The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: Raining watches
Client: Dominic Chambers, head of brand and marketing communications,
Vodafone UK
Brief: Launch Vodafone's mobile internet and refresh the brand
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writer: Simon Veksner
Art director: Nick Allsop
Planners: Martin Smith, Dan Hauck
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Brian Cheung
Production company: HLA
Director: Simon Rattigan
Editor: Adam Spivey, Speade
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV, online, press, poster


Vodafone is embarking on a major push on its mobile internet offering with a "roadblock" - simultaneously airing a 90-second spot across 200 TV channels this weekend.

The spot, called "raining watches", aims to show how the mobile phone provider enables its customers to "make the most of now" by showing the time they save by using Vodafone products. It opens on people stuck in places where they have time but nothing to do - waiting for buses and stuck in traffic jams, for example. It then starts to rain watch parts in an attempt to illustrate the way in which mobile internet gives customers their time back.

The weekend event is billed as the most extensive solus campaign ever undertaken in the UK, and is part of a £16 million campaign through which Vodafone aims to become the largest mobile internet provider in the UK.

It is backed with a two-day homepage-takeover campaign and a longer-term outdoor holding of 900 permanent poster sites across the UK.

Project: Next generation
Client: Mark Simpson, director of marketing communications, Ford of
Brief: Protect Ford's leadership of bio-fuel technology
Creative agencies: Ogilvy London/Stockholm
Writers: Mikael Strom, Bjorn Persson
Art directors: Attila Kiraly, Hans Elander
Planner: Peter LeBoutillier
Production company: Stink
Director: Martin Krejci
Post-production: Glassworks
Exposure: TV, viral online, print, posters


Ford is promoting its green credentials in its latest campaign, which uses images of animals developing in the womb to highlight the manufacturer's range of bio-ethanol powered vehicles.

The campaign, created by Ogilvy's offices in London and Stockholm, aims to position Ford as a brand that is seeking to benefit the world's "next generations" of both humans and animals by using carbon-neutral fuel.

The commercial opens on images of cells, accompanied by ethereal music. The action then cuts to images of elephant, polar bear and dolphin foetuses developing in the womb. The animals, which are all on the verge of birth, then begin to open their eyes. The spot ends with the strapline: "For the next generation. Lower your carbon footprint."

Project: Lasers
Client: James Kennedy, general manager, Sony Europe
Brief: Establish Blu-ray as the ultimate high-definition format
Creative agency: Fallon
Writers: Lawrence Seftel, Dave Day
Art directors: Lawrence Seftel, Dave Day
Planner: Gareth Goodall
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Christina Hesse
Production company: RSA Films
Director: Brett Foraker
Editor: Adam Rudd, Final Cut
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV

THE LOWDOWN Fallon's latest campaign for Sony aims to position the electrical giant's Blu-ray technology as the next generation in high-definition visual entertainment across its music, movie and gaming brands.

A 60-second ad, directed by the RSA Films director and the 4creative chief Brett Foraker, features images of blue lasers accompanied by a piano music soundtrack. The action opens on the lasers illuminating machinery. A pack of wolves is then seen stalking through a room filled with blue light.

The action cuts to hundreds of drums in the rain, illuminated by blue lights. A series of race cars are then dropped on to the kits from a great height. The ad closes on shots of riot police battling samurai warriors amid the laser beams, and ends with the strapline: "Entertainment like no other."

Project: Summer
Client: Matt Campbell, senior brand manager, Pimm's
Brief: Encourage consumers to adopt Pimm's into their summer repertoire
Creative agency: Agency Republic
Writer: Abe Baginsky
Art directors: Tobie Cameron, Marga Arron-Biblioni
Planner: Theo Izzard Brown
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Michael Rhodes
Exposure: Online


It looks like it's Pimm's o'clock again, as Agency Republic promotes the summer drink with a new website,

This latest digital campaign aims to position the drink as the perfect accompaniment to summer games in the park. The website offers instructions for three quirky outdoor games: Flicket (a version of cricket played with a flip-flop), Fruit Bowls and Parklife. Visitors can view instructional videos in the style of silent movies, all starring the Pimm's character Harry.

The campaign will also feature online ads and channels on Facebook and MySpace.

Project: The free-range butter company
Client: Lorraine Crowe, senior brand manager, Arla Foods
Brief: Communicate that Anchor is the only butter made with free-range
Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Writer: Ed Edwards
Art director: Dave Masterman
Planner: Ben Southgate
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Rory Lindsay
Designers: Dan Beckett, Kylie McLean
Exposure: National press and poster sites


Anchor is responding to the consumer trend towards organic and free-range produce in its latest print campaign, which highlights the butter's free-range provenance.

The humorous executions, created by CHI & Partners, promote the fact that Anchor's butter is made only from milk produced by free-range cows. Each ad features bold type against the background of bright green blades of grass. One reads: "If cows were meant to be kept indoors they'd be born with slippers."

The campaign also includes a poster that explains: "We encourage our staff to spend all day chewing the cud."

In a bid to further bolster the butter's green credentials, each execution is printed on recycled paper.

Project: Assimilate
Client: Jeff MacDonald, global brand director, Bacardi
Brief: Build an emotional connection with the consumer via a relevant,
strong and distinctive attitude
Creative agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R
Writers: Steve Moss, Jolyon Finch
Art directors: Steve Moss, Jolyon Finch
Planner: Emily James
Media agency: Universal McCann
Media planner: Sue Byrne
Production company: Blink
Director: Pleix
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Exposure: International TV and cinema


Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R's global strategic and creative approach to Bacardi's advertising aims to highlight the versatility of the rum.

"Assimilate", the first spot in the "elixir" campaign, features two figures dancing with each other. One is made from the Bacardi spirit, the other, from orange juice. As the two figures dance together, they mix into one and create a new mixed drink.

The visual effects involved a combination of live-action footage and computer-generated images, giving the impression of two dancers made of liquid.

Project: Tycoon
Client: Gail Gallie, head of marketing, ITV1
Brief: Promote the launch of ITV 1's new show, Tycoon
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Mark Goodwin
Art director: Graham Fink
Planner: Ian Leslie
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: David Wilding
Photographer: Catherine Chalmers
Exposure: National press and posters


M&C Saatchi has created a print campaign to support the launch of ITV's latest reality TV programme, Tycoon, which follows struggling companies.

The campaign focuses on the analogy between businesses battling for survival and the similar survival instincts in the animal kingdom.

Each execution shows that in these Darwinist battles, there can only be one victor. In one ad, a large bullfrog is shown with the legs of a smaller frog poking out of its mouth. The copy reads: "Six businesses, one investor, it's frog eat frog."

In another, a small tree frog is seen munching on an insect. The copy reads: "The hunger for success has never been greater."

The show will follow the entrepreneur Peter Jones as he oversees six businesses struggling to get their ideas to market.

Project: Saab BioPower
Client: Louise Mercier, direct marketing manager, Saab GB
Brief: Raise awareness of the launch of Saab's BioPower engines across
its product range
Creative agency: DraftFCB
Writer: Kevin Mills
Art director: Carl Knapper
Planner: Matt Hunt
Designer: Rob David
Exposure: National direct mail to 30,000 customers and prospects


Similar to Ford (see opposite page), Saab is also trumpeting its green credentials in a direct mail campaign, created by DraftFCB London.

The campaign highlights the fact that Saab is harnessing the power of nature by producing cars that can run on Bioethanol E85, a fuel made from crops and forestry residue.

The front of the pack asks: "Why constrain the power of nature?" As the booklet opens, a sprung-wound butterfly flutters out. The copy inside then reads: "When you can release it. The Saab BioPower range. Natural fuel. Greater power. Cleaner conscience."

The pack goes on to explain the benefits of biofuel, such as reducing CO2 emissions, and gives consumers the option to request a brochure.

Project: Don't forget your suitcase
Client: Dan Pilkington, customer relationship marketing communications
Brief: Capture significant prospect data and drive people to to buy their summer holiday
Creative agency: Steel
Writer: Kevin Pond
Art directors: Nick Bennett, David Richardson
Planner: Myia Hancox
Designer: David Richardson
Developer: Scott Fitzsimmons
Exposure: Internet, e-mail

THE LOWDOWN is promoting its range of package holiday offers with a new website designed to take the hassle out of finding a holiday.

The website, created by Steel, is themed around a gameshow called Don't forget your suitcase, where air hostesses hold up playing cards that invite visitors to answer basic questions about their ideal holiday. Once these questions are completed, the visitor is provided with a series of holidays matching their criteria.

The website is part of a wider e-mail marketing campaign that targets those who register on the site.