Why we're loving ... Andrew Shoben founder, Greyworld

WHY: Shoben's artists collective, Greyworld, created last week's "sunrise" in Trafalgar Square for the Tropicana brand.

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HOW: Shoben says: "With 260,000 watts of power inside our 2.5-tonne sun, we were concerned about heat build-up and the effects it might have on the 58 glass lenses inside. With five minutes to go before lift-off, some of the special ducting decided to leave the sun, falling on the floor. But the team flew into action, replaced the part and the sun came up."


The reason I got into art was ... as I grew up and saw art in public spaces, I wondered: "Who is this bronze statue for? Why is he on a horse? Why is the inscription in Latin? I don't speak Latin!" It seemed so exclusive. So I set out to create artworks not for those with degrees in art history, but for people who were on their way to the supermarket or to visit their mates.

My best career bits so far are ... Railings (1996) - you know the joy of picking up a stick and running it along railings? We took a set and tuned them so that, when you ran a stick along them, they played The Girl From Ipanema. Being asked to become professor of public art at Goldsmiths, University of London, was also pretty amazing.

The biggest influence on my career has been ... my mum, dad and brother. If I propose something for public space and they don't like it, it's not very good. They are the perfect judges of quality.

I'm really inspired by ... the city. What an amazing place of noise, friction, colour, emotion and drama. It has always mystified me why other artists want to make work for white-walled galleries.

You probably don't know this but I ... am obsessed with Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. I recently bought a full-sized Max suit, which I occasionally wear in private.