The Work: New Campaigns - UK

ONE TO LOOK OUT FOR - CAMELOT - MIGRATE Project: Migrate Client: Howard Groves, director, game development, Camelot Brief: Engage players with the core promise of the Lottery by engaging their imaginations Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Writer: Ian Heartfield Art director: Matt Doman Planner: Ashley Alsup Producer: Yvonne Chalkley Media agencies: Media Planning Group (planning), OMD (buying) Media planners: Marie Oldham, Liz Donaldson Production company: Kleinman Productions Director: Danny Kleinman Editor: Steve Gandolfi, Cut & Run Post-production: Framestore CFC Audio post-production: Johnnie Burns, Jack Sedgwick, Wave Exposure: National television, cinema


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has produced the second brand film in Camelot's new campaign for the National Lottery. Entitled "migrate", the 60-second television ad aims to make players feel good about the National Lottery by dramatising the possibilities created by a win.

The ad opens on what appears to be a flock of birds flying over a suburban community. As the viewer follows the flock's journey, it becomes clear it is comprised not of birds but of bricks. The bricks behave like birds and continue their journey over fields and mountains to increasingly bright idyllic locations, until they finally reach an ideal spot in the sunshine by the sea, to begin building a new house. The ad then cuts back to show a gap in a typical English terrace where a house should be.

Just as "bag of smiles", the first ad in Camelot's new campaign, asked players: "What if you won?", "migrate" closes with the line: "Where would you go?"

NIKE - JOGA BONITO SKILL Project: Joga bonito skill Clients: Paolo Tubito, director of brand communications, EMEA; Adam Collins, brand communication manager, EMEA, Nike Brief: Create a worldwide multimedia campaign that reinforces Nike's position as the sole custodian of beautiful football Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam Writer: Carlo Cavallone Art director: Johan Dahlqvist Media agency: MindShare Media planners: Paul Mukherjee, Mel Shannahan Production company: Smith & Sons Director: Ulf Johansson Editor: Adam Marshall, Whitehouse Post-production: The Mill Audio post-production: Wave Exposure: National TV


Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic engage in a duel and show off their football skills in the latest "joga" TV spot for Nike.

The duel is introduced by Eric Cantona, who is standing in a football changing room showing Ronaldo footage of Ibrahimovic's ball-play on a portable TV. "Mes amis. Football is like fencing. It's a noble art," Cantona says to camera. "Can you beat this?" he asks Ronaldo. "En garde." He throws the ball and battle commences.

However, the twist of the ad is that the players never actually come face to face on the pitch. Instead, the film comprises footage of each player showing off their fancy footwork, seamlessly edited together. The players' moves are equally skillful and near-identical, which leads Cantona to conclude: "Who wins? I don't know."

CARLSBERG - OLD LIONS Project: Carlsberg old lions Client: Darren Britton, director of brands and marketing, Carlsberg Brief: Communicate that Carlsberg is the only official beer of the England team through the "Carlsberg don't do ..." campaign and get viewers to develop a sense of belief that drinking anything but a pint of Carlsberg is treason Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Writer: Dave Henderson Art director: Richard Denney Planner: Kevin Chesters Media agency: OMD Media planners: Simon Taylor, Carl Connaughton Production company: Gorgeous Director: Chris Palmer Post-production: The Mill, London Exposure: National TV


Carlsberg has launched a football-themed television ad in the run-up to the World Cup and as part of a £25 million spend this year.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the 30-second spot accomplishes an impossible feat by reuniting football legends for a pub football game.

The ad opens with Jack Charlton driving his team to the game in a beaten-up van. After a quick team talk, the whistle blows and the difference in talent between the teams is immediately evident when the stars of yesteryear attack and a goal is scored by Peter Beardsley. Another four goals are scored with Bobby Charlton adding to his England tally with a scorcher of a finish. The ad closes with the team celebrating over a pint of Carlsberg and the voiceover: "Carlsberg don't do pub teams, but if they did, they'd probably be the best pub team in the world."

OASIS - CHUG IT Project: Chug it Client: Coca-Cola/Oasis Brief: Make Oasis an active choice for people on the go, by communicating its unique "chuggability" Creative agency: Mother Writer: Mother Art director: Mother Planner: Mother Media agency: Vizeum Media planner: Rachel Winter Production company: AND Production Photographer: Marius Hansen Z Photographic Retouching company: Eric Morecombe Exposure: Six-sheet posters, mega-bus rears


Coca-Cola Great Britain has unveiled an advertising campaign to support the still fruit drink Oasis. The print ads form part of an integrated marketing campaign, which sees the brand benefit from the biggest spend to date - £2.5 million - since its acquisition from Cadbury Schweppes in 2000.

Created by Mother and entitled "chug it", the ads are based on the idea that the combination of a still fruity drink and the wide mouth of the Oasis bottle makes it perfect to glug or chug. The ad features members of the public with their mouths open wide, to reflect the size and shape of an Oasis bottle.

Oasis enjoyed a 23 per cent increase in sales in 2005.

HEART 106.2 - OVER-WASHED Project: Over-washed Client: n/s Brief: Reinforce Heart's music variety positioning Creative agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge Writer: Greg Mutton Art director: Stuart Button Planner: Neil Goodlad Producer: Nat Taylor Media agency: Starcom Mediavest Media planner: Shelley Cook Production company: Godman Director: Albert Editor: Steve Ackroyd, Final Cut Post-production: Framestore CFC Exposure: Regional TV


Chrysalis' Heart 106.2 has dropped its breakfast host Jamie Theakston from its latest ad campaign and is reverting to a brand-led promotion.

Entitled "over-washed", the TV spot aims to showcase Heart's "more music variety" positioning to lapsed and non-listeners. Created by Clemmow Hornby Inge, the four-week, £500,000 campaign features a young woman washing her beloved pink VW Beetle on a sunny morning in London to songs from the Heart playlist. The ad closes with the endline: "More of the music you love."

Heart FM remains London's leading radio station despite its market share falling to 6 per cent, down on the 6.4 per cent it achieved in the previous quarter.

WALKERS - SNAP Project: Snap Client: Jon Goldstone, vice-president of marketing, Walkers Brief: Relaunch the Sensations brand with the new Gently Infused Lime and Thai Spices flavour Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Writer: Mary Wear Art director: Mike Durban Planner: Andrew Phillips Media agency: OMD Media planner: James Larman Production company: The Paul Weiland Film Company Director: Paul Weiland Editor: Paul Watts, The Quarry Post-production: The Moving Picture Company, Absolute


Walkers and Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO have developed a £3 million TV campaign that replaces Tara Palmer-Tomkinson with the singer Charlotte Church as the face of its Sensations brand.

The spot opens on Church, dressed in the style of Rita Hayworth, languishing on a chaise longue in a scene reminiscent of Asia in the 30s. As Church snaps her fingers, the voiceover says: "She was the sort of woman who got whatever she wanted. Fresh pomegranate, real ingredients in her crisps. Coriander, ginger, lime." Gary Lineker then appears and asks dreamily: "Don't you just love the Orient?" To which Church replies: "No. I support Cardiff. Muppet."The ad closes with the voiceover: "New Sensations. Real ingredients, pure indulgence."

FENTIMANS - VICTORIAN POP Project: Victorian pop Client: Eldon Robson, proprietor, Fentimans Brief: Show that Fentimans is the antithesis of bland, modern soft drinks Creative agency: Leith London Writers: Richard Evans, Simon Bere Art director: John Messum Planner: Alison Ashworth Media agencies: Goodstuff, OMD Media planner: Toby Bowerman Typographer: David Wakefield Exposure: Guardian Group magazines


When making its lemonade, ginger beer and dandelion and burdock soft drinks, Fentimans uses brewing techniques dating back to 1905.

A £100,000 print campaign created for the brand by Leith uses authentic Victorian typography. The first execution, for ginger beer, uses an image of a dancing Victorian woman that has been doctored to look like a man. It runs with the line: "The taste bud was probably the only part of a Victorian that wasn't repressed."

The Sevenoaks-based 23 Press typeset the ads using Victorian metal engraving blocks.

CANON - JOURNEY OF THE DOT Project: Journey of the dot Clients: Mike Nutley, new-media co-ordinator; Christiaan Holman, manager of consumer imaging, Canon Europe Brief: Raise awareness and belief that Canon offers the best home-printing solution Creative agency: Good Technology Writer: Nico Tatarowicz Art director: Zak Loney Planners: Josh Bullmore, Pete McGarr Producer: Paul Donohue Media agency: Outrider Media planner: Dermot O'Reilly Exposure: Online


The first in a series of online ads to promote Canon's new Pixma photographic printer, "journey of the dot" follows a blue dot on its passage from printer to finished photograph in an attempt to demonstrate how the printer uses tiny dots to create great photographic images.

The animated film starts with the dot on its own, accompanied by a Calypso-style version of Gershon Kingsley's 1972 dance hit Popcorn. The dot splashes into a pool of ink and is then joined by thousands of other identical dots before the shot pans back to show how it forms part of the sky in a photograph that appears during the final sequence.

The ad will run throughout Europe on a variety of online ad formats, including MPUs, and will also be trialled on mobile TV.

SONY PLAYSTATION - 24:THE GAME LAUNCH Project: 24: The Game launch Client: Adam Boita, product manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Brief: Give a select group of consumers the ultimate 24 experience by putting them in the centre of the action and seeing if they have what it takes to be like Jack Bauer Creative agency: 20: 20 London Writers: Peter Riley, Dean Woodhouse, Hugo Bierschenk Art directors: Peter Riley, Dean Woodhouse, Hugo Bierschenk Planner: Mark Riley Exposure: E-mail, SMS and direct mail to 50,000 consumers on Sony's database


Sony PlayStation is launching 24: The Game with an integrated campaign developed by 20: 20 London. The mailer follows a similar mission-based vein to the PlayStation computer game, with one interactive element of the marketing triggering another.

The mailpack is designed to look like an old cigar-box and contains trinkets from the childhood of the 24 character Kim, along with several personalised items and a coded message that the recipient must decode in order to find the true, hidden message. Using their mobile phone to decipher the code, recipients discover a false bottom to the cigar box, which contains a personalised note and a free demo of 24: The Game on CD.

The mailer is being sent to 50,000 PlayStation fans from Sony's database.