The Work: New Campaigns - UK


Project: Fanta Z

Client: Julia Goldin, marketing director, Coca-Cola GB

Brief: Launch Fanta Z

Creative agency: Mother

Writer: Mother

Art director: Mother

Planner: Mother

Media agency: Vizeum

Media planner: Alex Sullivan, Rachael Winter

Production company: Rokkit

Director: The Perlorian Brothers

Editor: Marshall Street Editors

Post-production: The Moving Picture Company

Audio post-production: Factory

Exposure: National TV

Coca-Cola is launching an ad campaign to support the launch of Fanta Z. This is the first step in a radical change in strategy that will see all of Coca-Cola's diet variants receiving the lion's share of its advertising budget. A humorous TV campaign by Mother features people spitting out Fanta Light. It focuses on the idea that the old diet Fanta tasted horrible, but things have changed.

Mother's Andy Medd explained: "Fanta is being honest to consumers about the fact that some people felt the product needed improving. While everyone liked the idea of Fanta Light, not everyone liked the taste. By acknowledging this, consumers are more likely to believe that it's a better product."

In the spot, a romantic couple, two tennis players and a posh-looking lady all take a swig but then spit it out. An immaculate shoe stamps the old Fanta Light into the ground before Fanta Z emerges, with flowers blooming around it. The explanation that the new drink has a new taste and the words "Hello Fanta Z" then appear.

Coca-Cola's Z range, standing for zero added sugar, was launched in April and sees the Diet and Light versions of Fanta, Dr Pepper, Sprite and Lilt being rebranded.

A health backlash against sugary drinks saw UK sales of Fanta fall 11 per cent last year to ú162 million.


Project: Nicorette Freshmint

Client: Ben Peters, marketing manager - consumer, Nicorette

Brief: Communicate that Nicorette Freshmint Gum gives you fast, flexible

control of your cravings

Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writers: Mark Fairbanks, Markham Smith

Art directors: Mark Fairbanks, Markham Smith

Planners: James Miller, Toby Horry

Media agency: MindShare

Media planner: Newspaper Marketing Agency

Exposure: National newspapers

Nicorette is looking to increase its share of the ú68 million smoking cessation market with a new campaign for its Freshmint Gum.

The brand currently accounts for half the sector, with its rivals, Niquitin CQ and Nicotinell, splitting the remaining share. Its new print campaign, through Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, is aimed at smokers who want to kick the habit but find it difficult to take the first step. The executions, which are illustrated by the UK cartoonist Steven Appleby, feature common excuses for not quitting such as "smoking is a smelly, dirty dangerous habit ... but I only do it to be sociable" and "giving up is easy. I've done it loads of times". Each execution features the endline: "For fast, flexible control of your cravings."


Project: Bike jump

Client: Ian Bray, marketing director, Wrigley's

Brief: Encapsulate the brand benefit of clearing your head and

sharpening your senses

Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Ben Kay

Art director: Daryl Corps

Media agency: MediaCom

Exposure: National and satellite TV

A kick of menthol from Wrigley's Airwaves chewing gum sharpens a stuntman's senses and prevents him from jumping a massive canyon on a motorbike.

The new ads, by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, highlight how the sugar-free gum clears your head. A daredevil stuntman is preparing to jump the "gorge of certain death" until somebody hands him a piece of gum. He regains his senses and, realising his insanity, drives away.


Project: Gym, beach

Client: Paul Hide, general manager marketing communications, Sony UK

Brief: Sony Walkman lasts longer than the competition

Creative agency: Fallon

Writer: Jez Willy

Art director: Al Davis

Planner: Lucy Howard

Media agency: OMD UK

Media planner: Conor Doyle

Photographer: Steen Sundland

Exposure: National six-sheet posters

Sony UK is taking the battle to Apple with a national outdoor campaign for its new range of MP3 players.

In recent years Sony has updated its Walkman range from cassette to mini-disc ... and now to top-of-the-range MP3, in order to offset competition from Apple's iconic iPod. This time around, the electronics giant has created a series of six-sheet posters through Fallon, which promote two MP3 products with battery lives of 40 and 50 hours respectively.

The executions show fitness fanatics who have tried and failed to outrun their Walkmans. One features a man collapsed in a gym as a lone treadmill hums along, while another shows a man who has passed out on a beach by the feet of his dog. The posters will be supported by online executions. The entire campaign, which launches this month, will use Sony's new global strapline, "".


Project: Christian Aid Week

Client: Jeff Dale,head of marketing and supporter relations

Brief: Christian Aid invests in things that multiply

Creative agency: Campbell Doyle Dye

Writer: Sean Doyle

Art director: Dave Dye

Planner: Craig Harries

Media agency: John Ayling & Associates

Media planners: Suzanna Balchin, Liz Nixon

Exposure: National and church press

Moving away from the images of famine often associated with aid-agency advertising, Campbell Doyle Dye has created a humorous print campaign for Christian Aid.

The ads, which support the charity's annual fundraising drive, Christian Aid Week, convey how donations go towards a long-term solution to poverty, rather than simple short-term handouts.

Backed by a significant portion of the charity's ú3.8 million ad budget, the ads use a handwritten typeface and childlike illustrations encourage potential donors to give generously. All of the ads use the strapline: "You add, we multiply."

More than seven million people are involved in Christian Aid Week each year. Last year, ú14.7 million was raised during the week to support the charity's work in more than 50 of the world's poorest countries.


Project: UK brand campaign

Client: Melissa Gaddis, marketing director,

Brief: Raise awareness of the brand in a cluttered market and drive

traffic to the site

Creative agency: FCB London

Writer: Bryn Atwell

Art director: Mark Robinson

Planner: Marc Farror

Media agency: Tonic

Media planner: Geoff Seale

Photographer: Photolibrary stock footage

Retouching: Axis

Exposure: National press, outdoor sites, online is trying to gain a bigger share of the ú20 million daily UK internet gambling market by launching a campaign through FCB London.

Research has identified two breeds of internet poker player: "considerers" and "switchers". The former are timid beginners who are thinking of playing, the latter are aggressive veterans.

FCB is trying to attract both types in one campaign by combining aggressive and timid animals to highlight the juxtaposition of both groups. Three executions will appear in the national press and on outdoor sites, in taxis, on the London Underground and online.

In 2004, the internet poker industry made more than $1 billion worldwide, 12 per cent of worldwide internet gambling revenue. In 2005, this is expected to rise to $2.4 billion, 20 per cent of the worldwide internet gambling revenue.


Project: Peperami Noodles Army

Client: Iain Brooksbank, brand manager, Unilever.

Brief: Shout about Peperami Noodles

Creative agency: AKQA

Writer: Colin Byrne

Art director: James Capp

Planner: Richard Hedges

Media agency: M. One

Media planner: Takako Oyama

Designer: Miles Unwin

Exposure: Online

Unilever has launched an online campaign for Peperami Noodles, the latest extension to the spicy snack brand.

Created by AKQA, the ads feature a Peperami Noodles Army, dedicated to "making the mundane insane".

A website includes a video, a tour of the army's HQ and a selection of training videos. Visitors who "sign up" to join the army get a welcome pack with further video content and details of how to create their uniform. Films on the site will be promoted through viral seeding.


Project: 2005 brand campaign - leisure and business

Client: Greg Nugent, marketing director, Eurostar

Brief: Travelling by Eurostar brings out the best version of you

Creative agency: TBWALondon

Writer: Tim Hearn

Art director: Graham Cappi

Planner: Michael Davidson

Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD

Media planners: Chris Ware, Greg Paterson

Media spend: ú3 million

Photographers: Damien Laurent, Annelise Howard-Phillips, Leila Naaman,


Exposure: National press, posters in London and the South-East

The new Eurostar press and poster campaign focuses on the day you have following a trip on Eurostar.

The ads, by TBWALondon, introduce the new strapline: "You carry your journey with you. So make it Eurostar."

Four executions feature people relaxing after an apparently stress-free journey. One shows a contented family in a hotel room with the line: "A good journey follows you around all day." Two others depict happy lovers in a cafe and a girl relaxing on a park bench.

The new work will be concentrated on London and the South-East. However, the opening of the St Pancras International terminal in 2007 will shorten journey times meaning Eurostar can advertise to a wider audience. It is set to double its media spend to ú10 million next year.