanbags in the boardroom or a floor of pinball machines are counted as looking after your staff. Today, talented creative staff are offered packages that respect the whole individual. Outside of salaries being competitive, employers are also offering other benefits apart from the traditional pension and healthcare, such as learning and development programmes, career development planning, flexible working hours, remote work and equally placing value on inclusion and diversity.

In addition, individuals often find that their career trajectory takes an upward swing very quickly after they settle into their new role. It’s not unusual to be recruited into a role at a higher level than the one you’re leaving in London as you take on more responsibility and have less hierarchical structures to navigate. Career growth in Dublin is very much a meritocracy.

Your UK experience will stand to your favour. Due to Ireland’s small size, it’s second nature for companies to look beyond the borders of the country, and candidates with international experience will certainly catch the attention of quality employers.

Dublin knows who it is and wants you to discover all it has to offer

The concept of a work/life balance is gaining more and more traction.

There’s no doubt that there should be more to life than work. And this is where Dublin punches far above its weight. The city is made for escaping the tempo of business life, with an array of places to sip a pint, turn the pages of your favourite book, run across the beaches and even swim in the atlantic when you feel brave enough…All are within your reach from Dublin city.

There’s a community, and a place for all who make the move here. Whether you are new to the city or returning to this old friend.

Claire Mason, who relocated to Dublin from London in 2011, says: "I owe a huge amount to Dublin. Career-wise, I’ve worked for companies that have provided me with exposure to parts of Europe, Tokyo, Miami and Seattle. Travel-wise, I’ve had my eyes pop out of my head numerous times seeing the great vistas this country offers, visiting parts of Ireland’s incredible coastline and experiencing the country’s undeniable hospitality for myself. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve grown more than I could ever have imagined as a person and a professional marketer thanks to the experiences Dublin has given me."

After 20 years in the UK, I returned home with a very established career from my time in London. This experience led me to work for one of the top digital agencies in Dublin, then when the time was right I leveraged my knowledge and opened TalentHub: Moving home allowed my career to accelerate whilst putting down roots in what is now a fantastic economy and society.

Curious to know more about what’s on offer and where Dublin could take your career? please email to find out more about the opportunities we’re currently recruiting for. There are so many exciting companies we hire for and brilliant candidates will land their dream jobs!


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