Wieden & Kennedy planners film 24-hour attempt at APG paper submission

LONDON - The deadline for the Account Planning Group's awards submissions is just 24 hours away, but two planners from Wieden & Kennedy have decided to write their paper at the very last minute and stream their activity online.

Wieden & Kennedy...planners filming APG paper efforts
Wieden & Kennedy...planners filming APG paper efforts

Due to weighty workloads, the planners Paul Colman and Graeme Douglas are writing their paper over the next 24 hours.

Their effort is based on the maxim that it’s often when the pressure is highest and the risk greatest that the biggest rewards are achieved.

"it’s planning’s job to manage and maximise these opportunities," the pair said.

"We start today. And not because confidence is high (it’s not) but because our workloads have dictated it."

In a bid to apply this reasoning to their APG submission, they have added the extra pressure of filming their efforts via a live webcam.

View their efforts here