Women's Aid "Respite" by Engine Creative

Women's Aid Federation of England has launched a campaign showcasing the harsh realities of life for women in abusive relationships ahead of the holiday season.

The ad shows a mum and her son as they play games and listen to music in a car. It becomes apparent that they spend most of the day in there as the mother lies to her partner about being caught up in the queues at the shops.

"Domestic abuse has escalated during lockdown," the ad declares before encouraging members of the public to protect women and children by donating to Women’s Aid.

Launched as 60- and 90-second versions, the work was created by Tian Murphy and Charlie Gee, and directed by Molly Burdett through Spindle and No.8. 

In April, Women’s Aid launched a campaign highlighting the dangers of domestic abuse during the coronavirus lockdown


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