Why we're loving: Ian Schafer, founder, Deep Focus

Tell us how you came up with the idea for this ad. Beneful has always stood for the joy of play that brings dogs and their owners closer together. The idea for this video was inspired by the dog-food brand’s desire to inspire more play among dogs and their owners because it makes the simple, good things in life even better.

The spontaneous joy of play is perfectly captured in the notion of a Rube Goldberg machine – a fun, complex contraption used to do something quite simple. Our vision was to make playful, fun-loving dogs the centre of the action by having them make the Rube Goldberg machine work.

What were the challenges in filming dogs? We always encounter fun surprises when we film with dogs – that’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of our job. On this particular set, we found that all of our four-legged talent were delighted to spend the day playing with the fun contraption – a new experience for all of them – and meeting some new friends. And it’s amazing the power of a dog treat to keep our talent focused and on their marks.

What inspires you? The trust that great brands like Beneful put in us to develop all this great, original, creative social content that inspires consumers to share.

What is your favourite ad? When it comes to advertising, I generally believe a brand should either add value for the consumer or provide a "share-worthy" experience. I recently visited a Tesla showroom and was smitten by the experience. Giant touchscreens clearly explained the value of the vehicle, customised to your driving habits. Generous photo ops abounded, even for kids (and made adults feel like they were in a toy store).

The eCRM follow-up via e-mail was prompt and personalised, and fed right into a test-drive experience that is a story you want to tell everyone you know. This entire experience is one big Tesla ad, which, unlike traditional ad impressions, becomes more effective as it gets further away from the source.

What are you working on next? That’s a surprise… but I can assure you it will involve some playful, fun four-legged friends.