Why we're loving ... Tony Hogqvist, executive creative director, Perfect Fools

Why: Hogqvist has created Kauko, the world's first internet-controlled interactive cafe.

Kauko: World's first internet-controlled cafe
Kauko: World's first internet-controlled cafe

Outwardly, Kauko is a normal cafe, but its furniture, service and atmosphere can be remotely controlled via a website in real time. Visitors to youdesign.fi can reshape the cafe's interior, and actions may or may not leave its clientele with a positive outcome: it depends on the controller. The cafe is part of a campaign to celebrate Helsinki as "World Design Capital".

How: Hogqvist says: "The biggest challenge was to set it up in time.

I remember when we did the proof of concept and told the client we couldn't be sure it could be made in the short amount of time, but we would try. They said 'go'. It takes brave people to do great work."

Inside Hogqvist

The reason I got into advertising was ... my grandmother, who was an artist. She never said it, but her happiest moments were showing her work to people and hearing the feedback. When I got a Commodore 64 computer, I made pixel paintings and invited people to my room to view them. Back then, there was no way to save them, so I had to take pictures of the screen. Then came the internet, and instant feedback was the most rewarding thing ever.

My best career bits so far are ... what Perfect Fools created for Converse with "The Canvas Experiment". When it launched, you could literally see engagement happening in real time.

The biggest influence on my career has been ... my classmates from high school. We were a tight group that still compete today and steal inspiration from each other. We all became entrepreneurs or creative leaders in the industry.

I'm really inspired by ... the countryside. I just bought a country house in the woods in the middle of Sweden. It's an old school with enough room for my own studio. I go there to clear my head.

You probably don't know this but I ... am motivated by problem solving. For me, advertising is less about working with brands and more about working with the people - the clients.