Why we're loving: Psychemagik

Tell us about the project. The project came to us through Frukt. We’ve been through this process before and it’s never as easy as everyone hopes. We pitched a few options but Mink & Shoes was put forward fairly early on – we felt it worked with the vibe of the ad. We tried a couple of other options but none fit the bill quite as well.

How did you create the soundtrack? With this project, the brief was "filter the unnecessary". To us, that meant a no-nonsense track with a catchy hook and an interesting vocal. Nothing complex or pretentious, just a good solid track that people will associate with a good time in a club.

The first section of the video is the opposite: disjointed, almost undanceable – more a soundscape. This creates a tense atmosphere. The contrast between the two is what makes this ad work so well.

The bare bones of Mink & Shoes did not take long to put together. It’s getting it from that point to the full, finished project that takes time, especially when we are gigging and working on other productions as well. It’s all a bit of a juggle. The whole thing took four to five weeks.

Tell us about your music. We put our soul into everything we do and try to stay away from formulas. Our musical tastes are massively varied, as are our record collections. We try to put across a deep form of emotion through our work. Our music is intended to make people feel good; to feel connected to something primal and powerful.

How did you get into producing? McLewin: I was bugging out in the womb! Both our folks were into amazing music. There was never a time when there wasn’t good stuff about. When I was 18, I travelled all over the US digging for records. It was an incredible experience. Back then, you could find amazing records for a dollar apiece. Both of us got into DJing at a very early age and producing just seemed like the natural progression. There is only so much you can do with a couple of turntables and a mixer, and we wanted to delve deeper. Coveney: My first set-up was very basic – Cubase with a load of awful drum samples. I listened back to some of the first things I wrote a while back and it was savage.

What inspires you? Anything that has been passionately created by people who truly believe in what they are doing.