The Work: New Campaigns - UK



Project: Two for you

Client: Natasha Gladman, European brand leader, Twix, Masterfoods

Brief: Address the fact that Twix is too good to share

Creative agency: Grey London

Writers: Adam Chiappe, Ross Fowler, Sam Hibbard

Art directors: Matt Saunby, Jim Dive, Nicola Hawes

Planners: Sarah Schofield, John Lowrey

Media agency: MediaCom

Media planner: Christina Deakin

Production company: Academy Films

Director: Nick Gordon

Editor: Rick Russell, Final Cut

Post-production: The Moving Picture Company

Audio post-production: Soundtree, 750mph

Exposure: National TV, cinema, print and poster

THE LOWDOWN Grey has unveiled its swansong for Masterfoods - a TV, press and poster campaign for Twix that repositions the confectionery brand as too good to share.

Based around the line "Two for you", the campaign takes a novel view of sharing.

Three TV and cinema spots, backed with print and poster work, send up famous films, including Jules et Jim and Hitchcock's Vertigo. In each ad, one of a pair of characters goes to extreme lengths to ensure they don't have to share their Twix: a lion-tamer gives the big cat a slap on the leg while his partner's head is in its mouth; a femme fatale feigns brake failure in her car to persuade her lover to jump from the speeding vehicle, and a romantic tandem ride through the woods is cut short by a low-hanging branch when a man spots his girlfriend eyeing the chocolate bar in the front basket.

Masterfoods consolidated its business into the Omnicom network in October 2004, moving the ú12 million Twix, Galaxy and Starburst accounts into TBWALondon.



Project: Lexus IS200 SE satellite navigation system

Client: Matthew Button, customer relationship management and database

marketing manager, Lexus (GB)

Brief: Communicate to IS200 SE prospects that sat nav is now included in

the price, in order to prompt test drive

Creative agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge

Writer: Brian Keller

Art director: Craig Sneddon

Planner: Clare Simpson

Exposure: Direct mailing to 8,000 prospects and 2,000 customers


Partners Andrews Aldridge has created a direct mail campaign to highlight the fact that satellite navigation now comes as standard on the Lexus IS200 SE.

The mailer takes its lead from the workings of the navigation system, which guides drivers using images and voice commands. The graphics lead potential Lexus owners on a journey through the IS200 SE before a hidden voice chip in the pack announces: "You have arrived at your final destination."

Lexus' share of the luxury car market fell by 0.1 per cent last year to 0.26 per cent, while the rival manufacturer BMW saw an increase of almost three points to an 8.44 per cent market share.



Project: Travel updates campaign

Client: Nigel Marson, head of group marketing and communications,

Transport for London

Brief: Encourage users of London public transport to register for e-mail

travel updates giving the most up-to-date information on potential

disruptions to their regular journey

Creative agency: Chemistry

Writer: Matt Price

Art director: Seb Hill

Planner: Imogen Stott

Media agency: PHD

Media planner: Sarah Hollands

Exposure: Transport for London-owned media


Cancelled trains, late-running buses, leaves on the track - most commuters know only too well the horrors of trekking to work on public transport.

Accordingly, Transport for London is unveiling an e-mail update service to enable travellers to avoid hold-ups.

Users are invited to "know what's happening tomorrow" through personalised travel information.

The poster campaign, devised by Chemistry, features images of fortune-telling paraphernalia, such as a crystal-ball, tarot cards and an astrological chart.

According to a recent TfL survey, transport delays to central London cost businesses and their staff ú1.2 billion a year. It estimated that around ú870 million of this figure was through staff being late, with the remainder caused by a reduction in productivity resulting from stress and fatigue.


Project: Calypso Rapidz

Clients: Richard Cooke, marketing director; Peter Cooke, managing

director, Calypso Soft Drinks

Brief: Launch Calypso Rapidz

Creative agency: Barrington Johnson Lorrains

Writer: Dave Forster

Art director: Gary Smith

Planner: Jane Clancy

Media agency: n/a

Production company: Chief

Director: Anders Hallberg

Editor: Kobus Loot, Elevator, Cape Town

Post-production: Video Lab, Cape Town

Audio post-production: Video Lab, Cape Town

Exposure: National TV


The still soft-drinks manufacturer Calypso is targeting the lucrative secondary school market with a new product, Calypso Rapidz, designed to erode Robinsons Fruit Shoot's market-leading share.

The launch TV campaign for the new brand, from the Manchester-based Barrington Johnson Lorains, takes a first-aid theme: a beat-box artist, entertaining a crowd of teenagers on a sunny beach, starts to lose his knack as his mouth dries up. Luckily, there's a bottle of the flavoured mineral water on hand to slake his thirst.

Calypso already has a market-leading share in the pre-school and primary market. Rapidz represents its first foray into the pre-teen and teen markets, which it estimates to be worth more than ú70 million annually.



Project: Merrydown Vintage campaign

Client: Chris Carr, managing director, cider division

Brief: Extend the existing campaign to support the heartland Vintage


Creative agency: Campbell Doyle Dye

Writer: Sean Doyle

Art director: Dave Dye

Planner: Alison Hoad

Media agency: Rocket

Media planner: Jonathan Fraser

Production companies: Therapy, Moving House

Directors: Mark Denton, Paul Smith

Editor: Joel Miller, Cut and Run

Exposure: National TV


Campbell Doyle Dye is attempting to strip Merrydown cider of its rural image with the first TV campaign for the brand in more than a decade.

"Robot", which places Merrydown Vintage at the centre of the product range, uses an animation style reminiscent of the Fritz Lang classic film Metropolis.

The spot continues in the style of previous print executions for the cider, showing a face with both "merry" and "down" expressions.

To date, Merrydown's advertising has contributed to the brand achieving a 70 per cent year-on-year sales increase in supermarkets, despite an overall decline in the cider market of 0.3 per cent.



Project: Comic Relief

Client: Helen Buck, director for brand marketing, Sainsbury's

Brief: The charity is trying to raise more than the ú6 million it raised

in 2003, from sales of red noses at Sainsbury's and Oxfam

Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Tony Strong

Art director: Tony Strong

Planner: Craig Mawdsley

Media agency: PHD

Media planner: Andrew Spray

Production company: 2AM

Director: Niall Downing

Editor: Steve Ackroyd

Post-production: The Moving Picture Company

Audio post-production: Wave

Exposure: National TV


The charity Comic Relief has raised nearly ú300 million since its first broadcast from a refugee camp in Sudan on Christmas Day 1985.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the first Red Nose Day, and Sainsbury's has added its support to that from the comic community by signing up as the official Red Nose merchandise retailer.

Using Jamie Oliver in his quality-detective guise, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has created a TV ad to encourage people to buy a Red Nose.The celebrity chef visits an orphanage in South Africa to see how the ú6 million raised by the sale of the noses in 2003 has been spent, and explains how the centre, which provides shelter, food and education for orphans, can use the ú1 raised by the sale of each nose to feed a child for a week.



Project: Halifax Money back

Client: Philip Hanson, head of marketing and customer relations, Halifax

Bank of Scotland

Brief: Launch the UK's first money back current account

Creative agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Writer: Malcolm Green

Art director: Gary Betts

Planners: Richard Warren, Sandya Piyasena

Media agency: Vizeum

Media planner: Paul Hutchison

Production company: Independent

Director: Jake Nava

Editor: Struan Clay, Final Cut

Post-production: VTR

Exposure: National TV, print


The launch campaign for Halifax's money back current account features the long-standing star of its ads, Howard, as the walrus of love, Barry White.

The 60-second spot sees the normally conservative Howard enjoying an R&B lifestyle, complete with limousine, bling and pet tiger.

Howard sings "you're the first, the last, my Xtra thing". In this modified version of White's hit, the lyrics have also been adapted to announce the benefits of the bank's new debit card, which offers cashback on purchases.

HBOS, which was formed in 2001 through the merger of Halifax and the Bank of Scotland, posted a 29 per cent rise in profits this month.

The financial services provider has increased its market share across all areas of its business, with ú1 out of every ú7 saved in Britain now going into one of its accounts.



Project: Multiply

Client: Helen Beardsley, marketing manager, the Energy Saving Trust

Brief: Link domestic energy wastage with global climate change

Creative agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R

Writer: David Gamble

Art director: Simon Labbett

Media agency: Mediaedge: cia

Production company: Gorgeous

Director: Chris Palmer

Exposure: National TV, radio, press


The link between domestic energy wastage and the global issue of climate change is reiterated in a new television ad for the Energy Saving Trust from Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

Dramatising the power of the individual, the ad features people pouring scorn on energy-saving measures such as not leaving the TV on standby and not filling the kettle to the top.The voices reach a crescendo as the camera pans out to reveal a city lit with thousands of lights. "What difference can one person really make?" a voiceover asks.