The Work: New Campaigns - UK


Project: Japan, boot, vet

Client: Catherine Woolfe, communications manager, Volkswagen

Brief: Launch the Golf Plus and position it within the Volkswagen range

- a Golf with a bit more room

Creative agency: DDB London

Writer: Shish Patel

Art director: Sam Oliver

Planner: Hannah Wren

Media agency: MediaCom

Media planners: Catherine Aylward, Richard Higbid

Production company: Epoch

Director: Stacy Wall

Post-production: Framestore CFC

Audio post-production: Zoo, Jungle

Exposure: National TV

THE LOWDOWN Volkswagen is launching its Golf Plus model - a larger version of its popular hatchback - with three TV spots from DDB that play on the car's size, and how it makes normally large objects appear small in comparison.

"Japan" sees a brother and sister return to Japan after a period away in New York. Despite her son having piled on the pounds while he's been away, the siblings' mother scolds her daughter on the drive home from the airport for seemingly not having fed her brother properly. "Boot" takes a similar tack, with a shopper concerned that he's been sold a smaller TV than the 32-inch model he paid for when he sees it in the boot of his car, while "vet" sees a Frenchman having his dog measured to check for shrinkage.

The TV campaign is backed with two press ads, an interactive TV element, created by Tribal DDB, and a direct campaign from Proximity. All the executions run with the strapline: "The new Golf Plus. A Golf, just a little bit bigger."

Volkswagen has a 6.7 per cent market share in the UK, a figure up almost a full percentage point year on year.


Project: Freedom

Client: Mary Tristram, marketing manager, Sony Computer Entertainment UK

Brief: Establish PlayStation as a multi-platform entertainment brand

Creative agency: TBWALondon

Writers: John Allison, Chris Bovill

Art directors: John Allison, Chris Bovill

Planner: Nicole Rocheleau

Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD

Media planner: Anahita White

Photographers: Neil Stewart, Angus Leadley Brown, Tim Brett Day

Designer: Richard Kennedy

Exposure: National press, posters


TBWALondon has created a press and poster campaign for Sony PlayStation to launch the brand's new positioning.

The ads focus on fighting, speeding, partying and moving. Instead of focusing on attributes of a single game, they use these four themes to create a more overarching "freedom" message. One ad reads "Free to fight" and features a fighting scene. Another reads "Free to speed" alongside a chequered flag.

The campaign aims to lay the groundwork for PlayStation's forthcoming move into the handheld market with the launch of the PlayStation Portable in September. The device will also play movies and music.


Project: Tigra microsite and e-mail

Client: Paul Fitzpatrick, campaign manager, Vauxhall

Brief: Develop a microsite that underpins the cinema, outdoor, press and

online activity for Tigra

Creative agency: Draft London

Writer: Arthur Parshotam

Art director: Brendan Mannion

Planner: Karen Enver

Designer: Brendan Mannion

Exposure: Internet, e-mail


Vauxhall has enlisted the help of Draft London to create a web-based microsite to support Lowe London's above-the-line work for its cabriolet, the Tigra.

The main area of the site is labelled "the journey", and comprises four separate clips exhibiting the car's features. The "showroom" features a rundown of the car's spec, while "open road" provides information on the car's handling. The campaign is backed by an e-mail with a link to the site, which will be sent out to cold lists.

Vauxhall is hoping that its latest model, launched in 2004, will have more success than its 1996 predecessor, which only managed to sell 37,395 cars.


Project: Thunder Perfect Mind

Client: Miuccia Prada

Writer: Anonymous

Art director: Michael Manson

Media agency: Media Planning Group

Media planner: Faye Longega

Production company: RSA USA

Directors: Jordan Scott, Ridley Scott

Editor: Dayn Williams, Cut & Run

Post-production: Digital Domain

Audio post-production: Lime

Exposure: International TV


Based on an anonymously penned first-century poem of the same name, "Thunder Perfect Mind" is the Ridley and Jordan Scott-directed short film backing the launch of Prada's first perfume.

Produced by RSA USA without a creative agency, the father-and-daughter-directed ad stars a Prada-clad Daria Werbowy in a number of guises playing various female archetypes - wife, mistress, mother and daughter - who pass each other in each shot.

A 30-second cut-down of the film breaks on 1 June in the final episode of the Channel 4 series Desperate Housewives. It will then disappear from screens until December, when it will be used for Christmas sales promotion.

THE NUMBER - 118 118

Project: 118 118

Client: Alexandra Lewis, marketing director, The Number

Brief: Show how 118 118 is smarter and more helpful than before

Creative agency: WCRS

Writer: Jude Healy

Art director: Dave Kelly

Planner: Cameron Saunders

Media strategy: Element

Media planners: Yusuf Chuku, Faris Yakob, Juliette Hughes

Media buying: OMD UK

Production company: Mustard

Director: John Immestoete

Editor: Joe Parsons, The Whitehouse

Exposure: National TV


The jogging twins may be gone, but their moustaches and red-and-white headbands live on in WCRS's new spot for the directory enquiries service The Number.

The ú3 million campaign aims to show how the service is now faster, smarter and, in the words of the ad, "more helpfuller" than before. Two spots feature a number of tradesmen and workers - a mechanic, a taxi driver and a bartender - who discover they have superhuman skills and powers (or, in the case of the cab driver, a Tardis-like back seat) when they don the magic moustache and 118 118 sweatband.

The Number is now the UK's most-called number and scored a 96 per cent accuracy rate in a recent Ofcom report on directory enquiries services.


Project: You've got AA friend

Client: Kerry Cooper, sales and marketing director, the AA

Brief: Re-establish brand leadership

Creative agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Writer: Vicki Maguire

Art director: Ronnie Brown

Planner: Richard Warren

Media agency: PHD

Media planner: Lindsay Weedon

Production company: Outsider

Director: Pedro Romhanyi

Editor: Tony Kearnes

Post-production: Rushes

Audio post-production: Grand Central

Exposure: National TV, radio, posters, press, online, direct marketing


The first, ú6 million through-the-line campaign for the AA from Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners focuses on the roadside assistance provider's personal service, repositioning it as "AA friend".

One TV spot features all the scenarios where the AA has been there for members at crucial moments: it has helped to deliver 18 babies and has got 70 brides to the church on time. The campaign also shows the friendly AA man lending a hand at not-so-crucial times - such as opening a locked boot to reunite "Charlie" the ventriloquist with his puppet, "Mr Chuckles". The TV spots are backed by print, poster, radio, online and direct ads that all use a new strapline: "You've got AA friend."

According to Mintel figures, the AA is the market leader in the vehicle recovery market, with a 48 per cent share. The RAC and Green Flag take second and third place.


Project: Cinexperience

Client: Ros Healy, brand manager, Smirnoff

Brief: Convey the incredible feeling of an awesome night out at a

Smirnoff Experience event

Creative agency: 4Creative

Writer: Tom Tagholm

Art director: Tom Tagholm

Media agency: Carat

Media planner: Krane Jeffery

Production company: 4Creative

Director: Tom Tagholm

Editor: Xavier Perkins, Exceeda

Post-production: Framestore CFC

Audio post-production: Grand Central

Exposure: Cinema


Diageo is promoting its forthcoming Smirnoff Experience programme of dance events with a ú500,000 cinema campaign created by 4Creative and Carat.

The 90-second film stars the dancer Salah Benlemqawanssa and airs from mid-June across 650 Pearl & Dean screens nationwide. Before the ad, the Pearl & Dean sponsorship ident gets an update in a trailer that features the dancer walking across the screen in silhouette to a remix of the famous sonic logo.

The UK market for white spirits was valued at ú2.8 billion last year, a figure that is continuing to grow at the expense of dark spirits such as whisky and brandy.


Project: Tango Clear launch

Client: Laura Downey, marketing manager, Tango

Brief: Launch the Tango sub-brand to a slightly older, more female


Creative agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge

Writers: Enoch Lam, Manuela Barbosa

Art directors: Enoch Lam, Manuela Barbosa

Planner: Ben Southgate

Media agency: MindShare

Media planner: Alistair Millen

Production company: Kleinman Productions

Director: Danny Kleinman

Exposure: National TV


Clemmow Hornby Inge is shifting its target on Tango away from adolescent males to twentysomething women in its launch campaign for the Tango Clear range, as Britvic attempts to increase its ú700 million share of the ú4.2 billion UK soft-drinks industry.

The 30-second TV spot is a metaphor for the refreshing taste of the new drink. An office worker is drenched by a fireman's hose every time she sips her drink.

The TV spot is backed with six-sheet posters featuring other characters from the ad, including an Eskimo with an ice bucket and a penguin that slaps the woman's legs with a dead fish.