The Work: New Campaigns - UK

ONE TO LOOK OUT FOR - Volkswagen Golf GTi - Singing in the rain


Project: Singing in the rain

Client: Catherine Woolfe, marketing communications manager, Volkswagen

Brief: Launch the new VW Golf GTi, positioning it as the original GTi,


Creative agency: DDB London

Writers: Steve Jones, Martin Loraine

Art directors: Steve Jones, Martin Loraine

Planner: Hannah Wren

Media agency: MediaCom

Media planner: Luke Bozeat

Production company: Stink

Directors: Ne-o

Editor: Tim Thornton-Allen, Marshall Street Editors

Post-production: MPC

Audio post-production: 750 mph

Exposure: n/s

THE LOWDOWN Volkswagen is celebrating 30 years of the Golf GTi with a blockbuster film promoting its latest model.

The new car, which has already been crowned car of the year by BBC Top Gear magazine, is being billed as marking a return to the spirit of the first Golf GTi.

The ads centre on this theme. They use the classic scene from the 50s film Singing in the Rain but update it for 2005. Gene Kelly is still splashing about in a downpour, but his dance routine is adapted to a breakdancing, body-popping medley and the music is a club mix version of the film's title track. The ad ends with a policeman chastising Kelly, who is standing next to the new GTi. The strapline reads: "The original updated."

The success of the new model is key to VW, which is operating at a loss in the US and struggling for market share in China. Meanwhile, in Europe, VW is defending its premium status despite price cuts imposed by its cheaper Asian rivals.

This new model will compete with the likes of the Alfa Romeo 147 and the new BMW 1 Series.



Project: Chemical Brothers Push the Button

Client: Ben Curwin, senior product manager, Virgin Records

Brief: Exploit the album name Push the Button and allow people to listen

to a preview of the album pre-release

Creative agency: Weapon7

Writer: Simon Smith

Art director: Simon Smith

Planner: Mark Brown

Media agency: Carat

Media planner: Gareth Jones

Production company: Sky Interactive, Cops and Robbers

Director: Simon Smith

Exposure: National TV via Sky Digital Interactive


Music downloads via the television could soon become a reality, following the launch of an interactive TV campaign allowing listeners to hear five full tracks from the upcoming Chemical Brothers album, Push the Button.

The campaign is running on Sky One, Sky Sports, Channel 4, E4 and Sky Digital. Viewers who push the red button can choose which tracks to listen to.

The interactive ads, designed in the style of 60s French revolutionary propaganda, are also available online. Internet users have long been able to preview releases online, but, say the Chemical Brothers, this is the first time music tracks have been available on interactive TV.

Sky is currently investigating the viability of launching interactive music and other download services, in an attempt to build new revenue streams for Sky Digital.


Project: Lexus tax book

Client: Matt Button, CRM and data marketing manager, Lexus

Brief: Get fleet managers to consider the RX400h

Creative agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge

Writer: Bryan Keller

Art director: Steve Aldridge

Planner: Clare Simpson

Exposure: Direct mail to 5,000 fleet managers


The recent introduction of banded road tax, dependent on a vehicle's CO2 emissions, has inspired a hefty mailer from Partners Andrews Aldridge. Sent to 5,000 fleet managers, it aims to provide a taster of the new RX400h Lexus, which, when it launches later this year, will have such emissions low enough to put it in the lowest tax band and make it cheaper to run than other cars its size.

The mailer is a book, grippingly titled: The Concise Guide to Income Tax and Company Cars. On opening it at the marked page, readers find a section that has been cut out and replaced with a "get out clause" leaflet. This explains that the new Lexus petrol-electric engine car, the first of its kind to launch in the UK, performs as well as a normal car but with a fraction of the emissions.


Project: Pick Me Up launch campaign

Clients: Sue Coffin, marketing director; Chris Blake, senior marketing

manager, IPC Connect

Brief: Launch Pick Me Up

Creative agency: Heresy

Writers: Kevin Travis, Shaun McIlrath

Art directors: Gareth Miles, Andy Taylor

Planner: Matt Willifer

Media agency: MediaCom

Media planner: Nicola Morgan

Production company: HLA

Director: Tom Vaughan

Exposure: National TV


IPC Media is aiming to shake up the real-life magazine sector with the launch of a new women's weekly, Pick Me Up. The ú6 million launch campaign features a TV ad designed to make viewers sit up and pay attention.

The spot, created by Heresy, is set to the 60s tune Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations, only the lyrics have been changed to "We all love Pick Me Up". It shows vignettes of women in the types of real-life situations the magazine is likely to feature. Strapping firefighters, a cheating milkman and a vengeful wife all star.



Project: Feel better



In a departure from the animated executions WCRS introduced last year, Bupa's new campaign centres on the idea of being kissed better. Set to a country-style soundtrack, the ad features people of all ages being kissed by a loved one. The voiceover explains that all Bupa cares about is making you feel better.

The private healthcare market for companies such as Bupa and PPP has declined for the seventh consecutive year, with the rising cost of policies blamed for the fall. The average cost of a private medical policy rose from ú871 in 1999 to ú1,280 in 2003.



Project: Tackling anti-social behaviour

Client: Catherine Dey, Home Office

Brief: Encourage local people to report incidents of anti-social

behaviour on a new phone line that will operate in 25 areas across the


Creative agency: M&C Saatchi

Writers: Will Bale, Curtis Brittles

Art directors: Will Bale, Curtis Brittles

Planners: Richard Storey, Tia Kulasuriya

Photographer: Mike Parsons

Exposure: Six-sheet posters, phone kiosk posters, door drops, postcards


In the ongoing war on crime, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders are a government initiative to deal with persistent young offenders, graffiti artists and nuisance neighbours.

Since they were introduced five years ago, a total of 3,069 Asbos have been issued in England and Wales.

Now, the Government is launching a campaign to encourage members of the public to play a part in curbing yobbish behaviour. A plain-speaking outdoor and direct marketing campaign, by M&C Saatchi, aims to drive people to a new phone number where they can report incidents of anti-social behaviour.

The ads, which will run as posters, door drops, postcards and in phone kiosks, carry an image of a mobile phone accompanied by the line: "It's your call."


Project: Brits 25th show

Client: Rita Broe, marketing director

Brief: Celebrate Mastercard's association with the 25th Brit Awards

Creative agency: McCann Erickson

Writer: Dean Webb

Art director: Dingus Hussy

Planner: Paul Simonet

Media agency: Universal McCann

Media planner: Mark Middlemass

Animator: Cheryl Wong

Exposure: National TV, press, posters


Believe it or not, Cliff Richard scooped the male solo artist award and The Beatles were voted best group when The Brit Awards launched back in 1977.

Mastercard is sponsoring the 25th anniversary to commemorate the milestone event. McCann Erickson has created an animated campaign that captures a range of memories from the past quarter of a century. In addition, throughout January more than one million British Airways long-haul passengers can enter a competition to win a ticket to the ceremony.



Project: Chevrolet

Client: Rob Smettem, marketing director

Brief: Launch Chevrolet in the UK

Creative agency: Kastner & Partners, London

Writer: Kastner & Partners, London

Art director: Kastner & Partners, London

Media agency: Initiative

Media planner: Suzie Stubbs

Exposure: National posters, press


Beyond the glitz and glamour surrounding the annual UK motor show, Chevrolet is attempting to stake a claim in the UK market. The iconic US brand, which accounts for more than half of General Motors' US sales, has created its first UK campaign.

Kastner & Partners, which recently won the account, has created poster and press executions to position Chevrolet as no-nonsense and down-to-earth, playing on the differences between the UK and US markets. "All the car you need. Plus it's a Chevy," the endline reads.

This year, all GM Korean-built Daewoo cars are to be rebranded as Chevrolet, while the number of European network dealers will be expanded to help lift sales of the cars from their 1 per cent share of the European market.



Project: Hassle-free current accounts and faster mortgages

Client: Helen Maytum, media manager, National Australia Group Europe

Brief: Demonstrate the genuine benefits of having a current account or

mortgage with Clydesdale, Yorkshire or Northern

Creative agency: Story

Writers: Rebecca Wood, Doug Nolan

Art directors: Dave Mullen, Sheryl Newsome

Planner: Jim Kelly

Media agency: Mediavest Manchester

Media planner: Rebecca McIndoe

Production company: MTP & ISO, Glasgow

Director: David Eustace

Editor: Serious

Post-production: Serious, Glasgow

Exposure: Regional TV


January is the time of year when people are most likely to give up alcoholic drinks, embark on a diet or reassess their finances. To capitalise on this sentiment, Story has created a TV campaign for the Yorkshire and Clydesdale banks that centres on the dream of every home-owner -paying the mortgage off quicker.

The ads feature colour-washed images of people overlaid with information on the tangible benefits the banks offer customers, attempting to answer the age-old question: "What's in it for me?"

The mortgage market has never been more competitive for the two banks. Despite opening 23 "financial solutions" centres in the south of England, the National Australia Group, which owns the Yorkshire and Clydesdale banks, announced its profits were down by one-third at the end of last year to ú349 million.