Work: New Campaigns - UK

ONE TO LOOK OUT FOR - MORE TH>N - WE DO MORE Project: We do more Client: Neil Scaife, head of marketing communications, More Th>n Brief: Put the more back into More Th>n Creative agency: Fallon Writers: Matt Keon, Micah Walker Art directors: Matt Keon, Micah Walker Planner: Mark Sinnock Media agency: Universal McCann Media planner: Tracey Stern Production company: Epoch Director: Stacy Wall Editor: Paul Watts, Quarry Post-production: Big Buoy Audio post-production: Wave Exposure: National TV, posters, press, radio, online, direct marketing


Lucky the dog and the "that's more than lucky" line have been abandoned for More Th>n's new-look campaign.

The work, the first from Fallon since it won the account at the end of last year, introduces the idea that the financial services company does more than its competitors.

The campaign focuses on people appreciating a return to normal life thanks to More Th>n. It launches with a 40-second film featuring a series of vignettes in which people are enjoying moments of normality. These include a girl singing in her car, a man chopping down a tree and somebody asleep on a bed with a dog. Text reads: "Normal's great. That's why we do more to get it back."

The ad ends with the line: "More Th>n. We do more."

Outdoor, radio, press, online and direct marketing ads will support the "we do more" positioning and show how customers can "get more" and "save more" on their motor, home and pet insurance.

Royal & Sun Alliance, which owns the More Th>n brand, saw its underwriting profits rise 61.2 per cent to £79 million in 2005.

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON - SPRING CYCLING Project: Spring cycling Client: Nigel Hanlon. group marketing communications manager, Transport for London Brief: Promote the benefits of cycling in London and increase the number of people cycling Creative agency: M&C Saatchi Writers: Paul Pickersgill, Joe Miller Art directors: Tiger Savage, Paul Pickersgill, Joe Miller Planners: Verra Budimliija, Rohini Varughese Media agency: Mediaedge: cia Media planner: Aaron Quinn Photographer: Leon Steele Photographer's agency: John Wyatt Clarke Retouching: M&C Saatchi Exposure: London outdoor, press


M&C Saatchi urges Londoners to get on their bikes in its latest campaign for Transport for London.

The press and poster campaign aims to get people cycling around the capital and highlights how much quicker, easier and better for you it is than driving.

One execution features a red bicycle saddle, which looks like a heart. On it sits the line: "Extend your life. Cycle." Another uses a gear-stick with a bicycle symbol in the fifth gear position. The line reads: "Shift it. You're better off by bike."

The campaign will also include TV and radio spots as well as shopping baskets and petrol-pump stickers.

London's mayor, Ken Livingstone, has pledged to attain an 80 per cent increase in cycling in London by 2010, and a 200 per cent increase by 2020.

T-MOBILE - FLEXT Project: Flext Client: Phil Chapman, marketing director, T-Mobile Brief: Promote the launch of the Flext tariff Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Writer: Paul Domenet Art director: Brian Connolly Planner: Roger Smith Media agency: MediaCom Media planners: Paul Gilbert, Anna Barry Production company: Outsider Director: Dom & Nic Exposure: National TV


Saatchi & Saatchi's £10 million campaign to promote the launch of T-Mobile's new flexible tariff is set in a flexible, elastic world.

"Flext" offers customers a bundle measured in monetary value - not in minutes and texts.

The TV spot shows a young man walking through a surreal world where objects bend to suit its inhabitants. He leaves his apartment, chatting on his mobile phone. He walks out on to his balcony and hops casually over the side, but the concrete he lands on cushions his fall.

SNICKERS - GET ON WITH IT Project: Get on with it Client: Victoria Keenan, UK brand manager, Masterfoods Brief: Display the way in which Snickers gives you the energy you need for a big job Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Writer: Barney Ashton Art director: Paul Pateman Planner: Mark Fallon Media agency: MediaCom Media planner: Andy Walsh Photographer: Erwin Olaf Retouching: Fisk Imaging Exposure: National press


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has created a press campaign for Snickers that aims to illustrate how the chocolate bar can give you the energy for even the biggest jobs.

The ad features a hotel room, which has been trashed - the remains of a party include a donkey in some bright pink pants, a guitar smashed into the TV and a disarray of broken objects including an abandoned fire extinguisher. A clearly exhausted rock band (plus groupie in hotpants) are leaving the room, while a cleaner stands at the doorway, mop in hand, looking overwhelmed by the enormity of his cleaning job. The ad uses the line: "Snickers. Get on with it."

The ads will run in men's titles including FHM, Loaded, Nuts and Zoo.

MORE4 - THE STATE OF RUSSIA ON MORE4 Project: The State of Russia on More4 Client: Lindsay Nuttall, More4 marketing manager, Channel 4 Brief: Show that the once great nation of Russia is in socio-economic crisis Creative agency: 4creative Writer: Matt Fee Art director: Tim Snape Planner: James Walker Media agencies: Michaelides & Bednash, OMD Media planner: Dino Myers-Lamptey Production company: Channel 4 Director: Jorn Threlfall Editor: Adam Rudd Post-production: Smoke & Mirrors Audio post-production: Envy Exposure: Trails on Channel 4 and More4, national magazines, newspapers, online


In the first six months of 2005, the Russian population shrunk by 500,000; the life expectancy of Russian men is just 56 years, and half of all Russian babies are born with diseases.

These, and other disturbing facts, are used in an arresting TV and print campaign to publicise a new series on More4 called The State of Russia. The TV campaign features an injured bear dragging itself across the snow as a metaphor for the decline of Russia. The bear leaves a trail of blood before collapsing as the voiceover explains Russia's problems. As the spot ends, the camera pans out to reveal that he is surrounded by traps.

The series begins on 20 March. More4 is Channel 4's free channel for adults and launched in autumn 2005.

NABS - THANK YOU Project: Thank you Clients: Victoria Ward, chief executive; Gill Harris, head of marketing and careers, Nabs Brief: Create a new suite of more informative and emotive thank-you cards Creative agency: Keevill Barton Kershaw Writers: Simon Kershaw, Chris Childerhouse Art directors: Phil Keevill, Carl Lough Illustrator: Darren Mackin Exposure: Direct mail to Nabs donors


The ad industry charity, Nabs, wanted a new way to inform its regular donors how their contributions are used to help people who have fallen on hard times.

The direct marketing agency Keevill Barton Kershaw has developed thank-you cards, which, as well as passing on thanks from those who receive help from the charity, also tell donors about the ways Nabs helps people.

Each card contains a written note telling the sender's story and how they recovered after support from Nabs.

Nabs helps 4,000 people each year with counselling, financial assistance and advice.

AQUADROPS - DRY MOUTH? FRUITY SOLUTION Project: Dry mouth? Fruity solution Client: Lucy Cotterell, European brand leader, AquaDrops Brief: Drive awareness and trial of AquaDrops Creative agency: TBWALondon Writers: Bryn Jones, Julia Clark Art directors: Bryn Jones, Julia Clark Planner: Jeremy Simon Media agency: MediaCom Media planner: Natalie Lee-Jo Photographer: Graham Bond Designer: Richard Kennedy, Big Ant Retouching company: FEP Exposure: National press


TBWALondon is positioning AquaDrops against mints in its latest campaign for the Masterfoods sweet brand.

The £2.2 million press campaign suggests that when you have a dry mouth, fruity AquaDrops are the ideal solution.

One execution features the chief taster in a dog biscuit factory, while another shows a man who has evidently blown up a stack of inflatable beach toys for his demanding daughter. The strapline on the ads reads: "Dry mouth? Fruity solution."

The work, targeting 18- to 35-year-olds, will run in magazines and national newspapers throughout the summer and will also appear on petrol pumps and online.

There is a decline in the number of under-15s buying sugar confectionery. This figure is forecast to drop by 3.6 per cent between 2004 and 2009 (equivalent to 395,000 children).

GERMAN NATIONAL TOURIST OFFICE - HAVE A BALL Project: Have a ball Client: German National Tourist Office Brief: Promote Germany as a holiday destination and emphasise the fact it is hosting the Fifa World Cup 2006 Creative agency: Rodgers & Rodgers Writer: Dominic Rodgers Art director: John Bayley Planner: Dominic Rodgers Media agency: BBVS Media planner: n/s Photographer: Richard Whitfield Exposure: Cross-track and escalator panels on the London Underground


Sir Geoff Hurst, who scored a hat-trick against Germany in the 1966 World Cup final, is promoting Germany as a holiday destination. Created by Rodgers & Rodgers for the German Tourist Office, the poster campaign also highlights the fact it will host the 2006 World Cup.

The ads feature Hurst holding a football against the backdrop of classic German landscapes. One ad carries the line: "They thought it was all over ... but that was just the start of my love affair with Germany." Another reads: "Germany. So much to see, you may need extra time." A third says: "I might have scored three times in '66, but for some things you just can't beat the Germans."

VIRGIN MONEY - SAY YES Project: Say yes Client: Virgin Money Brief: Create a compelling and intriguing campaign, beyond the industry norm Creative agency: glue London Writers/art directors: James Leigh, Darren Giles, Christine Turner, Simon Lloyd Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD Media planner: Caroline Clancy Designers: Ben Pearce, Matt Verity Exposure: Placements across MSN, AOL, Wanadoo and Yahoo!, paid-for search, affiliate networks, Money Extra and Motley Fool


Glue London has created an online campaign for Virgin Money's credit card. It develops the "say yes" idea created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R and promotes the idea that Virgin's credit card facilitates a more exciting life.

Each ad poses a question. One asks: "Would you like to have some fun?" If the user answers yes, they are asked to enter their name. The name then appears on the backdrop of a stage with circus performers and animals dancing on it and the words "Hooray for ..." jumping around.

Another asks users to "Swim here?" On clicking the yes button, the banner turns into an animation of the ocean and, amid the fishes, luminous jellyfish appear.