Why we're loving: Marcus Söderlund, director

WHAT HE DID Söderlund directed a short film that follows the ghost of Bruce McLaren, the founder of the McLaren motor-racing team, as he retraces the scene of his crash at the Goodwood circuit in 1970 that took his life. The film, one of three, marks part of McLaren’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Tell us about the making of this film? I love the English countryside: the early morning mist and its nature. It’s a great location for telling audio-visual stories. Being at Goodwood, seeing the actual site where McLaren had his accident, was really emotional. It was a great challenge trying to recreate the feeling I got from seeing that and relating it to the viewer. The question I asked myself was how could we make it interesting following a guy from behind for three-and-a-half minutes? For me, that answer is simple: just find something that you love looking at, a moment, and extend it. If I can’t make it interesting following a guy from behind, I think I would have to change profession.

How did you get into directing? I was lousy playing an instrument and had to find a way to communicate.

What are you most proud of? Working closely with a lot of great artists such as The Tough Alliance, The Embassy and Taken By Trees. I am also proud of being able to work with a lot of great creative people. The team at VCCP (especially the executive creative director, Darren Bailes, the creatives Thierry Albert and Faustin Claverie, and the TV producer Larissa Miola) on this film were amazing.

What inspires you? Images and music.

What are you working on next? Sorry, I can’t tell you – my lips are sealed.

Who is your favourite director and why? Jan Troell. He is a magician with images and emotions.

Tell us something unusual/interesting about you? I can speak Spanish fluently and am really good at horseback riding. In my previous life, I probably was a cowboy.