The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Open
Clients: Didier Quillot, president; Nicolas Guiramand, brand identity
director, Orange
Brief: Announce Orange's new version for a converged future, a future
where there are no barriers between us and the things we love
Creative agency: Marcel
Writers: Manu & Florent
Art directors: Manu & Florent
Planner: Mark Sinnock
Producer: Muriel Helene
Media agencies: Media Planning Group, France, Initiative Media, UK
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Partizan
Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Editor: Stephane
Post-production: BUF
Audio post-production: Boris
Exposure: Pan-European TV


Orange has launched its new strategy with a TV spot from the Parisian hotshop Marcel.

The ad sings the praises of a life lived in the open, drawing parallels with the freedom afforded by the combined communications offering from the telecoms company, which now includes internet access following the rebranding of Wanadoo under the Orange banner.

The commercial is the first TV work for the mobile phone company since its owner, France Telecom, consolidated its business within the Publicis Groupe. Marcel, run by the creative duo of Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart, runs the account in France, while Fallon holds the reins in the UK.

The ad opens on a fish in a goldfish bowl, floating on the open sea. The fish is able to observe the watery world around it, but it's not until a storm brews overnight and the bowl floods with rainwater that the fish is able to escape and explore its surroundings. A voiceover reads "life's better when it's open", and the ad ends on the line: "Orange. The future's bright."

Project: Super woman
Client: Nick Sanders, European brand director, Sure/Rexona
Brief: Show that busy women need great protection from Sure
Creative agency: Lowe London
Writer: Tom Hudson
Art director: Lee Goulding
Planner: Anna Price
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Andreas Nicolaou
Production companies: Independent Films, Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Editor: Tim Thornton-Allan
Exposure: National TV


In its latest ad for Sure, Lowe London has extended the idea behind the masculine "Stunt City" to show how using the deodorant also gives women incredible powers.

The TV spot shows a day in the life of a woman. After a spray of Sure deodorant, she goes about her everyday routine using her special powers to get the upper hand over everybody else.

The woman is seen flying down the street like Superman and stopping a bus with her bare hands to drop off her children's forgotten lunches. She then burrows through the ground to catch the Tube, walks up a building to get to her office and breaks through the roof of a shoe shop to beat the crowds and buy a pair of boots.

Market analysts cited a huge increase in Unilever's global adspend as the reason the FMCG giant's sales were back on track last year, although the UK saw sales fall by 4 per cent overall for 2005.

Project: Ice skater
Client: Mike Ibbett, marketing director, Citroen UK
Brief: Continue the "alive with technology" positioning
Creative agency: Euro RSCG London
Writers: Steve Nicholls, Matthew Anderson, Justin Hooper
Art director: Justin Hooper
Planner: Ian Hilton
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Matt Whighan
Production company: H5
Directors: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Ludovic Houplain, Herve De Crecy
Editor: Stephan Pereira
Post-production: The Mill, London
Exposure: TV, outdoor


Euro RSCG London has created a follow-up to its "transformer" ad for the Citroen C4.

However, in the latest spot, instead of dancing in a car-park the "carbot" becomes a speed-skater.

The ad opens on a frozen lake as a number of orange-coated scientists park up and get out of their car. Suddenly, the car transforms into a robot and speeds off around the ice, weaving in and out of obstacles before coming to a stop and spraying them with ice.

To create the car's moves, the agency placed light sensors on Nicky Gooch, the British speed-skating team's coach, and recorded his movements. The ad ends with the line: "The Citroen C4. Alive with technology."

Almost 1,400,000 Citroens were sold in 2005.

Project: Student
Client: Peter Gandolfi, head of brand marketing, Nationwide Building
Brief: Continue to highlight the advantages of being a Nationwide
Creative agency: Leagas Delaney
Writer: Rob Burleigh
Art director: Rob Burleigh
Planner: Tony Quinn
Media agency: Mediaedge: cia
Media planner: Seanne Ryder
Production companies: Moon, The Paul Weiland Film Company
Director: Armando Iannucci
Editor: Adam Spivey, Speade
Post-production: The Mill
Audio post-production: 750mph, Jungle
Exposure: National TV


Nationwide Building Society has unveiled its latest TV work highlighting its status as a fair and easy building society, in contrast to the service provided by the banks.

Developed by Leagas Delaney, "student" opens on a student trainee asking the bank manager, played by the comic actor Mark Benton, how banks make money out of credit cards. Benton describes a scenario where the student buys a mountain bike. "Or lingerie for my girlfriend," the student corrects him. Benton goes on to teach the student how the bank manages to extract the maximum amount of interest from its customers' credit card balances. The student questions whether the bank's customers know this. Benton replies: "Do they know you ride a mountain bike in women's lingerie?"

The ad ends with the voiceover: "Nationwide. Proud to be different."

Project: World Cup takeaways
Client: Rachel Harling, advertising manager, Asda
Brief: Increase sales of takeaways during the World Cup
Creative agency: Publicis
Writer: Andy Wakefield
Art director: Andy Wakefield
Planner: Naomi McGregor
Media agency: Carat
Production company: Annexe
Director: Clive Jackson
Exposure: National TV


Asda has jumped on the World Cup bandwagon by hiring a celebrity footballer to star in its latest TV ad.

Launching Asda's "love the game" promotion, the spot promotes a four-person curry or Chinese meal for £9. It features a person, whose face is always obscured, in a plain white T-shirt running around the store heading signs and doing keepy-uppies with a melon. As he runs towards the curry counter, a member of staff holds the meals out for him. As he turns around, happy with his purchase, the shot reveals that the mystery man is Michael Owen.

In 2005, Asda saw its overall market share drop from 16.4 per cent to 16.3 per cent.

Project: Thumb wars
Client: Victoria Ward, chief executive, Nabs
Brief: Help raise funds for Nabs
Creative agency: Barradale Leagas Arnold Campbell
Writer: Marisa Davies
Art director: Sam Cunningham
Planner: Matthew North
Media agency: Blac
Production company: Blac
Director: Richard Wilmott
Illustrator/animator: Natalia Wilkoszewska
Post-production: Richard Wilmott
Exposure: Postcards, press, posters in agencies, viral,


The integrated ad agency Barradale Leagas Arnold Campbell has created a fundraising campaign for the advertising industry's charity Nabs.

The campaign, entitled "thumb wars", kicks off with a viral ad based on WWE that features two thumbs battling it out in a ring. The integrated campaign is supported by press and posters, a microsite at, postcards and T-shirts.

Nabs representatives will be encouraging agency teams to battle it out across their desks, asking them to submit versions of their thumbs to the website. The winners will receive crates of beer. Participants are being asked to text a premium number to make a donation.

Project: TwinTop launch
Client: Louise Tant, DM campaign manager, Vauxhall Motors
Brief: Build excitement ahead of the TwinTop launch
Creative agency: Draft London
Writer: Dom Colbeck
Art director: Simone Rayner
Planner: Matthew Hunt
Exposure: Mailing to 35,000 customers and prospects


Vauxhall is positioning its new Astra TwinTop as a sporty car that is also versatile and stylish. To illustrate this, Draft London has created a DM pack aimed primarily at men in their thirties or forties who have small families.

The mailer is a plain polypropylene outer that contains a black T-shirt. On the front are four boxes, three of them showing extreme sports and the other showing the Astra TwinTop. Inside the T-shirt, tagged to the care label, is a small brochure detailing the car's positioning.

The TwinTop is looking to compete in the emerging hard-top convertible market, which already includes cars from Renault and Peugeot and is set to be joined by marques from Citroen, Ford and Volkswagen.

Project: Lurpak perfect breakfast
Client: Jessica Hardcastle, Lurpak brand manager, Arla Foods
Brief: Engage Lurpak's loyal and potential customers with a special
focus on the South-East. Drive people to the new website and the
Creative agency: Carlson Marketing
Writer: Stephen Mulholland
Art director: Dan Hirons
Planner: Vicky Wayland
Designer: Jeff Cuss
Exposure: Ten key London Underground stations, 200,000 packs


Lurpak is offering people the chance to "leave the daily grind behind and savour the perfect breakfast in the perfect hotel" in its latest direct marketing campaign.

Selected consumers are being sent a Lurpak "perfect breakfast" box containing a croissant, sachet of butter and miniature pot of jam.

The box's inner lid explains how recipients can win a European city break worth £2,000 every morning until 29 July. Five daily runners-up will each win a "perfect breakfast" set from AdiAlessi worth £400.

Each box carries a code that consumers can use to enter the prize draw on the campaign website. Codes are also being printed on special packs of Lurpak.

Project: The way the news spreads
Client: Roy Schmidt, global consumer marketing, MSN
Brief: Encourage a young audience to download the next-generation MSN
Creative agency: AKQA
Writer: Adam Lau
Art director: Sari Hamm
Planner: Evan Mager
Animator: Philippe Vendrolini
Illustrator: Will Sweeney
Designers: Sari Hamm, Eric Andrade
Media agency: Universal McCann
Media planners: Kelly Grimes, Lauren Black, Evan Mager, Kathryn Wolf
Exposure: Across the MSN network, as well as gaming and entertainment


AKQA has created an online campaign, entitled "the way the news spreads", that aims to reposition MSN Messenger as a trendy brand and drive downloads among young adults.

The agency has developed a one-page website, where visitors can download Windows Messenger Live Beta.

The site animation was designed by the British artist Will Sweeney to show the flow of communication and how one thing leads to another, and is supported by online advertising. One execution features lots of flying policemen and the words "pass it on", while another shows several robots and reads "sharing is caring".

MSN is one of the biggest online companies, with 440 million users in 41 markets, including six million users of the MSN homepage in the UK.

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