The Work 3: New Campaigns - The World


Project: Liquid freedom

Client: David Elsworth, marketing manager, Coca-Cola

Brief: Promote sales of Sprite

Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

Writer: Simon Handford

Art director: Silvester Song

Media agency: Universal McCann

Production company: Gang Asia

Director: Josh Taft

Producer: Oliver Tahon

Post-production: Buff

Audi post-production: Human

Exposure: National TV

Looking to put some fizz into its flat sales, Coca-Cola is promoting its Sprite brand across Australia with a TV campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong. The 30-second spot, entitled "liquid freedom", sees players mooching around a swelteringly hot basketball court. One of the players runs and dive-bombs on to what looks like the concrete of the court, but which magically transforms into a swimming pool at the last minute. Dangling from basketball hoops and throwing each other into the water, the others follow him. The ad ends with the line: "Freedom from thirst."

The ad breaks as Coca-Cola prepares to launch a series of products into the Australian market in an attempt to maintain its 64 per cent market share. Fanta Sours, Coca-Cola with Lime and the Frutopia brands are all set for launch in May and June this year.


Project: Breathe

Client: Marcio Andreazzi, director of external relations, Procter &


Brief: Maintain Vicks' brand awareness

Creative agency: Publicis Salles Norton Brazil

Writer: Aricio Fortes

Art director: Jack Ronc

Planner: Marco Jacobucci

Media agency: Publicis Salles Norton Brazil

Media planner: Marco Jacobucci

Photographer: Cacalo

Exposure: National magazines

Cold and 'flu products face a fundamental problem: consumers only buy them when they're sick. This means the buying cycle is limited to just five months a year, with people only making their purchase during a narrow ten-day period when they're actually ill and least want to be shopping. Add to the mix a tropical climate, such as Brazil's, and the proposition is even harder.

Vicks VapoRub has turned to Publicis Salles Norton in Brazil to maintain its 100-year heritage at the forefront of congested heads in South America with a clever print campaign that shows exactly what the product does without resorting to shots of sickly children or fevered brows.


Project: Create your own summer

Client: Vanessa Visser, brand manager, Lipton Ice Tea

Brief: Lipton Ice Tea gives an instant dose of summer

Creative agency: KesselsKramer

Writer: Dave Bell

Art director: Karen Heuter

Planner: Chris Barrett

Media agency: MindShare

Media planner: Wim van der Peet

Production company: Czar Belgium

Director: Toon Aerts

Post-production: Hectic Electric

Exposure: National TV

Lipton Ice Tea continues its European marketing push with a Dutch TV campaign created by the Amsterdam-based agency KesselsKramer.

The campaign features three spots based on the idea that a swig of Lipton Ice Tea will give drinkers an instant dose of summer. In one, a man turns his home into an underwater tropical paradise by sticking his head in a goldfish bowl. In a second, a man and woman brave the elements by donning swimwear and transform their drab tower block into a water-park attraction, with a little imagination and the use of a rubbish chute and a conveniently located skip.


Project: Power of flowers

Client: Lars Steen, chief executive, Interflora Denmark

Brief: Elaborate on the fundamental insight that people give flowers to

get something in return

Creative agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded

Writer: Morten Kjaer

Art directors: Andrew Smart, Martin Storgaard, Michael Robert

Media agency: MediaCom Denmark

Media planner: Claus Molholm

Photographer: Petra Stevensson

Exposure: National newspapers, outdoor

Although the received wisdom is that it's better to give than to receive, Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded, Grey Global Group's Danish shop, has unearthed a fundamental truth beneath the giving of flowers: men almost always expect something in return.

A print and poster campaign for Interflora Denmark reveals just what some lucky flower-givers have received in exchange for their floral investment. In one, a Brazil or Barcelona fan has managed to persuade his partner to name their first born Ronaldinho, while a second ad features a well-thumbed copy of the Kama Sutra, with Post-It notes marking the most popular pages.