The Work: New Campaigns - UK


Project: Meeting of the minds

Client: n/s

Brief: Inspire businesses to work with like-minded entrepreneurial

partners such as UPS to make their visions a reality

Creative agency: McCann Erickson

Writer: Simon Learman

Art director: Brian Fraser

Planner: Dawn Coulter

Media agency: Universal McCann

Media planner: Duncan Pointer

Production company: 2AM Films

Director: Paul Goldman

Editor: Adam Spivey, Speade Editors

Post-production: The Moving Picture Company

Exposure: International TV

THE LOWDOWN The parcel delivery service UPS has launched its biggest global campaign to date, kicking off with a 60-second spot starring the French actor Jean Reno.

The film, which breaks in the UK and will air in Europe, Asia and Mexico, shows the Leon star beamed back in time, visiting himself as a baby.

There, he tells his infant self that life is complicated but luckily there are companies such as UPS to help organise things and, using a futuristic mobile phone, manages to call up a teddy bear. The film ends with Reno sympathising with the baby over a future that involves living with a big nose.

There are four other spots in the "deliver more" campaign. The largest media budget has been allocated to China, where UPS is hoping to capitalise on the current economic boom and has tripled the number of its flights from the US.

UPS's share of the US domestic parcel market fell 1 per cent to 47 per cent last year, while FedEx increased its share from 29 to 31 per cent.


Project: What goodness tastes like

Client: David Whiting, marketing director, OMSCo

Brief: Altogether Better tastes the best because it is the best

Creative agency: Fallon

Writer: Sam Heath

Art directors: Frank Ginger, Mark Elwood, Sam Heath

Planner: Felicity Morgan

Media agency: Concord

Media planner: Brad Fairhead

Photographer: Jonathan Kitchen

Illustrators: Jason Holley, Harry Wingfield

Exposure: Six-sheet poster sites


Fallon is behind a six-sheet poster campaign to launch the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative's Altogether Better organic milk brand.

The ads are based on the concept of "what goodness tastes like", with the milk depicted as being the central spine of a broader "goodness movement".

OMSCo is a collective of around 300 British farmers. Formed in 1994, it is the largest supplier of organic milk in the UK. Consumer demand for organic milk grew 30 per cent last year.


Project: Little Notions launch

Client: Mike O'Reilly, head of consumer communications, Nestle

Brief: Launch the new line of Little Notions treats

Creative agency: Lowe

Writer: Sarah Naughton

Art director: Simon Morris

Planner: Tania Forester

Media agency: MindShare

Media planner: Gavin Jones

Illustrator: Nomoco

Exposure: National poster sites


Nestle is attempting to broaden its offer and its 17.5 per cent confectionery market share by launching a confectionery line, Little Notions, aimed at women. The range of treats, including a lemon cheesecake bar and coconut wafer bites, is designed to sit in the gap between chocolate bars and cakes and biscuits.

The launch campaign, created by Lowe, centres on the convoluted logic that a woman is prepared to invent in order to allow herself a treat.

Posters feature illustrations of women so determined to try the sweets that they dream up disastrous consequences of not eating them. A similar TV campaign also backs the launch and two outdoor executions show the same thinking in mega-site poster form.


Project: Tiscali Broadband

Client: Helen Aldis, marketing director, Tiscali Broadband

Brief: Launch Tiscali's latest broadband offer

Creative agency: Mortimer Whittaker O'Sullivan

Writers: Tom Jenkins, Leigh Wallace

Art directors: Adrian Kemsley, Neale Horrigan

Planner: Dom Boyd

Media agency: OMD

Media planner: Jessica Roberts

Production company: The Pink Film Company

Director: Steve Bendelack

Editor: Tony Cranston

Post-production: Framestore CFC

Exposure: National TV


Steve Bendelack, the director of the BBC comedy series The League of Gentlemen, has directed a new spot for Tiscali Broadband, part of a TV, print and radio campaign created by Mortimer Whittaker O'Sullivan.

Tiscali is aiming to increase its share of the growing broadband market with a new campaign which uses a cerebrally challenged farmer who's been visited by a mystery masked rider who advertises Tiscali's aggressively priced ú15.99 broadband service.

The UK broadband market hit the five million subscribers mark in September 2004 and is projected to grow a further 64 per cent by the end of the year.


Project: Shadow

Client: Sarah Warby, marketing manager, Scottish Courage

Brief: Launch Foster's Super Chilled

Creative agency: M&C Saatchi

Writer: James Lowther

Art director: Bill Gallacher

Planner: Dave Clements

Media agency: Starcom Mediavest

Media planner: Sara Edwards

Production company: Therapy Films

Director: Colin Gregg

Editor: Alistair Jordon

Post-production: The Moving Picture Company

Exposure: National TV


Just how cold can lager get before pints need to be pulled directly from the freezer? Foster's is lowering the temperature bar again with its new Super Chilled lager, and M&C Saatchi has created a 30-second TV ad that demonstrates how far Foster's drinkers will go to keep the amber nectar cold.

In an unlikely scenario, a sweaty Foster's-drinking nerd catches the seductive eye of a six-foot Australian beauty. Rather than go somewhere quieter, as she suggests, he becomes adamant that she remain exactly where she is, as she is providing the perfect shade for his pint.

The Foster's owner, Scottish Courage, saw annual profits rise from ú336 million to ú373 million this year.


Project: Stop Schumacher

Client: Gazan Arihi, marketing manager, Guardian Newspapers

Brief: Raise awareness within the media industry of the breadth and

quality of The Guardian's sports coverage

Creative agency: Claydon Heeley Jones Mason

Writer: Kristian Wheater

Art director: Simon Haslehurst

Exposure: Direct mailing


The Guardian is aiming to attract advertising to its forthcoming Formula One Guide with a direct marketing campaign to media buyers.

The campaign, developed by Claydon Heeley Jones Mason, draws on one of the biggest talking points in the sport - how to keep it interesting when Michael Schumacher is so far ahead of his competitors. The mailing contains a packet of nails with the line "Can anything stop Schumacher?" emblazoned on the label.

The mailing, which will be sent out to 3,000 media buyers, aims to raise awareness within the media industry of the breadth and quality of sports coverage in The Guardian. Recipients are encouraged to call dedicated Guardian phone numbers for advertising.


Project: Race

Client: Des Johnson, Carling brand director, Coors Brewers

Brief: n/s

Creative agency: Leith London

Writers: Lou Bogue, Pete Cain

Art directors: Lou Bogue, Pete Cain

Media agency: Vizeum

Media planners: Mike Cookson, Matt Bement

Production company: MJZ

Director: Nicolai Fugslig

Exposure: National TV


Carling is attempting to cement its hand-in-glove relationship with football with a new 60-second spot. The ad pits two flatmates against each other in a race to bag the best seat - and the beer - for the big game.

Starting in the duo's office, "race" is a cross between Planes, Trains and Automobiles and the BBC "rush hour" spot, only without the parkour acrobatics.

Carling is Britain's market-leading lager, with sales worth almost ú1.6 billion last year, a figure up 12 per cent on the previous year.


Project: Being here

Client: Anthony Newman, interim marketing director, Cancer Research UK

Brief: Donation acquisition

Creative agency: Ogilvy

Writer: Emma de la Fosse

Art director: Charlie Wilson

Planner: John Miller

Media agency: Mediacom

Media planner: Nancy Lengthorn

Exposure: Ambient


Cancer Research UK has rewritten the idea of park bench dedications with an ambient campaign that pays tribute to people who are still alive, rather than loved ones who have died.

Benches will be dedicated to cancer survivors as a reminder of the number of people surviving the disease thanks to research.One bench dedication, in Manchester, reads: "Susan James loved sitting here ... and still does, thanks to Cancer Research." The benches also carry the Cancer Research logo and a freephone number.

The benches are part of Cancer Research's "being here" fundraising campaign, which features TV, radio and print ads telling cancer survivors' stories with the line: "I shouldn't be here." The charity aims to raise ú15 million through the campaign.