The Work: New Campaigns - UK

ONE TO LOOK OUT FOR - ADIDAS - IMPOSSIBLE TEAM. CREDITS Project: Impossible team Clients: Uli Becker, head of Adidas brand marketing; Arthur Hold, global communication concept manager, Adidas Brief: Showcase Adidas' involvement as an official sponsor of the Fifa World Cup 2006 Creative agency: 180 Amsterdam Writers: Lee Hempstock, Richard Bullock Art directors: Chris Landy, Andy Fackrell Planners: Josh Mandel, Martin Buckley Media agency: Carat International Production company: Stink Director: Ivan Zacharias Editor: Filip Malasek, Roboto Post-production: The Mill Audio post-production: Grand Central, Soundeluxe Exposure: Global TV, cinema, print, outdoor, online


In support of the 2006 Fifa World Cup, Adidas has launched a global campaign featuring footballers from the past and present, including David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Franz Beckenbauer and Michel Platini.

Developed by 180 Amsterdam and directed by Ivan Zacharias, the campaign centres on two 60-second TV spots, "equipo" and "partido".

"Equipo" shows two Spanish children, Jose and Pedro, picking their own football teams. However, instead of picking children from their local school, Pedro and Jose get to choose their dream teams, consisting of international football stars from the past and present. Their impossible fantasy quickly turns into a reality as the teams line up and get ready to play.

"Partido" continues the story and features the teams playing each other, with Pedro and Jose in control of the game. The Brazilian international Kaka gets sent off and England's Jermain Defoe is chosen to go in goal. The spot also makes reference to the 1966 World Cup final, where England beat Germany 4-2. However, this time Frank Lampard takes the role of the hat-trick hero Geoff Hurst, while Oliver Kahn plays the West German goalkeeper, Hans Tilkowski.

HELLMANN'S - CHEESE AND TOMATO CREDITS Project: Cheese and tomato Client: Harry Tullis, Hellmann's brand development director, Unilever Bestfoods Brief: Highlight Hellmann's accessible, warm and witty personality by celebrating people's quirky food choices and the ultimate pleasure that Hellmann's brings to the palate Creative agency: Lowe London Writer: Sam Cartmell Art director: Jason Lawes Planner: Kylie Pattman Media agency: MindShare Media planner: Mike Mulholland Production company: Outsider Director: Jorn Threlfall Producer: Paul McPadden Editor: Adam Ruud, Metropolis Post-production: Blue Audio post-production: Blue Exposure: National TV


British celebrities including Chris Eubank, Kim and Aggy, Diarmuid Gavin and Malcolm McLaren all feature in Lowe London's new ad for Hellmann's.

The 30-second TV spot, "cheese and tomato", shows the celebrities locked in an impassioned debate about the best way to make a cheese and tomato sandwich.

The camera cuts quickly between the celebrities as the debate ranges from the thickness of the bread, the texture of cheese, the type of tomato and whether it is better to cut sandwiches into triangles or squares.

However, despite different preferences, everyone is in agreement that Hellmann's is the best mayonnaise. The spot ends with the voiceover: "You create the sandwich. Hellmann's makes it."

CREDITS EBOOKERS.COM - ENJOY YOUR TRIP Project: Enjoy your trip Client: Deirdre O'Reilly, head of marketing, Brief: Warm up a ticketless transaction and deepen the customer relationship Creative agency: Stephens Francis Whitson Writers: Jim Archer, Louise Edwards Art directors: Chris Rawlings, Philip Treacey Planner: Chris Whitson Illustrator: Jurgen Willbarth Exposure: 30,000 customers per month


The online travel agency has launched a direct mail campaign designed to warm travellers up for their holidays and to sell services such as hotel bookings, car hire, insurance and excursions.

The company is sending the pack, created by Stephens Francis Whitson, to customers who have bought flights through the website. It comes in the form of a travel guide to their chosen destination. The recipient's name and travel details are woven into the guide and on to a throw-out map of their destination.

The guide offers tips, ideas and suggestions for getting more out of a visit to the city and showcases events that are going to be on while the traveller is there.

The guides are being rolled out across eight destinations and will be mailed to around 30,000 customers a month.

CREDITS BOOTS - SIMILARITIES Project: Similarities Client: Boots Brief: Raise awareness of Boots' 1,000 price cuts Creative agency: Mother Writer: Mother Art director: Mother Planner: Mother Media agency: MediaCom Media planner: n/s Production company: Independent Director: Russ Lamoureaux Post-production: The Moving Picture Company Exposure: National TV


Boots can help people "afford to look and feel as good as they can", according to the retailer's new TV ad, which highlights its 1,000 price-cuts.

The commercial, created by Mother, opens with a montage of young and old people breathing into their hands to smell their own breath. This is followed by a series of images of men shaving, women checking for wrinkles on their faces and, finally, people smelling their own armpits. The voiceover reassures viewers that they can feel and look good thanks to Boots.

The ad ends with the line: "One thousand price cuts. Look and feel better for less. Trust Boots."

Sales at the retailer were up 3.3 per cent in the fourth quarter, according to its March results. City analysts expect Boots to make about £385 million profit for the year.

CREDITS PLAYSTATION - SINGSTAR ROCKS! Project: SingStar Rocks! Client: Lucy Garnett, junior product manager, Sony Computer Entertainment UK Brief: Launch the latest title and expand the SingStar audience Creative agency: TBWALondon Writer: Michael Burke Art director: Steve Williams Planner: Tom Morton Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD Production company: Rogue Films Director: Ron Scalpello Exposure: National TV, cinema


TBWALondon has created a TV campaign for the launch of Sony PlayStation's rock karaoke game SingStar Rocks!.

The 60-second spot "rooftop", which is backed by print executions, aims to expand the SingStar audience.

The ad features two young guys taking their singing performances one step further. On impulse, they drag their equipment up on to a rooftop and unleash an impassioned show on the city below. The performance brings the watching public to a standstill.

SingStar Rocks!, which is released in the UK on 14 April, is the latest title in PlayStation's SingStar range, which so far includes SingStar 80s, Popworld and Party.

CREDITS HALIFAX - REGULAR SAVER Project: Regular Saver Client: Steve Griffiths, head of marketing, HBOS Brief: Launch the Halifax Regular Saver account Creative agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners Writers: Vicki Maguire, Rob Clayman Art director: Ronnie Brown Planner: Fern Miller Media agency: Vizeum Media planner: Andrew Slinger Production company: Blink Director: Andy Lambert Editor: Sylvie, The Quarry Post-production: Rushes Exposure: National TV


Halifax's latest tuneful ad is set in the Wild West to a version of the Glen Campbell song Rhinestone Cowboy.

As in previous ads, the spot, by Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, begins in a Halifax branch with studious-looking staff. To explain the Regular Saver option, a clerk suddenly bursts into song and the scene changes to a gold rush-style setting, with families in horse-drawn wagons and people panning for gold.

The message of the ad is that with a Halifax Regular Saver account, customers can get a 7 per cent annual equivalent rate on their investment.

Halifax launched its Regular Saver account on 1 March.

CREDITS EMAP - A LOT CAN HAPPEN IN A WEEK Project: A lot can happen in a week Client: Victoria Walker, marketing manager, Grazia Brief: Drive awareness among new readers of the breadth of Grazia's content Creative agency: Fallon Writers: Ali Alvarez, Micah Walker Art directors: Ali Alvarez, Micah Walker Planner: Tamsin Davies Media agency: OMD Media planner: Chrissie Deakon Production company: Bikini Films Director: Tim Hamilton Editor: Adam Spivey Post-production: Big Buoy Audio post-production: Wave Exposure: National TV


Grazia, Emap's weekly glossy magazine, is breaking with its "impatience is a virtue" line, which it used at its launch last year. Its new campaign introduces the line: "A lot can happen in a week."

The ad, by Fallon, features two female friends chatting about what has made a difference to them that week. In an attempt to raise awareness of the breadth of content in Grazia, the ad shows them talking about things ranging from fashion and beauty to celebrities and news.

The campaign features two 30-second TV ads and three ten-second cut-down versions.

Grazia recorded a circulation increase of 10.1 per cent to 170,783 in the most recent Audit Bureau of Circulations figures.

CREDITS VODAFONE - STOP THE CLOCK Project: Stop the Clock Client: Dominic Chambers, head of brand and marketing communications, Vodafone Brief: Promote Vodafone's Stop the Clock off-peak tariff Creative agency: JWT Writer: Kevin Baldwin Art director: Mick Brigdale Planner: Simon McCarthy Media agency: OMD UK Media planner: Ben Reilly Production company: Outsider Director: David Lodge Editor: Mark Edinoss Post-production: Framestore CFC Audio post-production: Jungle Exposure: National TV, outdoor, online, radio, DM, MMS


For its latest Vodafone work, JWT has reprised its 2005 campaign for the Stop the Clock price plan.

Like the original ads, the premise of the new work is to advertise Vodafone's offer that allows customers to talk for 60 minutes at evenings and weekends for the price of just three minutes.

The £6 million campaign includes six ten-second executions that show conversations where one person has enough time, because of their free minutes, to tell a full story of recent events.

In "how long ... date", a woman talking into her mobile asks: "So how did the date go?" The ad cuts to a woman looking pleased with herself, sitting in a room while a man takes a shower in the background. She asks: "How long have you got?"

Each ad finishes with a voiceover saying: "Make the most of now."

CREDITS KERRYGOLD - PURE IRISH BUTTER Project: Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter Client: Alison Palmer, marketing controller, Kerrygold Brief: Communicate the uncompromising purity of Kerrygold butter across its full product range Creative agency: DFGW Writer: Dave Waters Art director: Brendan Wilkins Planner: Nick Southgate Media agency: Rocket Media planner: Mark Swansborough Production company: Red Bee Media Directors: Dave Waters, Ben Smithard Post-production: Framestore CFC Exposure: National TV


An Irish dairy farmer called Brendan, his wife and their herd of cows are the stars of a new £2 million campaign from Kerrygold, the Irish butter manufacturer.

The TV ad, by DFGW, opens with a shot of Brendan and his pregnant wife standing outside their farmhouse.

Brendan is next seen milking his cows and is amazed when one of them produces a block of golden Kerrygold butter. The discovery of "gold" from "them there udders" makes Brendan and his wife rich overnight.

The ad ends with Brendan driving into the sunset on his new lorry, laden with blocks of Kerrygold. The endline is: "Kerrygold. It's all pure butter."

The TV ad is supported by direct mail, a supermarket roadshow, sampling and PR.