Woolmington to start US media shop

Paul Woolmington, the British-born former vice-chairman of WPP's

Media Edge Worldwide, is launching what he claims will be the first US

media planning shop to embrace creative and account planning.

The venture - called Media Kitchen - will work in partnership with the

independent New York agency Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners.

It flies in the face of the current trend for huge buying and planning

specialist companies such as WPP's MindShare and Bcom3's Starcom


Woolmington said: "Media Kitchen aims to use creativity to drive

business solutions. We're the guerilla in the age of media gorillas. We

truly believe we will be the start of a new breed of media company,

whose sensibility is built around brand media neutral solutions rather

than the old school of vested interest."

Media Kitchen will operate separately from Kirshenbaum but will help the

agency's clients decide where they should advertise and understand how

that choice should influence what they say about their brands.

It will not only service Kirshenbaum's $450 million-billing

client list, which includes Revlon and Liberty Mutual, but hunt for

business in other parts of the world, either with other agencies or

directly with clients.

Media Kitchen will be run by staff who have experience of working in

both media and brand planning.

Although the concept is new to the US, it mirrors what has already

happened in the UK, where a reaction against media consolidation has

resulted in smaller operations, such as Naked and Michaelides & Bednash,

offering strategic and brand consulting.