Wispa 'Wispa's back' by Publicis

A Facebook group was recently set up to demand the revival of 80s chocolate bar, Wispa.

Marking its return is a long copy press campaign created by Publicis for Cadbury Trebor Bassett.

The ad features iconic images from the eighties such as a large mobile phone and a £1 note. The long copy lists other things that were of that decade.

It includes references to 80s "icons" such as 'Grange Hill''s Zammo Maguire, Slush Puppies, Steve Davies, Michael Knight and Milli Vanilli.

It ends by saying: "You knew all the Ninja Turtles' names and colours. Penny sweets actually cost one penny. We were all rat fans. Chevy Chase was funny. Lenny Henry was funny. Les Dennis was Les Dennis."

Click image for bigger version.