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ONE TO LOOK OUT FOR - Orange Broadband - The ride
Project: The ride
Client: Pippa Dunn, brand marketing director, Orange
Brief: Launch the offer of free broadband for all Orange pay monthly
mobile customers
Creative agency: Fallon
Writers: Micah Walker (TV), Gary Anderson (print)
Art directors: Micah Walker (TV), Lawrence Seftel (print)
Planner: Rachel Barrie
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Melanie Greenhill
Production company: Blink
Director: Dougal Wilson
Editor: Suzy Davis, Final Cut
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV, press, outdoor


Orange has launched its bid for a share of the free broadband market with a TV campaign from Fallon.

The ad builds on the recently launched "open" strategy and is the first work for the brand since Wanadoo was renamed Orange Broadband.

The ad tells the story of a bicycle that explores its neighbourhood at night when its owner has gone to sleep. It moves through deserted roads and eventually finds an empty car-park, where it's free to ride and play as it likes. A voiceover says: "It's great when you're free to enjoy yourself. That's why Orange is offering free broadband." The ad ends with the longstanding "the future's bright" endline.

The TV spot is backed with print and outdoor work featuring the bike and showing the effects of it riding through a puddle on a pavement, across a patch of wet paint in a car-park and through grass.

Orange announced its free broadband offer last month. Six weeks earlier, Talk Talk, the fixed-line phone service from the Carphone Warehouse, announced a similar free broadband offer for customers who sign up to a fixed-line contract.

Project: Jelly in Jelly
Client: Roberto Costa, director of marketing, Swatch
Brief: Launch new range of artist-inspired watches for Swatch
Creative agency: Joshua
Writers: Mitch Levy, Manolo Perotta
Art directors: Mitch Levy, Manolo Perotta
Planner: Matthew Howells
Media agency: Swatch Media
Media planner: Agneta Gumaelius
Production company: Bikini Films
Directors: Max and Dania
Post-production: Smoke & Mirrors, Scramble
Exposure: National TV, press and outdoor across 17 European markets and
North and South America


Swatch is putting EUR40 million behind the relaunch of its classic watch range with a pan-European campaign created by Joshua.

The new range, called Jelly in Jelly, has been designed by five artists. The first is from the performance artists the Blue Man Group.

The international ad follows on from last year's flash mobbing execution. It begins with a child splashing in a puddle, which sets off the Blue Man Group who begin performing behind a shop window. Suddenly, the window smashes and they jump out and throw paint over passers-by in their trademark way.

The ad will be backed by press, posters and radio as well as a free performance by the group in Covent Garden.

Project: Shift_Adventure
Client: Justin Ellias, marketing director, Nissan
Brief: Create a through-the-line campaign showcasing the 4x4 range as
thrilling and adventurous
Creative agency: TBWALondon
Writer: Alasdair Graham
Art director: Frazer Jellyman
Planner: David Frymann
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media planner: James Collier
Production company: RSA Films
Director: James Bryce
Editor: James Bryce
Post-production: The Mill
Audio post-production: Grand Central
Exposure: National TV, press, poster, online, DM


Nissan is looking to inspire thrill-seeking consumers with an integrated campaign that aims to illustrate the excitement its 4x4 range can offer.

Developed by TBWALondon, the 40-second ad features snapshots of the travel presenter Saba Douglas Hamilton as she goes off the beaten track across Argentina, South Africa and Namibia, putting the Nissan 4x4 range through its paces.

As the spot closes, it directs viewers to the website,, where they can watch a series of documentary-style films. The website also includes details on the locations Douglas Hamilton visited, an adventure test-drive competition, details on adventure holidays and travel content from the National Geographic Society.

Nissan is also sponsoring an adventure film festival in conjunction with VUE cinemas.

Project: The Apprentice
Client: Video Arts Group
Brief: Launch The Apprentice training series
Creative agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge
Writer: Helen Sharp
Art director: Carole Eppleston
Exposure: Direct mail to human resources and training managers


Video Arts has seized upon the popularity of BBC2's second series of The Apprentice by launching a series of training DVDs based on the programme.

To promote the DVDs, its direct agency, Partners Andrews Aldridge, has created a DM campaign that is being sent to human resources and training managers.

The creative idea is based on Sir Alan Sugar's famous catchphrase: "You're fired". The mailing arrives as a fake P45 in a brown envelope, addressed to the recipient. Inside, the form explains that Video Arts' new training programme means fewer people will be handed their P45s.

Project: Swings
Client: Andrea Newman, head of brand communications, HSBC
Brief: Link the values of the bank with the game of golf
Creative agency: JWT
Writers/art directors: Greg Martin, Mike McKenna
Planner: Donald Kerr
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Ailsa Lochrie
Production company: Independent
Director: Daniel Levi
Post-production: The Mill
Audio post-production: Wave
Exposure: International TV


JWT has created a one-off global spot for HSBC to support the company's sponsorship of golf tournaments around the world.

The execution, which is based on the premise that no two golf swings are the same, aims to highlight differences between local cultures.

It features a vast array of people of all shapes, colours and sizes filmed at the Parkview Golf Club in Johannesburg. Each is shown taking a golf swing, demonstrating their various techniques.

Fifty-, 30- and ten-second versions of the spot will run.

Project: Have you got a WKD side?
Client: Karen Salters, marketing director, WKD
Brief: Develop the "WKD side" campaign and position the brand as the
ready-to-drink beverage of choice for blokes in a way that celebrates
their unique maleness
Creative agency: Big Communications
Writer: Craig Buzzel
Art director: Richard Davis
Media agency: John Ayling & Associates
Media planner: Nick Smith
Production company: Vital Productions The Paul Weiland Film Company
Director: Jon Greenhalgh
Editor: Dan Robinson, Cut & Run
Post-production: Smoke and Mirrors
Audio post-production: 750 mph
Exposure: National TV


The bottled alcoholic drink WKD has launched a TV campaign that continues with the strapline: "Have you got a WKD side?"

Developed by Big Communications, a series of TV spots focus on how mischievous men can be.

One spot features a man wearing only his Y-fronts playing football with his socks. He then removes his pants and kicks them on to his room-mate's head.

Another shows a woman relaxing in a bubble bath. Her husband ruins her tranquillity by bursting through the door, shouting: "Sorry love, I can't wait." He then sits on the toilet, opens up a newspaper and proceeds to take a dump.

Beverage Brands' WKD has risen to second place in the alcopops market, behind Diageo's Smirnoff Ice.

Project: Warm beer. So much to answer for
Client: Andy Cray, brand director, Carling
Brief: Express Carling Extra Cold's intolerance of warm beer
Creative agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Writers: Pat Burns, Gavin McGrath
Art directors: Pat Burns, Gavin McGrath
Planner: David Bain
Media agency: Vizeum
Production company: Rogue Films
Director: Phil Traill
Editor: Ray Stevens, Boomerang
Post-production: Rushes
Audio post-production: Grand Central
Exposure: Internet, music festivals


Beattie McGuinness Bungay's first work for Carling since it won the UK market-leading lager account in February is an ad for the brand's Extra Cold variety. Led by a 30-second viral called "damn you, warm beer", the campaign depicts the cataclysmic consequences of continued consumption of beer at room temperature.

The ad is backed with a "warm beer amnesty" at summer festivals, which invites people to trade warm cans for ice-cold cans of Carling Extra Cold.

BMB has also created a freesheet, called Brass Monkeys, which highlights recent warm-beer-related social and climatic tragedies, and a range of T-shirts that decry the horror of tepid beverages.

Project: The new Peugeot 207
Client: Dean Drew, advertising director, Peugeot
Brief: Launch the new Peugeot 207
Creative agency: Euro RSCG London
Writer: Seyoan Vela
Art director: Colin Lamberton
Planner: Richard Kelly
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Nadine Turner
Production company: Knucklehead
Director: Daniel Barber
Editors: Neil Smith, Sam Gunn, The Whitehouse
Exposure: National TV


Euro RSCG London has created an integrated campaign to launch the new Peugeot 207.

The 30-second TV spot opens on the Peugeot 207 driving through the streets of Berlin. As it winds its way through underground car-parks and busy roads, the car is caught on speed cameras, webcams and security cameras. The ad closes with the voiceover: "We are caught on camera 300 times a day. Give them something to watch. The new Peugeot 207. The drive of your life."

The campaign also includes press and poster ads, as well as online and direct mail. Peugeot is fourth in the UK car market, with a share of 7 per cent.

Project: Rebrand
Client: Travers Clarke-Walker, marketing and sales director, EDF Energy
Brief: Relaunch the new EDF brand using idents around ITV's World Cup
Creative agency: MBA
Planner: Richard Longworth
Writer/art director: Graham Kerr
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Production company: Another Film Company
Director: Simon Neal
Post-production: Final Cut
Audio post-production: Grand Central
Exposure: Idents around ITV's coverage of the World Cup, regional
outdoor, direct mailing to five million people


EDF Energy is sponsoring ITV's World Cup coverage to raise awareness of the brand, which has replaced London Energy, Seeboard Energy and SWEB Energy.

The sponsorship comprises 30 executions featuring people celebrating special football moments. In one, two dinner ladies dance around a kitchen together. In another, a dog dances on its hind legs. A male voiceover asks: "Where do they get their energy from?" The ad ends with the EDF logo and the line: "EDF Energy, providing energy to millions of homes."

The sponsorship is backed by press, outdoor and direct marketing. A microsite features a competition to appear in an ident screened during the World Cup final.

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