Will writing gets 'extreme' in Remember a Charity campaign

Remember a Charity, the consortium of more than 140 charities set up to raise awareness of legacy donations, has launched the 'Extreme Will Writing Club' campaign that asks people to leave something behind for a good cause after their death.

The online and outdoor ads, created by Atomic London, were made to mark this week's Remember a Charity Week (7-13 September).

The campaign features a video that shows people in their 70s going to extreme lengths to leave a gift in their will by visiting a solicitor’s office at 10,000 feet before sky diving to the ground. The message is that you do not need to go to extremes for charity  leaving a gift in your will is legendary enough.

A variety of channels are being used including YouTube, Vimeo, out-of-home posters on the London Underground, and social media.

Rob Cope, director of Remember A Charity, said: "What I love about this campaign is that, not only does it stand out as one of – if not the – best things we have ever done for Remember A Charity, the idea itself is fundamentally built on the act of leaving a gift to charity in your will.

"It also does it in a way that celebrates those amazing individuals all across the UK that go to extraordinary lengths for the charities they are most passionate about."

Remember A Charity was formed in 2000 and works with the Government and supporters to encourage more people to consider leaving a charitable gift in their will.

Guy Bradbury, Atomic London’s executive creative director, said: "This was one of the bravest ideas we have ever put forward for Remember a Charity, but the result is an incredibly authentic and inspirational campaign that captures a fantastic attitude of supporters.

"As one of our participants put it: 'If you want to do something positive, don’t just tweet it – get up and do something about it.'"