The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: You know how
Client: Fiona Hope, marketing manager, Coca-Cola GB
Brief: Gain reappraisal of the Schweppes brand as the definitive quality
mixer and lay the groundwork for it to become the adult soft drink of
Creative agency: Mother
Writer: Mother
Art director: Mother
Planner: Mother
Media agency: Vizeum
Media planners: Mike Cookson, Rachel Winter
Production company: Stink
Director: Stylewar
Editor: Gregers Dohn, Nostromo (Stockholm)
Post-production: Swiss (Stockholm)
Audio post-production: Ben Leeves, Grand Central
Exposure: National television, cinema


Coca-Cola is relaunching Schweppes with its biggest investment in the brand to date. The drinks brand is making a comeback to cinema and TV screens with the launch of a new through-the-line campaign, seven years after the brand was last on air.

Developed by Mother, the campaign positions Schweppes as the definitive mixer and adult soft drink range, using the new brand strapline: "Sch ... you know how." Three executions showcase ordinary people mixing drinks in extraordinary ways inspired by the Schweppes "know how". The quirky ads feature a memorable soundtrack from 1943 - Cocktails for Two by Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

The promotion will target consumers as well as the lucrative on-trade sector, heightening competition with Schweppes' arch-rival Britvic.

Project: 307 surprising diesel
Client: n/s
Brief: Demonstrate the benefits of Peugeot's HDi technology
Creative agency: Euro RSCG London
Writer: Imran Patel
Art director: Dave Prater
Planner: Richard Kelly
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Nadine Turner
Production company: Bandits
Director: David Lodge
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio post-production: Scramble
Exposure: Cinema, TV


Euro RSCG London has created a global TV and cinema campaign to promote Peugeot's HDi diesel engines.

Entitled "307 surprising diesel", the ad demonstrates the smoothness of the Peugeot 307 HDi. The spot opens with a little girl meticulously painting at what looks like a table. She dips her paintbrush in a glass of water resting beside and carefully paints in the picture, before resting her paintbrush in her mouth. As the camera draws back, it reveals that the girl is in fact sitting in the back seat of the Peugeot 307 HDi. The commercial ends with the line: "The new smoother 307 HDi. The surprising diesel."

Peugeot is fourth in the UK car market, with a share of 7 per cent.

Project: Wrapped-up animals
Client: Jon Sampson, marketing director, InBev
Brief: Increase awareness of Castlemaine XXXX Extra Cold
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writers: Paul Yull, Adrian Birkinshaw
Art directors: Paul Yull, Adrian Birkinshaw
Planner: Catriona Berry
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Terri Youngman
Exposure: UK outdoor


Bartle Bogle Hegarty is behind a poster campaign aimed at increasing awareness of Castlemaine XXXX Extra Cold, while celebrating its Australian heritage.

The £3 million campaign features images of animals associated with Australia - a koala bear, a snake and a spider - wrapped up warm in the scorchingly hot Outback to ward off the chill of the ice-cold lager.

InBev launched its Castlemaine XXXX Extra Cold variant in January this year in a bid to grow its second-place market share of 18.8 per cent. Fosters and Carling have Extra Cold versions, reflecting a growing demand for colder beers.

Project: The day you went to work
Client: Miranda Leedham, group marcoms manager, Transport for London
Brief: Jolt drivers into the realisation that accidents are more likely
to happen on familiar journeys
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Curtis Brittles
Art director: Will Bates
Planners: Rohini Varughese, Verra Budimlija
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Exposure: Cinema and TV in London


Transport for London is running an ad to remind people to ride the roads they know carefully. M&C Saatchi's ad opens on a man, with the voiceover: "The alarm that wakes you in the morning, the face you always pull, the towel you leave on the floor, the cereal you never finish."

The ad follows the man's journey to work on his motorbike. He narrowly avoids a car door being opened and the voiceover says: "The door you see too late, the lamp-post you slam into, the legs you will never use again. The day you went to work." The endline says: "Most collisions happen within three miles of your home."

Project: Free weekends
Client: Fiona Tyrell, brand and planning communications manager,
Brief: Promote the new free weekend calls and texts offer to Vodafone
Pay as You Talk customers
Creative agency: Dare
Writers: Alex Braxton, Amy Gould
Art directors: Alex Braxton, Amy Gould
Planner: Nick Emmel
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: n/s
Designer: Eduardo de Felipe
Exposure: Online


Dare has created a microsite and online campaign as part of Vodafone's free weekends launch.

The campaign features social animals living for the weekend. Based on JWT's above-the-line campaign, the online work dramatises the idea that conversation can take you to amazing places. Site visitors encounter a 3D fantasy world including rabbits and flamingos, which, when clicked upon, play voice messages that users have previously recorded about their weekends.

Users can call a number to add a message or listen to other messages and rate them. Messages are placed within romantic or cosy worlds, according to their mood.

Project: The Orange project Client Pippa Dunn, brand marketing director,
Brief: Bring the four new Orange packages to life and demonstrate that
they are based on an understanding of the different drivers and needs
that people have
Creative agency: Mother
Writer: Mother
Art director: Mother
Planner: Mother
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Julia Francis
Production company: HLA
Director: Simon Ratigan
Editor: Ben Stephens, The Whitehouse
Post-production: The Mil- Exposure National television, internet

THE LOWDOWN Mother and Orange have broken ad-making convention in their latest work for Orange Animals packages.

Selected Orange customers were sent a cryptic text message, inviting them to take part in the filming of "a secret project in a stunning location". The cast for the television ad was then selected via a series of Pop Idol-style auditions.

The ad itself is set in the desert in Spain and features customers displaying animal traits designed to demonstrate that it is the little differences that make us who we are. The customers are set a range of tasks which bring out their true colours; highly sociable is signified by a dolphin; those who use the phone as a tool are raccoons; a canary is someone who likes to chat for long periods; while those who want extras, such as e-mail and mobile content, are panthers.

Project: Letter from the future
Client: Rosina Roberts, business marketing manager, the Energy Saving
Brief: Encourage council leaders to work with the Trust to introduce
policies to help reduce CO2 emissions in the UK by 2010
Creative agency: Tullo Marshall Warren Writer Adena Graeme
Art director: Denise Bacon
Planner: Richard Calvert
Designer/photographer: Ian Freyer
Exposure: DM to 250 council leaders


The Energy Saving Trust is targeting council leaders in a bid to convince them that they should be working together to introduce policies that will reduce CO2 emissions before 2010.

To do this Tullo Marshall Warren has created a letter from the future, when Rosie Smith, a lady who lives in the year 2026, thanks the councillors personally for implementing policies that have dramatically improved the environment in which she lives.

Along with the letter is a newspaper clipping - personalised with the councillor's name - showing Rosie as a little girl in 2006 handing him or her some flowers.

Project: Let's dance
Client: Charlotte Rawlins, head of marketing, Innocent
Brief: Create a viral to invite people to Fruitstock '06
Creative agency: Albion
Writers: Teddy Keen, Jonny Plackett
Art directors: Teddy Keen, Jonny Plackett
Planner: Lise Walter
Media agency: PHD
Media planner: Ben Reilly
Production company: Albion
Director: Teddy Keen
Editor: Albion
Post-production: Albion
Audio post-production: Jungle
Exposure: Viral, press


Albion has launched a viral campaign to promote the third Innocent Smoothies "Fruitstock" music festival on the weekend of 5 August.

The campaign, which also includes national press ads and flyers, attempts to raise awareness of the event, which is taking place in London's Regent's Park.

Entitled "let's dance", the viral shows the power of fruit and features a little dancing robot and a Roberts radio powered by the electrical currents of a couple of hundred oranges and lemons. The fruits then line up in a row and connect together and perform the robot dance.

As the smoothie market continues to grow, Innocent, which was established six years ago, is expanding at a rate of 150 per cent per year.