Why we're loving: Lindsay McQueen, flyboarder

McQueen has been performing on the flyboard, an aquatic jetpack that propels riders through the air, since its creation in 2012. He stars in a new spot for Fisherman's Friend, by Walker Zurich, as a fisherman hunting tuna.

Why we're loving: Lindsay McQueen, flyboarder

How did you get involved in the ad? I was contacted about the ad through Palma Pictures, a TV production company in Majorca. I was immediately interested, of course. I have done other TV ads for brands such as Vodafone, so I’m used to doing crazy things.

Is it really possible to catch a fish on a flyboard? I suppose it could be possible. I haven’t thought about it before because I’m not a fisherman. Now that you’ve asked me, I’ll definitely try when I get back in the water!

Which has been your favourite campaign to work on so far? I couldn’t say that I have a favourite; they’re all so different. On the Fisherman’s Friend ad, we were only doing "dolphins", but others allowed us to do bigger tricks. We’re actually doing an ad right now for Ford in Malaga. It’s 25 seconds long with 20 seconds of flyboard action, which is great.

How did you get into flyboarding? I was a professional waterskier and wakeboarder before I moved to Ibiza, but I couldn’t continue doing that here because the conditions aren’t right. So when Franky Zapata invented the flyboard four years ago, I got in contact. I was the third person to try it out. Now I train all flyboard instructors in Spain and compete at the World Cup in Dubai.

What do you enjoy most about your job? Right now, the thing I enjoy the most is how amazed people look at our shows. Here in Ibiza, I do shows in swimming pools for the big beach clubs such as Ocean and Destino. In the summer, I do six a week. I go on at night with LED suits and do a special show with my wife, Anastasia, who is a saxophonist. She’ll play in front of me and I’ll come and scoop her up from the stage – she doesn’t even get her feet wet. People like people who do crazy things.

You’ve trained various A-listers from your base in Ibiza. Was Leonardo DiCaprio a natural? To tell you the truth, everybody is very good. With an instructor, most people get going in less than ten minutes. But, yes, DiCaprio was very good. Of all the famous people I’ve worked with, Nicole Scherzinger was the best on the hoverboard, which is like a snowboard for the water. She came up for 25 minutes non-stop. On the flyboard, I think the footballer Cesc Fàbregas was the best – we spent a long time together.