Woolworth's invests £10m in Christmas family focused ads

Woolworth's is set to plunge £10 million into a pre-Christmas TV campaign at the start of what could be a "make or break" period for the beleaguered retailer.

The company, which demerged from the Kingfisher group last year, is looking to the latest campaign from Bates UK to improve significantly on last year's disappointing seasonal sales.

The new ads, for which Zenith is buying media, are in line with the retailer's strategy of repositioning itself as the ultimate family shopping destination.

The success of the campaign is crucial if it is to maintain the City's confidence and not fall victim to a hostile bid from Bhs' Philip Green.

The campaign is again fronted by Paul Kaye, Woolworth's having chosen to keep faith with the entertainer despite his disparaging comments about his involvement in the advertising earlier this year. Kaye later claimed he was misunderstood.

He recreates his role as Dave, an offbeat dad, who, with his wife Claire and their children, highlight the chain's festive offerings.

The films were written by Ben Stafford, art directed by Chris Harris and directed by Steve Lowe for The Business.

Mark Trinder, the Woolworth's head of brand communications, said: "The campaign will ensure Woolworth's is first choice for family, gifting and celebrations solutions this Christmas."