The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: Night drive
Client: Catherine Woolfe, marketing communications manager, Volkswagen
Brief: Showcase the Volkswagen Golf's strengths as a driving experience
Creative agency: DDB London
Writer: Sam Oliver
Art director: Shishir Patel
Media agency: MediaCom
Production companies: Independent, Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Editor: Tim Thornton-Allen, Marshall Street Editors
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Exposure: National TV


DDB London's latest TV spot for the Volkswagen Golf features the distinctive vocal talents of Richard Burton.

The soundtrack features the actor's famous recording of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood. It is the first time the recording has been licensed for a commercial.

The ad, which broke during this week's Champions League Final on Sky and ITV, urges motorists to rediscover the joy of night driving.

Directed by Noam Murro and with cinematography by Paul Cameron (the director of photography from the film Collateral), the 90-second spot features a Golf being driven around the deserted, late-night Los Angeles streets. It ends with the line: "When was the last time you just went for a drive?"

The TV spot is backed with a microsite, created by Tribal. Visitors to can produce their own version of the ad, using unseen footage that they can cut using online editing software.

Additional support comes in the form of press and poster executions, with a direct campaign to follow in June.

Project: Ford Mondeo
Client: Mark Simpson, director of marketing communications, Ford Europe
Brief: Promote the launch of the new Mondeo
Creative agency: Ogilvy Advertising
Writer: Greg Burke
Art director: Greg Burke
Planner: Peter LeBoutillier
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Lisa Carlisle
Production company: Bikini Films
Director: Philippe Andre
Editor: Nicholas Wayman Harris
Post-production: Buf, Paris
Exposure: National TV


Ogilvy Advertising has created a sumptuous 60-second TV spot promoting the launch of Ford's latest Mondeo.

The ad, which shows loads of cars with balloons tied to them floating into the air, is designed to demonstrate how the marque will usher in a new era of automotive technology.

Set in London, the sky gradually becomes full of floating cars as a man stands outside his garage and watches a Mondeo drive past.

He then stares at his own car before tying a bunch of balloons to it, causing it also to float away.

The ad uses a mixture of special effects and real cars. The lightest car in the spot, which was developed by German company Effekt Technik and weighs just four kilograms, can actually float when filled with helium.

Project: Locally produced
Client: Gillian Black, marketing manager, advertising, Waitrose
Brief: Raise awareness of Waitrose's Locally Produced range
Creative agency: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
Writer: Paul Hodgkinson
Art director: Ken Hoggins
Planner: Mary Tucker
Media agency: OMD
Media planners: Chris Ware, Faye McDowell
Production company: Nice Shirt
Director: Stuart Douglas
Editor: Jonathan Scarlett, The Quarry
Post-production: Jon Hollis
Audio Post-production: Zoo Exposure
Exposure: National TV


Waitrose is the only supermarket that defines its local produce according to the guidelines set by the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

This means that all of its local food must be produced within a 30-mile radius of the shop.

To highlight this commitment to local produce, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy has created a 40-second spot featuring a Waitrose Locally Produced supplier - Moore Organic Apple Juice, in Kent.

The execution shows the producer preparing and transporting the drink to his nearest Waitrose store in Ramsgate.

Project: Life as you like it
Client: Noel Cottle, advertising manager, Orange
Brief: Demonstrate Orange's belief that people should be able to enjoy
the things in life they value most
Creative agency: Fallon
Writers: Lawrence Seftel, Dave Day
Art directors: Lawrence Seftel, Dave Day
Planner: Gareth Goodall
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Sean Pattison
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Editor: Rich Orrick, Work
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV


In its second advertising push of the year, Orange is investing £13 million in a new strategy called "life as you like it".

Created by Fallon, the campaign will consist of three separate ads, all of which back one of Orange's offers - Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go, and its new music service, Gigs and Tours from Orange.

Shot in South Africa, each ad begins with a central character singing a song to the camera about why they like the service.

As the song progresses, a number of props that directly coincide with the lyrics are dragged on to the screen to build a theatrical scene.

Project: Spring children's wear
Client: Steven Sharp, executive director, marketing, e-commerce, store
design and development, M&S
Brief: Promote the spring/summer children's range
Creative agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R
Writer: Graham Cook
Art director: Stuart Elkin
Planner: Lucy Howard
Media agency: Walker Media
Media planner: Katherine Baker
Production company: Knucklehead
Exposure: TV


Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R has reprised last year's work for the M&S children's range in its new work for the retailer. Using the same song, the theme from the TV series The Monkees, and the same style of execution, the ad is practically a carbon copy of last year's equivalent, where the children lark around like the band did in their TV heyday.

The action is set on a beach, and the children, all decked out in M&S clothes, arrive in a camper van and head off to have some fun. There is even a scene that apes the 60s TV show, where a group of children run towards the water, then run away as a wave comes in.

Project: Knit
Client: Jeremy Payne, director of fundraising and external relations,
Brief: Show how quickly life can get on top of you
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Mike Sutherland
Art director: Antony Nelson
Planner: Trevor Hardy
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Kirsty Foley
Photographer: Max Oppenheim
Exposure: Outdoor


Using posters that give the illusion of having been knitted, with the edges turning into a frayed mess, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's new work for Samaritans shows how quickly situations such as family, school and relationships can unravel and lead to ill-health and even possible breakdowns.

The four images include knitted depictions of a student in a classroom, a couple with a baby and a man sat behind a computer, who looks as if the top of his head has just exploded.

In an added move, six posters have actually been knitted and had their edges frayed out. They will be placed in AdShel casings around the country.

Project: Act on CO2
Client: Helen Clark, deputy head of publicity, Department for Transport
Brief: Encourage the public to think about their CO2 emissions when
driving, and offer simple tips on how to reduce emissions
Creative agency: Leo Burnett
Writers/art directors: Nick Pringle, Clark Edwards
Planner: Matt Wyatt
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Anthony Edwards
Production company: Outsider
Directors: Dom & Nic
Editor: Struan Clay
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Factory
Exposure: National TV, online, radio


The Department for Transport has launched a campaign that aims to tackle the issue of climate change.

A TV ad, created by Leo Burnett, encourages people to think about the CO2 emissions their cars produce; it also suggests a number of simple ways in which drivers can reduce their environmental impact.

The 40-second ad introduces the engine as a clever invention, albeit one with unwanted side effects. It goes on to demonstrate simple, constructive tips to reduce emissions, such as keeping tyres properly inflated and avoiding over-revving the engine. Two additional 30-second spots focus on driving hints.

The ad is supported by press, radio and a website,

Project: Malaria awareness
Client: Simon Manners, marketing director, GlaxoSmithKline
Brief: Raise awareness about malaria among young travellers
Creative agency: Lee & Dan Special Projects
Writer/art director: Lee & Dan Special Projects
Media agency: DBM Pulse
Production company: Lee & Dan Special Projects
Director: Lee & Dan Special Projects
Editor: Dayn Williams
Exposure: Online


GlaxoSmithKline is backing a microsite called, which is designed to highlight the dangers of the disease to young travellers.

Driving traffic to the site is a viral created by Lee & Dan Special Projects, the creative team behind the "suicide bomber" viral for VW Polo. The film introduces the fictitious martial art of Mosquito Style, and warns viewers that if they are not trained in this deadly form of combat, they should seek advice about malaria before travelling.

The execution features two men in a kitchen who use different variations of the Mosquito Style martial art.

Project: Blah TV
Client: Ken Brook-Chrispin, chairman, Seabrook Crisps
Brief: Promote Seabrook's no-nonsense style, strong flavour and regional
Creative agency: Propaganda
Writer: Joseph Hughes
Art director: Steve Dixon
Planner: Amelia Hibbs
Media agency: MediaVest
Media planner: Dave Lucas
Production company: Mad Cow Productions
Director: David Popescu
Editor: Rick Waller
Post-production: Rushes
Audio Post-production: Candy
Exposure: National TV


In its first advertising campaign since its formation in 1945, Seabrook Crisps is promoting its no-nonsense style, strong flavour and regional roots.

The £1.5 million campaign consists of two ads that are based around the concept of "blah" - standing up and protesting against the annoying and nonsensical things we put up with in everyday life. Both executions have a protagonist who becomes annoyed with a situation until they pour Seabrook Crisps into their mouths and destroy the irritant by shouting "blah" at it.

In "chav", a woman destroys a souped-up car full of chavs, while in "football", a man shouts "blah" at a diving player and blows him out of the ground.