Why we're loving: Kim Gehrig, director, Somesuch & Co

What was your brief and how did you interpret it? In my first meeting, I was asked to make something disruptive and behaviour-changing for women. Probably the best brief I have ever been given. How do you inspire women to engage in sport? The guys had written a really strong script, but they encouraged me to use it as a start point. As long as I kept the soul of the project, it was open to leap from there.

I was also aware that the majority of images representing women in sports advertising are very glossy and "perfect". That was something I wanted to challenge. In particular, I had been fascinated about the portrayal of cellulite in the media for a while. I wanted to celebrate it and try to make it sexy. Why not, when most of us have it? I would love young girls to have a different perception of what is an ideal body image than I did as I grew up.

I have done sport my whole life and "image" really is the last thing you think about when you are truly active. I wanted the campaign to be more about how exercise makes you feel rather than look. Exercise is that thing where you can feel truly present and "in the moment". For me, that’s more important and that is what I want women to feel: alive, liberated and inspired.

How did you find the women who feature in the ad? We street-cast all the women from local sports clubs, gyms, pools and parks up and down the country. I found myself choosing women for their stories in relation to exercise, and that is when it started to get interesting.

What was the biggest challenge when filming? The thing I found hardest was to call "cut". I loved filming the women so much, I could have just kept going. I felt very connected to them all by the end and I am very grateful they all let me film them in the way that I did.

What’s your favourite form of exercise? I love swimming. No-one can talk to you. For me, I get 20 lengths of peace. Heaven.

What inspires you? I’m inspired by many things: art, architecture, dance… but what inspires me most is people and their stories. That’s what I like to shoot.

What’s your next project? I’m shooting a spot in my hometown, Sydney, for the first time. I am both terrified and excited.