The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Do what you do best
Client: Mick Hegarty, marketing director, BT Business
Brief: BT Business enables businesses to focus on their core
competencies by handling their IT and communications
Creative agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R
Writer: Nick Simons
Art director: Jules Chalkey
Planner: Ben Kay
Media agency: Starcom MediaVest
Media planner: Barry Louth
Production company: MJZ
Director: Lenard Dorfman
Editor: Neil Davies, The Mill
Post-production: Offline - Work Studios, Online - The Mill
Audio Post-production: Wave Studios
Exposure: National TV, online, press, internal comms, DM channels


Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R has employed Gordon Ramsay to front its latest BT Business campaign. However, he doesn't have a speaking part - so he has no chance to turn the air blue.

The idea behind the campaign, which includes TV, online, press, internal communications and direct marketing, is to promote the notion that the most successful small businesses don't waste valuable time on their own IT solutions, but let a specialist such as BT do it for them.

The execution is made up of a number of shots where Ramsay is busy attempting to sort out his IT, instead of running his restaurant business.

In one shot, the sommelier is in the wine cellar while, in the background, the celebrity chef struggles with a server as he attempts to navigate the ungainly piece of equipment through the wine racks.

In another scene, he is drilling a router into the ceiling while the waiter tries, without much success, to describe the specials to patrons.

The ad ends with the line: "Do what you do best."

Ramsay is the first in a series of entrepreneurs to feature in the campaign. Others include Tim How, the Majestic Wines chief executive, and Alice Bowe, the BT Essence of the Entrepreneur winner from English Landscape and Garden Design.

Project: Clown
Clients: Caroline Bonpain, senior brand manager; Paul Woodward,
director, performance and adult beverages, Coca-Cola GB
Brief: Give Oasis substance and make it stand for something so it rises
above the parapet of namby-pamby generic fruit drinks
Creative agency: Mother
Writer: Mother
Art director: Mother
Planner: Mother
Media agency: Vizeum
Media planners: Phil Grimmet, Rachael Winter
Production company: Tantrum Productions
Director: Mikko
Editor: Christophe Williams, The Quarry
Post-production: Absolute
Exposure: National TV


Mother has injected some of its trademark humour into a couple of slightly strange ads for the fruit drink Oasis.

The idea is to highlight the beverage as a fruity alternative for people who find water, well, a bit boring and tasteless.

In "clown", a man at a fairground plays a game where he has to fill a balloon on a clown's head by firing water into its mouth. The action suddenly cuts to a bedroom scene at night with the man fast asleep. He wakes up to see the clown face staring at him. It then fires a strong blast of water at him.

A bald man in a suit with a manic smile sits in the corner and says "For people who don't like water there's the chuggable fruitiness of Oasis", before taking a drink and pouring the liquid down his shirt.

Project: Muller masterbrand campaign
Client: Chris McDonough, marketing/research and development director,
Brief: New brand campaign to establish the fun and positivity of the
Muller brand
Creative agency: TBWA\London
Writers/art directors: Graham Cappi, James Gillham
Planners: Nicole Strada, Tom Sanders
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Sarah Leach
Production company: Independent
Director: Luke Forsythe
Editor: John Mayes, Marshall Street Editors
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Exposure: National TV, cinema, press, outdoor


TBWA\London's latest TV campaign for Muller features 100 members of the public, one of every age from one to 100, who all share the habit of licking yoghurt lids.

The 40-second spot aims to build on the "Lead a Muller life" branding introduced in 2005, by focusing on a group of real people who are all passionate about the health benefits of Muller yoghurt.

The feel-good execution opens on a woodland valley. An elderly man, with a baby in his arms, asks: "Do you lick the lid of life?" His question is answered by two young children. "I do," chirps one. "Me too," adds another. The whole chorus of people then say: "There's 100 of us."

Project: Dark testimonial
Client: David Kisilevsky, senior marketing director NW Europe, Burger
Brief: How can we make BK's Dark Whopper LTO a powerful and mysterious
temptation, much like Spider-Man's black suit in the new Spider-Man 3
Creative agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
Writer: Adrian Alexander
Art director: Da Young Ewart
Planner: Colin Drummond
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Initiative
Production company: CFM International
Director: Jim Field-Smith
Editor: Charlie Cusumano
Post-production: Riot New York
Exposure: National TV


Burger King has teamed up with Sony for its latest TV campaign, which is tied in to the launch of the summer blockbuster Spider-Man 3.

The execution focuses on our darker instincts in order to promote its Spider-Man-themed Dark Whopper burger.

This 30-second spot, created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, is based around Spider-Man's personal struggle with his inner conscience in the latest movie.

The ad opens on a man sitting on a bus. He spots an elderly woman boarding, but fails to give up his seat. As she struggles with her bags, the young man continues to sit, burger in lap, ignoring her hopeful glances.

The action then cuts to the man recounting his selfish behaviour, but his remorse is shortlived as he greedily takes a bite of his fast-food snack. A deep, booming voiceover says: "Feed your dark side."

Project: Crispy salad
Clients: Sandy Sewell, commercial director; Elaine Smith, marketing
manager, Florette
Brief: Underline the quality of Florette salads
Creative agency: Hooper Galton
Writer: Maxine Hodgson
Art director: Rob Auton
Planner: Olivia Johnson
Media agency: The Media Shop
Media planner: John Alligan
Production company: Believe
Director: Anthea Benton
Editor: Tim Thornton-Allan
Post-production: Smoke & Mirrors
Audio Post-production: Jungle
Exposure: National TV


Florette is using its salad farmers again in a new TV campaign. The light-hearted execution, created by Hooper Galton, emphasises the freshness of its pre-bagged salad in a bid to encourage consumers to choose Florette over own-label brands.

The 30-second spot opens on Florette farmers carefully picking salad leaves while repeatedly chanting "crispy salad". The action cuts to a man driving into the "drive-thru" salad farm and ordering a bag of salad using a phone in a hedge. We then see the farmers' boss selecting the best salad specimens from their haul for the customer's order. Finally, the man receives his bag of salad through the shrubbery. The spot ends with the line: "Fresh from the fields of Florette."

Project: Lift your mood, change your tune
Client: Nicola Thomson, marketing director, Magic 105.4
Brief: Bring to life the unique experience of listening to Magic
Creative agency: St Luke's
Writers: Alan Young, Rachel Hutchinson
Art directors: Julian Vizard, Shireen Farah
Planner: Dan Hulse
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Susie Thompson
Production company: Serious Pictures
Director: Ivan Bird
Post-production: The Mill
Exposure: TV in London


Magic 105.4 is highlighting the feel-good quality of its music in its latest TV campaign. The 30-second spot, created by St Luke's, emphasises how listening to the radio station can lift your mood, whatever the weather.

The spot opens on a woman sitting in her car. She is stuck in traffic and it's pouring with rain. After tuning into Magic 105.4, her mood suddenly transforms. As the acoustic music plays, she begins to see the rain in a new light. Instead of staring at the clouds, she sees a child playing in a puddle and rain falling on blossom.

As the woman smiles, the words "The weather is beyond your control, your mood is not" appear. The ad ends with the line: "Lift your mood, change your tune."

Project: Sparkle
Client: Nathan Homer, brand manager, Fairy
Brief: Promote Fairy's diamond jewellery giveaway promotion, while also
conveying the product benefit of sparkling-clean dishes
Creative agency: Grey London
Writer: Louise Roberts
Art director: Chris Sainsbury
Planner: John Lowery
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Tony Robinson
Production company: Bermuda Shorts
Director: Filipe Alcada
Editor: Bermuda Shorts
Post-production: Rushes
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV, print


Grey has created a new TV ad for Fairy washing-up liquid that's based on classic James Bond film imagery.

The 20-second execution uses the comparison between sparkling dishes and diamonds to raise awareness of its latest promotional offer. It features silhouettes of shapely women seductively dancing against a backdrop of crockery, bubbles and diamonds.

While women in cocktail glasses fly by, a narrator explains the offer, which gives consumers the opportunity to win diamond necklaces by purchasing bottles of Fairy liquid. The ad is set to an orchestral soundtrack in keeping with Bond movies.

The ad ends with the line: "You'll sparkle as much as your dishes," referring to those lucky enough to win the diamond necklaces on offer.

Project: Time for a swift exit?
Client: David Seward, sales and marketing director, Suzuki GB
Brief: Build awareness of the Suzuki Swift among the core target
Creative agency: Nexus/H
Writer: Glenn Smith
Art director: Craig Roderick
Media agency: Nexus/H
Media planner: Alex Ponsford
Exposure: National press, online


This new poster campaign for Suzuki's Swift marque aims to position the car as a small contemporary vehicle, ideal for getting out of any situation with ease.

Each ad features someone escaping from a tricky situation, and carries the line: "Time for a swift exit?"

One poster shows a woman trapped under the armpit of a sweaty man on an overcrowded train. In another, a woman looks horrified after spotting someone wearing an identical dress. In a third, a best man and groom realise they have forgotten the wedding rings.

The campaign will also run in newspapers and magazines, and will be supported by online activity.

Project: Cinematographer
Client: Serge Sergiou, customer relationship marketing manager, Land
Rover UK
Brief: Generate interest in the Land Rover Discovery 3
Creative agency: Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel
Writer: David Brown
Art director: Jo Jenkins
Planner: Caroline Parkes
Exposure: Direct mail, online


Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel has created a direct mail campaign to support the launch of the Land Rover Discovery 3. The movie-themed pack targets prospective and existing Discovery owners, and emphasises that the vehicle can perform in extreme conditions.

The mailer is designed to resemble a film can, with a circular outer tin casing and a hand-written label. The can contains a brochure that features images and tales of a cinematographer's journeys in his Land Rover. The copy in the booklet features lines such as: "I was on the back of the Discovery for the tracking shots yesterday. With a plane approaching at over 90mph, it was completely smooth."

The DM pack is part of a wider integrated campaign that includes an existing TV execution by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R and online activity by Wunderman.