The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: Carrier bag reward scheme
Client: Kerryn Young, advertising manager, Tesco
Brief: Communicate to customers that they can get "green" Clubcard
points when they avoid using new carrier bags
Creative agency: The Red Brick Road
Writer: Sam Cartmell
Art director: Jason Lawes
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Simon Kennett
Producer: Jane Edwards
Production company: Stink
Director: Neil Harris
Editor: Steve Gandolfi, Cut & Run
Post-production: Framestore
Audio post-production: Zoo
Exposure: National TV


The Red Brick Road has developed a TV ad for Tesco, which informs customers that they can get "green" Clubcard points by re-using old carrier bags.

The 40-second spot stars Ronnie Corbett, Martine McCutcheon, Frankie Dettori, Alan Titchmarsh, Alan Whicker and Paul Daniels. The ad shows the six celebrities using different and unusual methods of getting their shopping home.

Whicker, for instance, stands at the checkout and puts all of his groceries into a suitcase, while Titchmarsh stands on a bus with his shopping packed into a wheelbarrow. McCutcheon stands in her kitchen, talking on her phone while emptying her shopping from a huge make-up bag. In the final shot, Daniels takes his groceries out of a top hat.

The ad attempts to reinforce Tesco's promise to help make it easier for customers to do their bit for the environment.

Tesco's goal is to cut the number of bags given away in-store by 25 per cent over the next two years.

The supermarket chain is the market leader with a share of 31.5 per cent, according to figures released by AC Nielsen in May.

Project: Everyone pay as you go
Clients: Karen Harrison, head of brand and communications; Sam Taylor,
head of advertising, T-Mobile UK
Brief: Launch the new pay-as-you-go tariff from T-Mobile
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Writer: Steve Howell
Art director: Rick Dodds
Planner: Roger Smith
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planners: Anna Berry, Dominic Milan
Production company: Academy Films
Director: Kim Geldenhuys
Editor: Jonnie Scarlett, The Quarry
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio post-production: Wave Studios
Exposure: Multimedia


The latest T-Mobile ad by Saatchi & Saatchi aims to push the mobile operator's pay-as-you-go tariff, Everyone, which offers customers calls to any network at any time for 12p a minute.

The ad, which is part of T-Mobile's ongoing attempt to get closer to its customers, also introduces the company's new strapline: "Simply closer."

In a similar style to the previous ad, which saw a man moulding the world around him, this execution sees a number of obstacles, such as trucks and tower blocks, being squashed flat so a group of friends can walk through a city unimpeded.

The spot ends with the group meeting up and a voiceover saying: "Nothing should come between you and your friends."

Project: Jump
Client: Andy Laurillard, marketing director, First Choice Holidays
Brief: Change perceptions of the brand by communicating First Choice
Holidays' superior amount of legroom on long-haul holiday flights
Creative agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Writer: Pat Burns
Art directors: Gavin McGrath, Bil Bungay
Planner: Megan O'Grady Greene
Media agency: Walker Media
Media planner: Louise Roberts
Production company: Knucklehead
Director: Joe Roman
Editor: Suzy, Final Cut
Post-production: Rushes
Audio post-production: 750mph
Exposure: National TV, radio, press, online, cinema


First Choice Holidays is highlighting the extra legroom it offers on long-haul flights with a £6 million campaign created by Beattie McGuinness Bungay.

The ad features slow-motion footage of people jumping against the backdrop of a blue sky, creating the impression that they are floating high above the clouds.

As the ad progresses, more people appear on the screen and a voiceover says: "It's a big sky. Big enough for everyone to have a little bit more space. So on our long-haul holidays we give you more legroom in economy than any other major UK airline." The ad ends with the strapline: "That's why we're First Choice."

Project: Results for real life
Client: Barbara Newman, head of communications and brand development,
Brief: Increase awareness of and communicate its relevance in
real-life scenarios
Creative agency: AKQA
Writer: Phil Wilce
Art director: James Capp
Designers: Dan Wright, Chris Williams
Media agency: PHD
Media planner: Jo Williams
Exposure: National TV, cinema, online, press, poster, digital and

THE LOWDOWN has launched its first integrated through-the-line campaign, created by AKQA.

Local knowledge is the core theme of this six-month, multimillion-pound campaign, which will also introduce the company's new strapline: "Results for real life."

Digital six-sheets on bus shelters have interactive screens that pedestrians can use to find a map of the area and a list of surrounding restaurants, pubs and bars.

A fleet of 25 buses will carry LED supersides equipped with GPS tracking. They will display geographically targeted ads highlighting local businesses.

This will all be backed by online ads, which show real-life footage of people using the services, running on sites including and Manchester Online. has 75 per cent of the British directory market.

Project: Britain's cleaner
Client: James Pollock, brand manager, Procter & Gamble
Brief: Build the Flash brand away from the conventional cleaning
products advertising
Creative agency: Grey London
Writer: Howard Fretten
Art director: Mike Sands
Planner: Nicky Jones
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Camilla Lister
Production company: Patricia Murphy Films
Director: Patricia Murphy
Editor: Paul Ferzenzi, Boomerang
Post-production: Rushes
Exposure: National TV


In an attempt to differentiate Flash from the wealth of competitors in its market, Grey London's latest work moves away from the conventional cleaning product ads that show the drudgery of the cleaning process, to create an over-arching brand-focused campaign.

Based around the strapline "Flash. Britain's cleaner", the ads will build on the product's brand heritage and show cleaning as caring for things that British people are passionate about, and not just as a chore that needs to be done.

The first 40-second TV spot in the campaign shows a floor in the Blackpool Tower being cleaned and a set of sparkling clean baths in a football ground.

Project: Get more
Client: Ginny Macklen, head of marketing communications, Virgin Holidays
Brief: Encourage customers to request brochures
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Writer: Ben Golik Art director Phil Wyatt
Planner: Amanda Griffiths
Designer/photographer: Harry Malt
Exposure: Activity includes regional radio campaigns nationwide, six-
and 48-sheet outdoor posters in major UK cities, direct mail, press
inserts, plus online advertising, customer relationship marketing,
e-mail communications and website activity


Kittcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw's fully integrated acquisition and awareness campaign for Virgin Holidays encourages existing and potential customers to request brochures or book holidays.

The mailer is printed on red card and features comic-style drawings that highlight how easy it is to book and travel with Virgin Holidays. It also contains a brochure order form with free postage.

As an extra incentive, the pack also includes a cardboard cut-out of a helicopter with a phone number and website address, where the respondent can enter a competition to win a free helicopter ride around Las Vegas.

The mailer will be backed by a poster campaign across major UK cities along with online advertising, e-mail communications and press inserts.

Project: Get on with it
Client: n/s
Brief: Show how Snickers can help you get on with any big job
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Jack Stephens
Art director: Rob Neilsen
Planner: Mark Fallon
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: n/s
Illustrator: Steve Stone
Exposure: Men's consumer magazines


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's new campaign for Snickers consists of a run of press ads due to appear in men's consumer magazines.

Under the strapline "Get on with it", the campaign suggests that eating a Snickers bar will help you to achieve any difficult task.

The first execution, due to break next week, shows a man rowing a small boat through a storm-driven, monster-infested sea, in an heroic bid to deliver a huge lightbulb to a stricken lighthouse.

In 2005, sales of Snickers fell by 7 per cent and revenue for the brand was £51.2 million.

Project: Football ammunition
Client: Rosie Harrison, The Sun brand manager, News International
Brief: Create interest in The Sun's football pull-out Supergoals, ready
for the new season
Creative agency: Euro RSCG London
Writer: Imran Patel
Art director: Dave Prater
Planner: Catherine Moustou
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Dan Plant
Producer: Darryl Bolton
Production company: Mustard
Director: Cris Mudge
Editor: Joe Parsons
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Exposure: National TV


Euro RSCG London has developed a 30-second TV campaign to highlight the return of The Sun's free football pull-out, Supergoals.

The TV spot aims to create some buzz around the pull-out, which returns three times a week during the new football season.

The ad is based around the idea that Supergoals provides readers with the ammo to flex the muscles in their football brains and out-stat their opponents.

The spot features real fans, picked from nationwide street castings, showing off their football knowledge.

During the World Cup, News International saw sales of The Sun virtually unchanged at 3,148,700 copies a day.

Project: Whiskas Start Happy kitten care pack
Client: Caroline D'Silva, Whiskas wet brand manager, Masterfoods
Brief: Recruit and retain new kitten owners into the Whiskas brand.
Exemplify the happiness and enjoyment owners get from their kitten by
providing expertise and guidance on kitten ownership
Creative agency: Joshua
Writers: Tania Bazell, Ant Dewson
Art director: Neil Bazell
Exposure: 200,000 new kitten owners

THE LOWDOWN Joshua's direct mailer for Whiskas promotes its latest range of kitten food.

The "Start Happy" pack is a beginner's guide to owning a kitten and provides practical tips on how to look after one. The mailer includes a ring-binder folder with pages to add photos, poems and a cat owner's personal kitten memorabilia. It also offers vet's numbers, and information on vaccinations, kitten nutrition, first aid and what to do in an emergency.

The mailer also includes samples of Whiskas Kitten junior cat food and money-off vouchers.

Masterfoods, Whiskas' parent company, announced in July that it was boosting its overall 2006 marketing spend to £99 million, a 25 per cent rise on 2005.