The Work: New Campaigns - UK

ONE TO LOOK OUT FOR - NIKE - JOGA BONITO Project: Joga bonito Clients: Paolo Tubito, director of brand communication, EMEA; Adam Collins, brand communications manager, Nike Brief: Create a worldwide multimedia campaign that reinforces Nike's position as the sole custodian of beautiful football Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam Writers: Johan Dahlqvist, Carlo Cavallone Art directors: Johan Dahlqvist, Carlo Cavallone Planners: Paul Mukherjee, Mel Shannahan Media agency: MindShare Media planner: Dominic Fawcett Production company: Smith & Jones Director: Ulf Johansson Editor: Adam Marshall, Whitehouse Post-production: The Mill Audio post-production: Wave Exposure: International TV


Nike steps up its Eric Cantona-fronted "joga bonito" campaign to beautify the beautiful game with a series of spots designed to highlight five core values of football.

Five spots, created by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam and directed by the former Traktor member Ulf Johansson, continue Cantona's battle against cynical play and theatrical histrionics as the sports giant gears up for the 2006 World Cup finals.

"Joy", "honour", "heart", "skill" and "team" each star a number of international players whose game and playing style embodies one of the values.

Archive footage of Ronaldinho playing as a schoolboy features in "joy", while "honour" shows Thierry Henry playing a street game under the Westway in West London. "Skill" is a duel between Christiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, "heart" stars Wayne Rooney and "team" gives a glimpse into the spirit behind the Brazilian national side.

DOMESTOS - DOMESTOS 5X LAUNCH Project: Domestos 5X launch Client: Nicky Boud, global brand director, Unilever Household Care Brief: Launch Domestos 5X, a revolutionary new product that lasts five times longer than normal bleach Creative agency: Lowe London Writer: George Prest Art director: Johnny Leathers Planner: Anna Price Media agency: MindShare Media planner: Niki Gageby Producer: Sarah Hallatt Production company: Passion Pictures Director: Russell Brooke Post-production: Rushes Exposure: Pan-European TV


Lowe London has unveiled a campaign to launch Domestos 5X, a long-lasting bleach product from Unilever.

The pan-European TV, press and poster campaign is Lowe's first for Domestos since the "millions of germs will die" campaign last year.

The TV spot, entitled "vom", features an evil germ voiced by the actor John Malkovich. To the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down, the germ happily sings about his sinister plan to make people ill and "give them diarrhoea". The 30-second spot ends with a Patrick Stewart voiceover announcing the new product, as the terrified germ flees.

LUCOZADE - MILLILITRES Project: Millilitres Client: Angela Eves, group brand manager, sport/hydro, Lucozade Brief: Realistically portray the narrow margin that Lucozade Sport can give you in your sport Creative agency: M&C Saatchi Writer: Tom Drew Art director: Uche Ezugwu Planner: Jacqueline Biggs Media agency: MediaCom Media planners: Clay Gill, Melissa Dodds Production company: Serious Pictures Director: Ivan Bird Editor: David Webb, Final Cut Post-production: The Mill Audio post-production: Street Furniture Exposure: National TV, national press, specialist magazines, specialist online


M&C Saatchi has created a £2.1 million TV ad for Lucozade that illustrates how the drink can increase a sports star's chances of winning.

Just weeks after the end of the Commonwealth Games, the 30-second spot shows three high-energy sports; pursuit cycling, rugby and running.

As the competitors in each discipline reach their goal, a bottle of Lucozade flashes up on the screen. As this happens, the voiceover says: "There's a fine line between winning and losing. Sometimes, it's just few millimetres."

In 2005, GlaxoSmithKline, the parent company of Lucozade, posted a 16 per cent increase in net income to £6.7 billion.

BODDINGTONS EXTRA COLD - SNOWFLAKE, ICICLE, MOUNTAIN Project: Snowflake, icicle, mountain Client: Jon Sampson, marketing manager, InBev UK Brief: Launch Boddingtons Extra Cold Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Writers: Matt Waller, Dave Monk, Chris Felstead, Gary McNulty Art directors: Matt Waller, Dave Monk, Chris Felstead, Gary McNulty Planner: Patricia McDonald Media agency: Starcom Media planner: Howard Watson Exposure: National press


Boddingtons is launching its Extra Cold variant with a Bartle Bogle Hegarty press campaign that alludes to the iconic golden pint and creamy head, but with a cold twist that sees the head form icicles, snow-capped mountains and snowflake shapes.

The launch comes as InBev, Boddingtons' parent company, attempts to increase its 18.8 per cent overall market share in the UK. In its 2005 results statement, the Leuven-based company reported a 7.2 per cent increase in revenue. However, sales in Western Europe were down, with the company shifting 1.4 per cent less beer than it did in 2004.

CAMELOT - BAG OF SMILES Project: Bag of smiles Client: Howard Groves, director, game development, Camelot Brief: Make Lottery players feel better about being Lottery players Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Writers: Peter Souter, Phil Cockrell Art director: Graham Storey Planner: Ashley Alsup Media agency: Media Planning Group Media planners: Marie Oldham, Liz Donaldson Production company: Studio AKA Director: Marc Craste Exposure: National TV


The Camelot National Lottery has ditched its "Lady Luck" campaign that has been running since September 2004, featuring Fay Ripley and a purple-maned unicorn, voiced by Graham Norton.

Replacing it, "the big win" introduces us to an animated character called Milo.

Created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, the 30- and 60-second spots illustrate the happiness that a life-changing amount of money can bring.

The spot opens with Milo being woken by a bag landing unexpectedly on his bed. He opens the bag and finds it full of smiles - a metaphor for a Lottery win. He tries on one of the smiles and feels fantastic. Milo then shares the smiles among his family and friends.

The ad finishes with an animated collection of Lottery balls that fall into frame to pose the question: "What have you won?"

The ad is the first in a series, which will each explore the theme of what winning the Lottery enables an individual to do.

TOYOTA - T4 IDENTS Project: T4 idents Client: Lisa Fielden, advertising manager, Toyota Brief: Get the Aygo noticed and talked about, giving the car an energy and attitude fitting its young urban audience Creative agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge Writer: Micky Tudor Art director: Dan Beckett Planner: Tom Pinsent Media agency: ZenithOptimedia Production company: Rokkit Directors: Zeitguised Post-production: Framestore Exposure: Channel 4


Toyota has signed a sponsorship agreement that will see its Aygo marque support Channel 4's T4 strand from April 2006 until the end of the year.

Clemmow Hornby Inge has created a series of animated idents using the round, red Aygo logo, which aim to give the car a playful personality to fit with T4's young audience. In the longer idents, the red sphere spins, twists and morphs its way into different shapes. The animation eventually morphs into a real car and the endline reads: "Do something memorable."

FLORA - TEST THE NATION Project: Test the nation Client: Sophie Galvani, marketing manager, Flora, Unilever Brief: Let people know that Flora pro-activ is testing the nation's hearts Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Writers/art directors: Richard Robinson, Graham Lakeland Planner: Catriona Berry Media agency: MindShare Media planner: Mike Mullholland Production company: RSA Films Director: Stuart Rideout Editor: Louise Macgregor, The Film Editors Post-production: The Mill Audio post-production: Wave Exposure: National TV, press


Flora, in conjunction with the cholesterol charity Heart UK, is backing a national heart-testing roadshow that will visit 32 locations across the UK offering free blood pressure and cholesterol tests.

The roadshow is attempting to battle the UK's poor cardio-vascular disease record.

The initiative is backed by a TV and press campaign, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, which takes in a number of everyday situations and subtly includes a heart. The muddy patch in front of a goal in the park, the wake of a boat on the Thames and a fairground ferris wheel are all heart-shaped in the ads.

YELL - PROVEN VALUE Project: Proven value Client: John Hayward, communications manager, Yell Brief: Encourage prospect advertisers to take an ad in their local Yellow Pages Directory Creative agency: Proximity London Writer: Chris May Art director: Mark Dudley Planner: Gavin Hilton Designer/photographer: Vincent Vigla Exposure: Direct mail


Yell is attempting to increase the amount of advertising from small- and medium-sized businesses in its, Yellow Pages and 118 247 services.

Proximity London has developed a targeted mail campaign that explains to businesses how much of a return they are likely to get from an ad placed in the relevant classified section for their business.

As many as 159 different mailings have been created to target various professions. Each mailing features a different character such as Mr Pipe the Plumber and Mrs Flower the Florist. The letter arrives in an envelope in Yell's trademark bright yellow with the character showing through the window. The letter inside offers free monitoring of phone calls generated by ads booked as a result of the campaign.