The Work: New Campaigns - UK

ONE TO LOOK OUT FOR - British Airways - Clouds
Project: Clouds
Client: Jayne O'Brien, head of brands and marketing communications,
British Airways
Brief: Reappraise British Airways for holidays and leisure
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writers: Dave Masterman, Ed Edwards
Art directors: Dave Masterman, Ed Edwards
Planner: Ben Malbon
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Rob Day
Production company: Kleinman Productions
Director: Danny Kleinman
Editor: Steve Gandolfi, Cut & Run
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Audio post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV


British Airways is flagging up radical changes to its short-haul air fares with its new "clouds" TV campaign, as it battles with a number of low-cost airlines to maintain its market share.

Directed by Danny Kleinman, the ad is the first TV work to come from Bartle Bogle Hegarty since the agency won the BA account in October last year.

The 40-second commercial, which has no strapline, aims to stress the magic of flying and the standard of service that is the hallmark of BA. It opens in the clouds outside a BA plane. As a boy, with his face pressed to the window, watches them, they begin to form into dolphins jumping in and out of waves. While he stares, a stewardess places a small toy dolphin on his seat without him seeing.

A voiceover describes BA's new product benefits, including one-way all-inclusive tickets starting from £29; a new facility where travellers can change flights up to midnight before the day of departure and price cuts on flights to 65 destinations.

Project: Web 'n' Walk
Client: Phil Chapman, marketing director, T-Mobile
Brief: Highlight T-Mobile's Web 'n' Walk service
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Writer: Paul Ewen
Art director: Phil Clarke
Planner: Jonas Vail
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Anna Berry
Production company: Pagan
Director: Vaughan Arnell
Editor: John Smith, The Whitehouse
Post-production: The Mill
Audio post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV


Robbie Williams makes his first appearance in a T-Mobile ad since he signed with the mobile phone operator last summer.

The ad, by Saatchi & Saatchi, promotes T-Mobile's Web 'n' Walk service, which allows users to browse the entire internet on their phones.

It begins with a shot of a woman receiving a text message that includes the link to a gossip website that announces Robbie is in town. Realising she's passing the hotel where he's supposed to be staying, she walks in. Weirdly, everyone in the lobby has a Robbie face: the child sitting in the corner, the businessman and the cleaner. Giving up on finding the real Robbie she walks out but bumps into him on the way. The voiceover says: "Find what you're after with Web 'n' Walk."

Project: Conveyor, rapid return
Client: Olaf Guldner, marketing director, EMEA, Avis
Brief: Revitalise the brand promise "we try harder" through the
introduction of new products and services
Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Writer: Mark Hendy
Art director: Neil Hendy
Planner: Brian Sassoon
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Wayne Philbert
Photographer: Mark Leary
Photographer's agency: Van Hauen Moore
Retouching: TAGOgilvy
Exposure: Inflight magazines, airports


Ogilvy & Mather has produced its first work for Avis since winning the account in February this year.

The campaign is based on the pitch-winning idea of getting staff from around the world to contribute ideas on improving the car-hire company's service. O&M left notepads on Avis airport desks around the world and the best suggestions were developed into the ads.

In "conveyor", one staff member has drawn a picture of a conveyor belt leading directly to a customer's car, while in "rapid return" the pad shows a couple boarding a plane with a space for their rental car next to the steps.

The ads will also be backed by online work, a medium the company is investing in. In 2004, online reservations accounted for 24 per cent of bookings.

Project: Perfume
Clients: Ford Ennals, chief executive, Digital UK; Beth Thoren, director
of communications, Digital UK
Brief: Launch digital switchover
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Andy McAnaney
Art director: Christian Sewell
Planner: Lisa Killbourn
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Sarah Leach
Production company: Therapy Films
Director: Mark Denton
Editor: Joel Miller, Cut & Run
Post-production: Rushes
Audio post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV, cinema


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has created its first TV campaign for Digital UK and has booked simultaneous slots across all five terrestrial channels for its launch.

The ads star Little Britain's Matt Lucas as "Digit Al", an enthusiastic robot who gives advice about the switch from analogue to digital TV.

Each execution begins with an existing ad, such as the Guinness "noitulove" spot, Sony's "balls", or a specially created spoof, which is then interrupted by Digit Al.

One ad, "perfume", begins like a typical perfume spot, with two good-looking characters, shot in soft focus black-and-white. Suddenly, the picture goes fuzzy and Digit Al pops on to the screen explaining when the switchover in each region is going to happen.

After he has finished talking, the spoof ad finishes with the couple holding a bottle of fake perfume.

Project: Marathon
Client: Jane Hilton, marketing manager, John West
Brief: Drive awareness of the revitalised Tuna Light Lunch range
Creative agency: BJL
Writer: Lisa Nichols
Art director: Simon Hall
Planner: Jane Clancy
Media agency: Vizeum
Media planner: Katie Marsdon
Production company: Mustard
Director: Martin Wedderburn
Editor: Dan Robinson
Post-production: Golden Square
Exposure: National TV, door-drops, in-store


A marathon runner dressed in a latex tuna costume is the star of John West's £2 million TV ad for its Tuna Light Lunch range of snacks.

The ad, which was filmed at the Prague Marathon, opens with epic shots of the event. However, the seriousness of the race is undermined when the favourite, a Kenyan runner, is beaten to the finishing line by the sudden appearance of a giant rubber fish.

The TV ad, by BJL, kicks off a campaign to persuade women of the nutritional value of a John West Light Lunch. There are four variants in the range: Mediterranean, Nicoise Style, Tomato Salsa and French Style.

Direct marketing and in-store activity are supporting the television advertising.

Project: Airvolution
Clients: Paolo Tubito, brand communications director; Pablo Zea, brand
communications manager, Nike
Brief: Show the way Air Max has evolved from its first incarnation back
in 1987 to the current version, the Air Max 360
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam
Writer: Anders Stake
Art director: John Cross
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Paul Mukherjee
Production company: Digital Domain
Director: Brad Parker
Post-production: Digital Domain
Audio post-production: Machine Head
Exposure: Pan-European TV, retail outlets


Nike is promoting the latest incarnation of its Air Max trainer, the 360, in an ad highlighting what it terms the "airvolution" of the shoe.

The ad, by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, features a variety of Air Max trainers, each metamorphosing into a newer version of the shoe. Cartoon-style sound-effects punctuate the action as each shoe transforms into its successor.

The spot opens with the 1987 Air Max. A strong wind rips the outer skin off the shoe to reveal the 1990 version. This subsequently blisters and eventually bursts, leaving the 1995 version of the shoe. Finally, the Tuned Air 1shoe spins out of shot to reveal the Air Max 360, which then explodes. The final shot shows the "Join the evolution" slogan.

Project: Aerial
Client: Emily White, direct marketing manager, COI
Brief: Encourage 14- to 15- year-olds to join the Royal Air Force when
they leave full-time education
Creative agency: Tullo Marshall Warren
Writer: Tom Harman
Art director: George Bell
Planner: Alex Burley
Designer/photographer: Baz Redford
Exposure: Direct mail to 10,000 young people throughout 2006


Tullo Marshall Warren has launched a direct marketing campaign to encourage young people to join the Royal Air Force when they leave school after their GCSEs.

The zip-bag mailer consists of an "Altitude" welcome pack. Inside is a letter that congratulates the recipient on reaching Altitude, a youth-oriented club that informs members about various career options at the RAF.

The letter also gives young people a chance to win a day out to the Red Arrows base, where they will visit a hangar, meet the pilots and ground crew and see an aircraft. The mailer contains an issue of Altitude magazine, an aerial photograph and a wall planner that gives details of RAF shows and events.

The pack will be sent to 10,000 young people aged 14 and 15.

Project: Music is Money
Client: Andria Vidler, managing director, Magic 105.4
Brief: Launch Magic's Music is Money quiz
Creative agency: St Luke's
Writer/art director: Eloise Smith
Planner: Dan Hulse
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Will Phipps
Production company: Stink
Directors: Zak and Dan
Exposure: National TV, press, bus-sides and interiors, online


Emap's Magic 105.4 has launched a £1 million TV campaign to drive listeners to its "Music is Money" promotion. The competition will run each weekday morning in Neil Fox's breakfast show and offer listeners the chance to win £10,000.

The 30-second spot, by St Luke's, opens with Fox asking the day's question to a listener who is unsure of the answer. Frustrated listeners shout the right answer at their radio. Even a grizzly bear at London Zoo feels compelled to shout the correct answer.

Project: Connexions Card mailing
Client: Catherine Logan marketing director, Connexions Card
Brief: Raise the profile of Connexion Card's database of 160,000 young
Creative agency: Woo
Writer: Nick Presley
Art director: Nick Presley
Exposure: 150 people at key media and communication agencies


Connexions Card, the rewards and discount scheme for young people, has launched a direct mail campaign to raise the profile of its 160,000-strong user database.

Woo, part of the Engine Group, has developed a mailer that centres on the message: "To put yourself in teenagers' shoes, use the Connexions Card database." The mailer consists of a branded shoe-box, which contains a single Converse trainer to start recipients "off on the right foot". There is also an invitation to meet the Connexions Card team for an introduction to the database and the opportunity to pick up the other trainer. It is being sent to 150 media and communications agencies.

The Connexions Card is available free to all 16- to 19-year-olds in England and allows them to collect points for learning, work-based training and voluntary activities. Points can be exchanged for discounted and free goods.