Windy Miller nudity scene sparks controversy for Quaker

LONDON - A cheeky ad campaign for Quaker's Oatso Simple porridge range featuring Windy Miller has sparked controversy after appearing to accidently show the private parts of the Plasticine model's naturist uncle.

In the spot, created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, Windy's eccentric Uncle Gruber, a naturist, comes to stay. He is completely naked except for a hat and neckerchief, but has his modesty protected by strategically placed breakfast items such as a newspaper.

But in one scene, a cereal bowl is less than strategically placed and viewers catch a glimpse of what appears to be Uncle Gruber's Plasticine genitals.

The appararent slip has been leapt on by the UK media, with the Daily Mirror saying that "TV viewers nearly choked on their breakfasts", although it is understood that Quaker has not received any complaints.

The ad is a take on a similar scene in Mike Myers' 1997 film 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery', where a variety of objects including a sausage are used to cover up the spy's private parts while he eats breakfast in the nude.

The Windy Miller project was created last year to promote Quaker's flagship Oats range as well as Oatso Simple. In another of the cheeky creatives Windy, who featured in cult 1970s children's TV show 'Camberwick Green', is  shown eating a bowl of the cereal. When the narrator asks if the cereal is enough for a morning's work, Windy shakes his head before being whisked off in a sports car by Millie, a barmaid.

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