Wiktor Skoog, Grey London

Wiktor Skoog 30 planner, Grey London

Skoog, a Swedish national, was born into a family of advertisers and entrepreneurs. This spirit has rubbed off on him – he has launched a wok restaurant and a car dealership, and holds a patent for a gaming table. Skoog’s education is unusual too – he holds a machine technology degree from the Swedish Navy.

His interest in advertising was piqued when his brother, who was studying at Miami Ad School, asked for his opinion on some briefs he was working on. Although his father tried to warn him off joining the industry, Skoog says he found that aspects of entrepreneurship and planning, and the mindsets required to succeed in them, were similar.

Leo Rayman, the head of planning at Grey London, says: "Despite his Scandi-barbarian appearance, I fucking love Wiktor. I call him our ‘Disturbance’ because his unconventional perspectives often radically shift our thinking."