Why we're loving: Caroline Bailey-Read

This week, Campaign explains why it loves Caroline Bailey-Read, the founder of Bronjoy.

How did you get involved in the project? It all started when I received a call from Wieden & Kennedy. They had found my website and mentioned that they were looking for an exotic short-haired cat to star in a new ad. I had the perfect kitten in mind.

Why did you choose that particular cat for the ad? Bronte is one of my cutest kittens, with a lovely blue-and-white coat. She was also young at the time of filming, so I knew she would take to it like a duck to water.

How did Wieden & Kennedy study the cat to create the one in the ad? While Bronte was already well-behaved, the agency sent a specialist trainer all the way from Los Angeles to get her used to being behind the camera and riding in a basket. The trainer was really gentle and Bronte was a quick learner. Three weeks later, filming took place in Watford, with many of the scenes with Bronte taking place for real. All of Bronte’s movements were her own. The CGI team actually commented on how easy Bronte made it, as they only had to add in her fun and silly expressions and make it appear as if she were singing.

Did you like the ad? Bronte and the little girl, Jolie, really bonded during filming, and it shows. Not only did they share a wonderful moment together, I think it’s one that people will want to share with friends and family too, bringing them closer together. If only life was that carefree now.

What other ads have you provided animals for? I haven’t done any other ads before, but Bronte’s brother previously appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show. I’m reasonably well-known in the animal circuit and I’m also the Kitten Diary writer for Your Cat magazine.

How did you get into your job? My husband and I have long shared an interest in farming. In particular, he has worked in the industry for 50 years and even has a lifetime achievement award from Princess Anne for his work in agriculture. Breeding was a natural fit for us. It is a great hobby, but it’s a lot of hard work and commitment.